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Is It an Adventure to Buy a Machine from China?

Publish Date: Nov. 09, 2022 Author: Cherry Publisher: EagleTec CNC Modify Date: Nov. 09, 2022

China has been a global supply chain for many years. No one's life is separable from products made in China. Among all the staff, machinery plays a big part. For Daily consumables, we can buy them back to see if it's good and then decide whether to continue buying. Even if something is of poor quality, our price is small, and it won't affect us much. But for machines, the situation is entirely different. We could not take the risk if we got a poor machine. So many friends have this question: Is it an adventure to buy cnc machine from China? How can I find a reliable supplier through the internet?

buy a cnc machine from china

According to the statistics, here are the types of Common Machinery Manufactured in China:

• Wheel Loaders

• CNC Machines

Laser Cutting Machines

• Agriculture / Food Production Machines

• Roll Forming Machines

• Welding Machines

• Packaging & Printing Machinery


A machine's technical specifications are the essential thing to consider when purchasing. It is common for suppliers to provide detailed sheets that offer these specific details. As we are a cnc machine factory, we will take this section as a demo to show you how to find a reliable machine manufacturer only via the internet.

First, check the overview of the machinery.

When checking the specifications, finding out what machine you are inquiring about is vital. Some suppliers use very thin metal tubes to build machines. From the appearance perspective, it looks the same as a heavy one. Therefore, the whole machine's net weight is vital to check. And for heavy-load machinery, a robust base is enough.


Secondly, check the internal parts and components of the machinery. 

As well as, the overview looking of the main internal parts of the machine will give further clarity on the quality of the machinery. Check whether these parts are reliable for motors, linear guides, and spindle quality.


Thirdly, check the electrical aspects of the machinery.

In addition to the internal parts, it is vital to scrutinize the machinery's electric components. High-quality electric components can promise the whole machine run smoothly. Besides this, we need to pay attention to electrical output, looking for such things as power, voltage, and efficiency. As different countries work in various voltage outlets, making sure these align with what is used within your country is essential. Understanding the power output also indicates additional costs the machine could produce from production use.


At last, remember to check the machine's footprint to be sure that you have adequate space to put the equipment in your shop.


After you check all the things mentioned above and you still feel worried about importing a machine from China, you can try to make the payment on Alibaba (a third party). This is a guarantee for you.

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