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New 4x8 4 Axis CNC Router for Woodworking Shipment to US

Publish Date: Sep. 18, 2021 Author: Jackie Publisher: EagleTec CNC Modify Date: Sep. 18, 2021

EA-1325SVR is a 4x8 4 Axis CNC Router for Woodworking. Due to its 4 axis simultaneous rotary, it is a model of 4 axis cnc routers. It has two functions of flat surfaces machining and 3D working on circular or square wood, which is the biggest highlight of this machine. It is very suitable for users with more requirements for flat surface projects and a small number of three-dimensional processing requirements.

4x8 4 Axis CNC Router for Woodworking under packing

In mid-July, a customer from South Carolina, USA ordered an EA-1325SVR with us. At the end of August, we completed the production and commissioning work. Then we trucked the machine to the port of departure on September 13th, and then the cnc router machine will be shipped to the United States.

Let's take a look at the main configuration of this 4 axis router.

It comes with a 4 axis simultaneous rotary table with a working size of 300mm D by 2000mm L.

4 axis rotary table for cnc router

It is equipped with a top-quality air-cooled spindle with a power of 3.5kw and a speed of 18,000 rpm.

top quality air cooled spindle for 4 axis 4x8 cnc router

The frequency converter is also the best brand in China, the Fuling brand. It performs very stably.

fuling inverter installed in the electronic cabinet

Each motion axis of the router is powered by CW stepper motors, which is also a famous brand in China.

CW stepper motors on motion axis of 1325 cnc router with rotary

YAKO YKA2811MA drivers work with the CW stepper motors.

yako drivers mounted in the electronic house of cnc router

Independent floor-standing chassis

independent floor-standing cabinet for 1325 cnc router with rotary

Full set of adjustable leveling feet for the router equipment

adjustable leveling feet for the router equipment in tool box

Free accessories coming along with the router

free accessories in the tool box for the cnc router

EagleTec is committed to building cnc router machines of great quality and providing best support to our users. If you are looking for a new machine, please feel free to contact us.


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