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2024 Best CNC Wood Cutting Machine for Thick Hardwood Solid Wood Natural Wood

Model: ET-1500HW

Category: Wood Cutting Machine

Brand Name: EagleTec CNC 2022 Best CNC Wood Cutting Machine for Thick Hardwood Solid Wood Natural Wood

Condition: New Condition

Reference Price: USD15680 / SET

Price Range: USD15680 to USD22000 / SET per Different Configuration

HS Code: 846599

Supply Ability: 200 Sets Monthly

Availability: PreOrder - Put into production on receipt of down payment

Payment Method: Bank Transfer, Western Union, Money Gram, Credit Card

Recommendation: 2022 Best CNC Wood Cutting Machine for Thick Hardwood Solid Wood Natural Wood 4.9/5 based on 15 reviews


Brief Description

EagleTec CNC launched this new CNC wood cutting machine to the market; it is a machine dedicated to the cutting process on thick wood elements such as solid wood, hardwood, and natural wood. FOR HIGH-SPEED CUTTING, the CNC cutting machine uses a milling cutter clamped by the upper and lower spindles. After cutting, the section of the wood is nice and clean, with no burrs and no steps. It is a good substitute for band saws and CNC band saws. 2024 Best solid wood cnc cutting machine for sale at an affordable cost now!


best solid wood cnc cutting machine for sale

Thick (80mm) Hardwood Cutting Demo – by Computer Wood Cutting Machine ET-1500HW

CNC Wood Cutter Machine Applications

Applicable Field

CNC timber cutting machine is mainly applied to solid wood furniture fabrication; it is dedicated to the process of curve cutting, straight cutting, cutting wood into shapes, solid wood cutting to size, cutting through the thick wood, etc.

Materials Good For

Hardwood, solid wood, natural wood, and thick wood elements.

Solid Wood Cutting Projects

CNC cut solid wood furniture parts and guitar projects

In Comparison With Bandsaw, What Benefits Can This CNC Cutting Machine For Wood Offer?

• Safer. Unlike a bandsaw, its motion is performed by the numerical system instead of your hands. Therefore, it is much safer for the operator.

• More productive. Equipped with a high-power AC servo motion system, the machine can cut at a higher rate than the band saw. So its output is more considerable.

• Better finish. The best CNC wood cutting machine here has upper and lower spindles; the two spindles hold one spiral milling tool for high-speed cutting. The section of the wood is nice and clean, with no burrs, no steps, and no need for further process on an end milling machine, which saves unnecessary links in the machining process. Suppose we use a band saw to cut, and the cut workpiece needs to be further processed on a milling machine, which is cumbersome and has poor processing quality. The CNC cutting machine can process and form in one step, saving enterprises' labor and production cost.

• More possibilities. This cutting machine provides you with more processing possibilities; it does not have any restrictions on the cutting angle.

eagletec computerized wood cutting machine ready in workshop

Features of EagleTec Computerized Wood Cutting Machine (Substitute for CNC Band Saw)

• In order to meet the production requirements of cutting thick solid wood without the tool being broken, the machine head contains two motorized spindles; the upper and lower ends of the spiral milling cutter are respectively clamped by them.

CNC hardwood cutting machine head with two spindle motors

cnc natural wood cutting machine head with spiral tool on it

• To facilitate the alignment of the workpiece and tool when setting the origin point for cutting, we have equipped the machine head with a laser pointer.

best cnc wood cutting machine with a laser pointer next to the machine head

• The rear clamps are four sets of air-actuated jaws; they can firmly grasp thick wood. In addition, they are mounted on a beam and powered by two sets of servo motors; they can perform material feed and return movements. This is called the U-axis.

rear clamping fixtures of best cnc cutting machine for thick wood

unactive air-actuated jaws of the best cnc wood cutting machine

• The U-Axis is dual-drive, one for each side.

the right dive of the U-axis for computer wood cutting machine

• The front clamps are four sets of pneumatic fixtures with downward pressure; their function is to compress the wood against the worktop during the cutting process.

front clamps of the computerized wood cutting machine for thick solid wood

• The cad wood cutting machine's X-axis is powered by a set of servo motors to move the head left and right.

the X-axis construction of best cnc wood cutting machine for sale

• The Y-axis adopts the ballscrew transmission and is powered by a set of servo motion systems. The ball screw is the original item from Taiwan.

