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CNC Router VS. CNC Wood Cutting Machine, What is the Difference?

Publish Date: Jun. 07, 2022 Author: Esther Publisher: EagleTec CNC Modify Date: Jun. 07, 2022

CNC router is a cutting, routing, and engraving machine controlled by the computer. At the same time, CNC cutting machine for wood is primarily used for thick and hard wooden elements cutting, also directed by a computer.

cnc wood cutting machine vs. entry level cnc router

The two machines partially overlap in functionality; for example, CNC routers can also do cutting jobs on thin wood boards but are limited in thin and board cutting. Additionally, it offers you more machining possibilities, including embossment, cutting, routing, and parts milling. The function of the CNC solid wood cutting machine is relatively simple; it is mainly applied to the cutting process of thick wooden boards, multiple layers of wood planks, and thick corrugated paper with fast speed and a smooth cutting edge.


In terms of price, the cost of the cutting machine is higher than the standard entry-level CNC router 4x8. The main factors affecting the price are different machine configurations and control systems.

Basic CNC Router Configurations

• Welded table bed;

• 20mm linear guides;

• motion system is usually stepper motors;

• 1.25 modulus rack & pinions;

• spindle motors are usually water cooling or air cooling 3.2/4.5kw.


These configurations could ensure that the CNC router has good performance in engraving beautiful designs on a wood plate while not appropriate for thick and hardwood cutting.


CNC Wood Cutting Machines Specification

• Adopting a double-layer weighted, five-sided milling machine bed. The overall weight of the machine is twice or more than that of the basic CNC router 1325, which greatly guarantees the stability and firmness of the machine;

• 25/30 linear guides;

• Full AC servo motors;

• 1.5 modulus rack & pinions

• Equipped with a high-power air-cooled spindle, the common ones are 9kw, 12kw;

• XY axis is equipped with a reducer

In this way, it is not tight to meet the standards of fast speed and high precision, which can better meet the requirements of long-term processing and improve processing efficiency.


Control Sytems & Softwares:

• CNC router control system is Richauto DSP handle or NC Studio Card; while computer wood cutting machine uses a dedicated wood cutting industrial system that runs 2D DXF drawings directly.

• CNC routers use software such as JD Paint, Wentai, Artcam, PM, etc. to realize the operation of engraving and cutting relief hollows.

• CNC cutting machines use programs like AutoCAD; the G-code is not required by the machine.

In conclusion, if you need to engrave patterns on a wooden board or cutting advertising board, a CNC router is your best choice. If you need to cut curves on a thick board fast, then a CNC solid wood cutting machine is appropriate for you.


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