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What is The Best Machine to Cut the Intersection Lines on Steel Tubes?

Publish Date: Feb. 26, 2022 Author: Esther Publisher: EagleTec CNC Modify Date: Feb. 26, 2022

With the development of the modern machinery industry, the requirements for the work efficiency and product quality of pipe cutting processing are also improved. But which model is best for cutting different shapes of tubing? Can we cut square tubes with plasma? Today, let's talk something about the EagleTec CNC plasma tube cutter.

eagletec cnc plasma tube cutter machine in bule color

In the machining field, the standard pipe cutting methods include manual cutting, semi-automatic cutting, and cnc plasma tube cutting. Manual cutting is flexible and convenient, but the manual cutting quality is poor, and the material waste is immense. So, it brings a sizeable subsequent processing workload and low production efficiency. Although the semi-automatic cutting machine reduces the labor intensity of workers, its function is simple, and it is only suitable for cutting some parts with relatively regular shapes. Compared with manual and semi-automatic cutting methods, 4 Axis plasma cutters can effectively improve the efficiency and cutting quality of the metal tube.

The cnc plasma square tube cutter is a typical CNC plasma table designed to meet the requirements of intersecting line cutting on various pipes.

cnc plasma square tube cutter for interesting line cutting purpose

The EagleTec CNC plasma tube cutting machine has the following functions


• It can cut a plurality of cylindrical intersecting line holes of different directions and diameters on the main pipe to meet the conditions of eccentric and non-eccentric vertical intersection between the axis of the branch pipe and the axis of the main tube.


• It can cut the cylindrical intersecting line at the end of the branch pipe to meet the conditions of eccentric and non-eccentric vertical intersection and the oblique intersection between the branch pipe axis and the central pipe axis.


• It can cut beveled end faces at the end of the tube.

• It can cut elbows on pipes for welding purposes, "shrimp knots" with oblique cut surfaces at both ends.

• It can cut variable angle bevel faces.

• It can cut square holes and waist-shaped holes on the pipe.

• Capable of cutting off steel pipes.

front chuck of the cnc plasma tube cutting machine

In conclusion, this model is a perfect fit that can automatically cut the intersecting line ends, intersecting line holes, and pipe elbows (shrimp joints) of metal square pipes or special-shaped pipes. This machine's auxiliary design and programming software is also an essential core accessory. With this CAM software, the device can almost cut any shape of metal pipes, such as square tubes, round tubes, channel steel, etc. So, it is widely used in the cutting and processing of pipeline structural parts in construction, chemical industry, shipbuilding, mechanical engineering, metallurgy, electric power, and other industries. The picture below shows the sample cut by the EagleTec CNC plasma square tube cutter.

tubing cut samples

Look for the best cnc plasma cutter for square tube, rectangular tube, and circular pipe cutting, do not hesitate to contact EagleTec CNC.

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