Taiwan origin ballscrew on Y-axis of the computer controlled wood cutting machine

AC servo motor for Y-axis of the programmable wood cutter

• Electrical components are installed in a well-sealed independent floor-standing cabinet. 

the electronics components are in a well-sealed separate cabinet

• The computerized wood cutter here is equipped with a dedicated CNC system for solid wood cutting; the operating language of the software is English. Just import your DXF drawings into the system, and the machine will automatically cut according to the shape and size of the imported drawings.

cnc system for thick solid wood cutting with English language

• The control system is equipped with an MPG device, very convenient for setting up the origin point before the auto machining.

MPG device coming with the CNC system of the EagleTec cad wood cutting machine

• The robust base is welded by 8mm thick steel plates and 8mm wall thickness square tubes; the weight of the whole computer-controlled wood cutting machine is up to 2 tons.

the robust base of the cnc timber cutting machine

Data Sheet of the CNC Wood Cutting Machine for Sale

Model No.ET-1500HW
TypeCNC Wood Cutting Machine
X-Axis Working Range1500mm (more options available like 2000mm, 2500mm)
Y-Axis Working Range1300mm
Cutting Capacity (Thickness)10 - 150mm 
Fast Travel Speed10,000mm/min
Max. Cutting Speed8,000mm/min
Spindle Power9kw + 2.2kw 
Spindle Rate18000RPM
Servo Power1.5kw + 1kw 
Machining Accuracy0.10mm
Max. Cutting Diameter of One Pass500mm (Circle: 500x500mm; Rectangle: 1500x500mm)
Machine Dimension2100mm x 2600mm x 1800mm
Total Power14.5KW
Net Weight2200KGS
Package Dimension2700 x 2200 x 1900mm (11.28CBM approx.)

Specification of CNC Timber Cutting Machine

CNC SystemWEIHONG solid wood cutting controller
MotionAC Servo
Linear Guides25mm Square type from Taiwan 
BallscrewTBI origin
X-Axis TransmissionRack and pinion
Y-Axis TransmissionRolling ballscrew
U-Axis TransmissionRack and pinion
Laser PointerWith
Rear ClampAir-actuated jaws 
Front ClampPneumatic

FAQs about the Programmable Wood Cutter for Thick Hardwood

Q: What Cutter Does This Programmable Wood Cutting Machine Use?

A: Since the machine has upper and lower spindles, it works with a particular spiral tool with a shank on both ends. Please see the following picture to get a clear idea.

spiral tool for computerized wood cutter

Q: I'd Like More Details on The Cutters, The Cost, Expected Life When Cutting Hardwood; Maybe A Video of Changing the Cutter? What Is the Carbide Number for The Cutters? Available Diameters?

A: Typical cutter diameters applied to the cnc hardwood cutting machines are 6mm and 8mm. And their pricing ranges from USD20 to USD30 per piece. The carbide grade is 5A.

When cutting hardwood up to 100mm thick, these tools have a life expectancy of around 40 hours. However, actual life may vary depending on the material hardness and feed rate.

The machine is delivered with our full set of instructions and tutorials, and a video of changing the cutter will be included.

Q: Is The Cutter A Special Material to Find? Can You Provide Some Together with The CNC for Wood Cutting?

A: Yes, we can provide some pieces together with the machine.

Q: Max. Cutting Diameter of One Pass: 500mm. I Understand That This Is Because Of The Spindle Holding Beam Construction. But This Is a Limitation Only for The Y-Axis, right? So, It Means You Can Cut Max. Square Part 1500x500mm, Correct?

A: Yes, you understand correctly. The machine can cut Max. Square part 1500x500mm.

Q: I Want to Understand the Process with Clamps Better. Let Me Ask in A Different Way with An Example: I Have a Solid Wood Board 1000x200x50mm. And I Have to Cut a Shape with A Size 1000x180x50mm. From My Understanding, It Is Not Possible Because Of Clamps. So, Do I Understand Correctly That There Are Some Areas Near the Clamps Where You Can Not Do a Cutting? How Big Is This Area?

A: Good question. The red clamp units can push the wood board to the router bits; therefore, only the part held by the clamps cannot be cut. Please see the picture below. The tape measure read 43mm. In other words, the final wasted board will be 43mm.

material waste sketch for thick solid wood cutting cnc machine

Q: How Thick Can the CNC Saw Milling Machine Cut Through?

A: It is capable of cutting through solid wood/hardwood/natural wood ranging from 10 to 150mm in thickness.

Q: What Do You Think Is the Cutting Speed for A Plywood Sheet Batch 12mm X 8 Sheets = 96mm Total Thickness?

A: In this case, its cutting speed should be 3,000mm/min.

Q: What Kind of Software Do the CNC Wood Cutters Run? Can We Import Standard DXF Drawings To It?

