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Top 4 Machines for Starting a Metal Fabrication Shop

Publish Date: Nov. 05, 2022 Author: Liam Publisher: EagleTec CNC Modify Date: Nov. 05, 2022

2022 has come to an end. Due to Covid-19 and the uncertain economic situation, many people’s incomes have decreased sharply. They try to find another way to get more money to support their family. So lots of people want to try to start a metal fabrication shop because of its considerable profit. But for beginners, how can we have a good start? Let EagleTec explain in detail for you.


Before talking about how to start a metal fabrication shop, first, we need to know what the shop can do. A metal fabrication shop provides a complete solution for all metal projects making and repairing, such as metal fabrication, steel fabrication, and aluminum fabrication. Suitable machines are required for handling these jobs.


If you are a newbie and planning to start a simple metal fabrication shop without breaking up your bank, an industrial cnc plasma table is your best choice. It can cut all of the metals. You just chose a 5x10 working size with a Chinese Huayuan plasma source. This configuration is suitable for 90% of metal cutting work, such as metal gate cutting, metal decorations, metal words, or patterns in the advertising industry. Usually, a 5x10 plasma table takes about 5000-8000 dollars. Compared with its low capital investment, the profit it brings will be huge.

5x10 plasma table with rotary pipe cutter addon for sale

If you want to take the high-end route and do fancy metal projects with stainless steel, brass, and copper in the metal fabrication industry, then a fiber laser cutting machine is your best choice. Like the cnc plasma table, the laser cutting machine is also blanking equipment that can cut sheets of any shape, including straight lines, curves, holes, and complex geometric figures. The difference between fiber laser and plasma table is that the fiber laser cutting machine's cutting speed and precision are much higher. When cutting thin stainless steel sheet metal, the cutting section will not be burnt to be black. For high-priced fancy stainless steel decorations and high-precision spare parts making, the fiber laser cutting machine is the best machine to choose from. But the laser machine's initial cost is higher than the cnc plasma table. For example, if you need a 1kw fiber laser cutter with a 5x10 cutting size and a Chinese Raycus laser source, the price is from $15000 to $22000.

new fiber laser cutting machine with exchange table for sale

Except for metal cutting, if you also want to do metal piece repair work or make some metal pieces in different shapes, a fiber laser welding machine and press brake are also needed. A press brake bends and shapes a sheet of metal to conform to the form of a die in the machine. It offers accuracy and versatility for bending simple or complex metal parts. A fiber laser welding machine helps you weld separate stainless-steel pieces together. Sheet metal processing is an essential part of manufacturing, such as machinery, autos, etc. The market demand for sheet metal processing is excellent.

I Hope EagleTec CNC has the honor to help you build your metal fabrication shop. Our staffs try our best to provide you with high-quality machines and professional technical support. Welcome to contact and consult related devices.


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