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Everything You Need to Know Before Buy a CNC Solid Wood Cutting Machine

Publish Date: Jun. 04, 2022 Author: Esther Publisher: EagleTec CNC Modify Date: Jun. 04, 2022

What is a solid wood CNC cutting machine?

CNC wood cutter is mainly used for wooden materials cutting in the furniture fabrication field. Strictly speaking, there are two categories: one is the plate furniture cutting machine, which is usually called a CNC nesting machine, and the other is particular for solid wood furniture, which is known as a hardwood cutting cnc machine, also called a saw milling machine in many places. Today, EagleTec CNC will introduce our cnc solid wood cutting machine in detail.

cnc hardwood cutting machine for sale

What benefits can a CNC hardwood cutting machine offer?

The solid wood cutting cnc machine is for cutting, milling, cutting straight material, curved material, special-shaped material, etc. Two upper and lower spindles hold a spiral milling bit for high-speed cutting. The cutting section of the thick wood has a smooth and excellent finish without burs and steps. This highly eliminates unnecessary steps in further processing. (i.e., a thick wood cut by a panel saw needs to be milled on the other CNC wood milling machine, and the cutting quality is cumbersome and poor). The CNC solid wood cutting machine can handle the task in one step, saving time and labor. Thus, it reduces the production cost of the enterprise.

Below is a cut demo for your reference.

Is it difficult to learn and operate such a convenient and intelligent CNC natural wood cutting machine?

Before buying a cnc cutting machine for solid wood, many users worry about whether their workers can operate the machine quickly and skillfully and whether it will take a lot of time and cost in machine training.

There is no need to worry about this at all. The CNC cutting machine is controlled by a computer. You can make a design in the program and output a 2D drawing in the formate of ***.dxf. Then the computer controls the machine to cut. The specific shape of the cutting can be freely arranged. After two hours of simple training, novices can operate the machine. We could store every batch of workpiece programs in the computer and run them directly next time.

two upper and lower spindles hold a spiral milling bit for thick hardwood cutting

Maintenance and Daily Checklist for CNC Thick Wood Cutting Machine

How to Maintain the Solid Wood CNC Cutting Machine?

It’s not a hard job.

• Fill in oil regularly, clean up wood chips, and keep the equipment in a healthy operating state at all times.

• Avoid the accumulation of sawdust in industrial control boxes, computers, guide rails, lead screws, etc.

• Workers strictly follow the instruction manual to avoid damage to the machine due to improper operation

As a professional cnc machine factory, EagleTec CNC is committed to building cnc cutting wood machines of great quality for all our customers. If you are interested in our machine, please contact us freely.

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