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What Factors Make the EagleTec CNC Wood Lathe A Good Choice?

Publish Date: Aug. 03, 2023 Author: Jackie Publisher: EagleTec CNC Modify Date: Aug. 03, 2023

The two most critical components of a cnc wood lathe are service and quality. A wood turning machine that can perform excellently every time you put it to work is the one you need. Here at EagleTec CNC, we keep our faith to build CNC wood lathes of unmatched quality and value combined with unbeatable customer service. What determine machine's life expectancy and performance capabilities is building quality and technology.

brand new EagleTec CNC wood turning lathe with auto feeder in the plant

Below we have outlined the key elements of a CNC wood turning lathe. We hope this will help you understand why we are the top cnc wood lathe manufacturer for your money and your wood turning jobs.

Framework - Cast Iron Lathe Base

All EagleTec CNC Wood Lathe take cast iron machine base. We don't need cheap covers or panels to cover our structure. Compared with steel pipe welding base, it has outstanding advantages in whole machine weight, machine stability and not easily deformed. If you are not satisfied with the machine which is simply bolted together, EagleTec wood lathe is your best choice.

The frames and machine structures on our CNC wood turning machine are precisely designed by our engineers, which can withstand all the projects the machine users need to turn. These can help the machine to keep stable and high precision during high-speed rotating process.

Motion Components

For motors and drivers, EagleTec adopts Chinese famous brand Chuangwei, Fuling, and Yako. These three brands are widely used in the cnc zone for many years. After years of testing, their stable and high cost performance help them gain machine users' like. There are also a lot of unknown brand motors or drivers which has similar appearance to the three brands. But we do not use even though they are cheaper. For EagleTec, all parts stability and performance are much more important than price.


We use two transmission systems: one is linear guides and the other is ball screw. This is determined by the cnc wood lathe you need. Our engineers will suggest you the most suitable model.

EagleTec cnc wood lathe motion system is second to none because it gives you the accuracy you would expect in cnc industry. The handheld unit – RichAuto DSP serves as the CNC controller; it is user-friendly and makes it perfect for those who are new to operating a machine for turning wood.

brand new EagleTec mini cnc wood lathe in workshop

Perfect Service System

The moment we receive the full payment and send out the machine means that our after-sales service officially begins. It doesn't matter if you have no import experience. Our staff will remind you in advance of what you need to do at every important node until the machine arrive smoothly.

Our technical service will begin once you get the machine and start to use. A detailed electronic version of the machine instruction manual will arrive with the machine at the same time. You can find it in the attached spare parts box.

On-line technical support is also available including video, WhatsApp...Our service time is lifetime service.  As long as it is our machine, no matter how many years after you buy it, we will provide technical support.

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