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ATC VS Spindle Shift CNC Router, What Is the Difference?

Publish Date: Sep. 23, 2021 Author: Cherry Publisher: EagleTec CNC Modify Date: Sep. 23, 2021

Before explaining the similarities and differences between the ATC cnc router and spindle shift cnc router, we must first understand what they are, respectively.


The former refers to the linear ATC cnc router or cnc router with a disc-type tool changer in the conventional sense. 

linear atc cnc router built by eagletec

The latter refers to a cnc router that performs the tool change action through the auto shifting of the spindle, which is also known as pneumatic tools change cnc router.

pneumatic tools change cnc router

Generally speaking, the ATC CNC has 6, 8, 12, or even more tool libraries so that you can carve more complex and beautiful patterns by this device.

atc cnc machine with drilling head

New ATC Router with Drill Block

Spindle shift cnc router is generally divided into two, three, or four spindles shift models. The number of tools that can be changed is less. This machine is mainly used to carve some simple designs on the wooden plate.


So the two types have a lot in common and many differences.

First of all, the most intuitive is the quantity of the tools. Pneumatic tool changer cnc router can have up to 4 knives, while ATC CNC machines can have more. Therefore, it can be seen from the tool quantity that the machining capacity between the two series is extensive.

Secondly, the tool change action of the two is also different. For the spindle shift cnc machine, three processes cnc routers have three spindles; four processes cnc routers have four spindles. Each spindle is mounted with a tool on it. When a tool is required for milling, the corresponding spindle will be pushed down by the cylinder. The ATC router has only one spindle but a large tool magazine that can hold many cutters. The spindle will move to the tool library and select the proper knife to start the machining operation when performing tool change.

Third, the ATC cnc router machine is prior to the spindle shift in terms of working speed and accuracy. The reason is that the configurations of the two are not on the same level. The price of the ATC machine is high, and the configuration is relatively high.


Fourth, ATC machines can have more processing possibilities than spindle shift types. In addition to routing and cutting, it can also perform drilling, side milling, chamfering and other processes.

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