A: Correct. You import the DXF drawing into the CNC system; the machine will cut automatically as per the shape and dimensions of the drawing.

Q: Is It Possible to Transfer CAD Files from Other Software?

A: The NC system reads the format of ***.dxf; You can transfer CAD files from other software.

Q: Is There Any Waste Material That Is Held In The Pneumatic Clamps?

A: No, there isn't. Pneumatic clamps are used to hold uncut material in place; waste materials will not be there.

Q: Have You Tried to Cut a Batch of Laminated Plywood? How Does the Cutting Section Look on The Top Part? From The Pictures, It Looks Like You Use Upcut Spiral Bits. Doesn't It Crack The Top Part of the Surface Near The Edge?

A: The upcut tool is the most common spiral cutter; as you said, it does cause some burrs on the cutting edge of the top surface. Of course, we can also use a down-cut tool as an improvement.

Q: Does The CNC Plywood Cutter Have Any Dust Suction Hoods?

A: Yes, it does. So you can get it connected with a vacuum cleaner if you want.

dust hood shoe for thick solid wood cutting cnc machine

Q: How Solid Is The Wood Cutting CNC Machine? Can It Be Used 16 Hours Per Day And 6 Days Per Week?

A: Yes, it can work like that with no issues.

Q: How Is The Wood CNC Cutter Shipped, And What Is The Shipping Charge?

A: We will pack the machine in a crate and get it shipped to you in a container by sea. We will be pleased to quote the freight for your reference if you could advise us of your location.

Q: What Is the Cost of Installation and Commissioning?

A: The entire machine will be shipped as one unit, so no on-site assembly is required. Parameters and commissioning will be completed before leaving the factory.

Q: Are the Computerized Wood Cutting Machines Available With 240v 3 Phase Power?

A: Yes, the machine runs off 200~240V/3-phase, 60Hz power. And other options can be made to order.

Q: The Page Says Max. Cutting Diameter Of One Pass: 500mm; Can You Explain It More? What Is The Mechanical Limit Which Prevents To Do More?

Q: The maximum distance between the head's pillar and the cutting tool is the mechanical limit that prevents it from cutting further.

Q: How Do You Proceed with Material Loading on A Machine? Is It Loaded from The Front of The Machine? So, The Spindle Moves Away from The Material Loading Area? Or Maybe It Can Be Loaded from The Side or Back?

A: The wooden board should be loaded from the side.

Q: How The Material Is Pushed With Clamps Back And Forward - Is There A Possibility That The Bottom Part Surface Will Be Scratched Against The Table?

A: Yes, there is a possibility like this. The underside of the wood board may show minor scratches. But considering that the project will be polished or sanded after cutting, these minor scratches will not have any negative impact on the finished product.

Q: What About CE Marking And Safety According To EU Regulations?

A: Our machines comply with the regulations and requirements set forth by CE and have been CE-certified. The machine will be labelled with CE marker before shipment.

Q: How Much Time Does It Take to Start Cutting with A Machine? I Mean to Make a File (Program). If I Understand Correctly This Machine Doesn't Have a Cutting Optimization or Any CAD Software, So the Cutting Pattern Has to Be Made (Optimized) In Other Software, Then A Dxf File Imported to The Machine, right? So, What Time Takes the Rest of The Process from Dxf File Import to Working (Runing) Machine? How Does Your Software Understand Starting and Ending Points for Each Part, The Part Cutting Order? Safety Areas Around Clamps? It Is Important for Me Because We Do Not Have Huge Amounts of Similar Parts. There Will Be 50-100 Similar Parts, So We Load 5 Sheets at A Time and Run the Machine 10 Times With The Same Pattern And Then Have To Switch To Another Pattern. So It Has To Be A Fast And Easy Way To Load New Patterns To The Machine And Start Work.

A: Correct. 

• The cutting pattern/shape (DXF file) will have to be made in other software such as AutoCAD, Type 3, etc. Then, it is imported into the control system of the machine. The rest of the process from dxf file import to cutting is primely zero point setup and cutting rate setup, which would take about 1 minute. 

• When creating a DXF file for cutting, the starting and ending points of each part are defined by coordinates. As long as the zero point we set in the system matches the DXF drawing, the machine will cut as expected. 

• Parts are connected by lines; therefore, we can define the cutting order of parts by the order of the lines when we make the dxf files. 

• When it comes to the safety area, we can do this way. Before drawing, we can measure the dimensions of the safe area around the clamps and exclude it from the drawing to prevent the cutter from crashing into them.

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