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Fiber Laser Cutting Thickness Chart

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The fiber laser cutting machine comprises two parts: the CNC machine tool part and the fiber laser source. The former controls the laser cutting head to accurately cut the workpiece according to the preset program, while the laser source determines the cutting ability of a piece of fiber laser cutter. In other words, the maximum cutting thickness of a fiber laser cutting machine is actually determined by the laser generator it is equipped with. Lasers with different powers have different cutting capabilities.

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fiber laser cutting machine for steel

When you are inquiring us about the equipment, please let us know how thick the material you need to cut as maximum; so that we can ensure that the laser source/generator equipped with the machine can meet your production needs the best.

Fiber Laser Cutting Thickness Chart

Or, you can find out for yourself which power is proper to your needs by the following fiber laser cutting chart.

Mild Steel 


Stainless Steel   






500W           6                3

1000W          10                5            3       3
1500W          16                5.5            4       4
2000W          20                8            6       6
3000W          22                10            8       8
4000W          25                12            10       10
6000W          25                20            16       12
12000W          40                40            40       16

Note: the above parameters are based on Raycus brand laser sources.


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