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Top 7 Applicable Industries of Fiber Laser Cutting Machines

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Laser cutting machines are divided into fiber laser cutting machines for metalworking, mixed laser cutting machines, and CO2 laser cutting machines for non-metal materials.


In the manufacturing industry nowadays, cutting technology is essential for every field. It is inseparable from the manufacturing of airplanes and ships to the fabrication of hardware parts and handicrafts. Let’s go through the top 7 typical applications in the post.

Kitchenware and household appliances

Top 7 Applicable Industries of Fiber Laser Cutting Machines

Stainless steel is widely used in our daily lives, such as gas stoves, microwave ovens, gas stove electronic components, cabinet countertops, and kitchen hardware in the kitchen. Due to the superior corrosion resistance, these kitchen utensils are made of many stainless steel parts to help them perform better and more durable. Using a steel laser cutting machine, we can cut and perforate stainless steel plates and pipes precisely to produce qualified parts for these items.

complete steel laser cutting machine

It can be seen that various types of stainless steel processing are critical. The cutting precision of the fiber laser cutter is extremely high, which improves the yield rate.

Although fiber laser machine is not cheap, it reduces the cost and trouble of subsequent processing. Therefore, whether it is mass production or small batch production, laser cutting machines are a good choice. For some parts that cannot be completed by other cutting technology, fiber laser cutters have significant advantages.

Sheet metal fabrication

Top 7 Applicable Industries of Fiber Laser Cutting Machines

With the rapid development of sheet metal processing technology, traditional cutting equipment (shear, punch, flame-cutting, cnc plasma cutting machine, water-jet cutting, etc.) can no longer meet the requirements very well. The laser cutting machine is a technological revolution in sheet metal fabrication. It is the "machining center" in this field. If you are interested, please read fiber laser vs. plasma cutting here. 

Features of good flexibility and fast cutting speed, fiber laser cutting machine has been favored by many users.

Metal signs

Top 7 Applicable Industries of Fiber Laser Cutting Machines

Typical products in the signage field include metal letters, crystal characters, various display stands, signs, nameplates, business cards. They get both metal and non-metal materials involved. Therefore, we usually need to use a fiber laser cutter machine and a co2 laser cutting machine.

The laser cutting machine can cut and hollow out all kinds of complex graphics with good cutting quality, high efficiency, and high flexibility. It is an excellent processing tool in the signage industry.

Auto fabrication

Top 7 Applicable Industries of Fiber Laser Cutting Machines

Many places in the automotive industry need to use laser cutting technology, which also involves metal and non-metal materials; for example, front cover, sheet metal, body, interior trim, instrument panel, various water inlets, and outlets, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to use a fiber laser metal cutting machine or a co2 laser cutting machine. If we do it by hand, neither efficiency nor precision can meet the qualified standards.

fiber laser cutting machine for metal

Agricultural machinery fabrication (Farm Machinery)

Top 7 Applicable Industries of Fiber Laser Cutting Machines

Agricultural machinery equipment presents a development trend of diversification, specialization, and automation. Agricultural machinery manufacturers need more advanced processing methods to shorten product development cycles and improve product production efficiency and accuracy. In the production of agricultural machinery, 4-6mm steel plates are generally used for sheet metal processing parts. There are many types of sheet metal parts, and the replacement speed is fast. The traditional punching method has high mold loss. Usually, a large agricultural machinery manufacturer needs a mold storage warehouse of 300 square meters, which increases the production cost and severely restricts the speed of product upgrading.

In contrast, the advantages of the flexibility of laser cutting machines have become more prominent. Laser cutting also has the following benefits: fast processing speed, high efficiency, low cost, and non-contact processing methods, without using molds or tools, thereby shortening the production preparation time.

Construction machinery industry

Top 7 Applicable Industries of Fiber Laser Cutting Machines

With the rapid development of the construction machinery industry, equipment such as excavators, bulldozers, loaders, cranes, drills, road rollers, etc. are updated year by year, and fiber optic laser cutter is used in the fabrication of these products. Take a bulldozer as an example: the hood, floor wings, bottom guard, trolley frame, mainframe, cab, bucket, boom, stick, and other components need to be processed and produced by metal cutting laser machines. What are the benefits of using fiber laser cutting machines to process these products? Due to the non-contact processing way of laser cutting, it will not cause extrusion deformation. It features high speed, high accuracy, and good flexibility.

Gymnastically equipment

Top 7 Applicable Industries of Fiber Laser Cutting Machines

For those who do not have time for outdoor sports, a fully equipped gym is undoubtedly a good choice. Fitness equipment products are made of a large number of tubes. Many joints of fitness equipment are connected in intersecting lines, which requires cutting and drilling on pipes. The traditional way is by using band saws, drilling machines, and special milling machines. This neither guarantees beauty nor accuracy but also takes up many labor costs and time costs.

As the user experience standard becomes higher and higher, gym investors pay more attention to details when purchasing fitness equipment. Therefore, metal tube and plate fiber laser cutting machine has gradually replaced traditional tools and have become the standard choice of major manufacturers. 

metal tube and plate fiber laser cutting machine

The laser pipe cutting machine can cut standard or special-shaped pipes such as round pipes, square pipes, oval pipes, and D-shaped pipes. It has the advantages of high flexibility, high precision, high efficiency, and a short production cycle. It adopts a CNC-controlled automatic working way. It significantly improves the production efficiency of fitness equipment. It has become prevalent in the manufacturing of the fitness equipment field.

The above is the primary application field of cnc fiber laser cutting machines; of course, it is more than that. It is also widely used in other industries such as aerospace, construction, and hardware products. As users, please choose a laser cutting machine with proper power and adequate working size according to the thickness and dimension of the materials being cut.

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