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Discover How EagleTec Get the Newest Tube Plasma Cutting Machine Loaded

Publish Date: Oct. 14, 2021 Author: Esther Publisher: EagleTec CNC Modify Date: Oct. 14, 2021

CNC plasma rotary tube cutter is a particular type of cnc plasma table. This tube plasma cutting machine ET0260 is our newest design. Compared with the previous design, we have made improvements on the appearance and added dust-proof cloths.


A customer from EU based country purchased it in July of 2021. The production takes 30 days so we get it ready for delivery on September 03. Next, we communicated the shipping arrangements and booked the space. According to the schedule of the liner, we carried out the loading in the factory on October 9th.

Discover How EagleTec Get the Newest Tube Plasma Cutting Machine Loaded

The cnc tube plasma cutter is built for intersecting line cutting purposes to process cut off, straight/miter cut, notch, pierce, open holes operations (including round hole, rectangle hole, polygon hole, obround hole, and freeform hole) on square/rectangle/circular tube, H shape (H beam), L shape (angle iron), U-beam (channel), and freeform parts.

newest tube plasma cutting machine ready for shipment

Packing Process

• Put the accessories in the toolbox.

the full accessories in the toolbox

• Clean the dust on the machine and spray anti-rust oil on the guide rails and racks.

• Put the electrical control cabinet, toolbox, and other accessories on the machine's platform, and take anti-collision and anti-extrusion protection measures.

• Internal packaging: use plastic film and other waterproof materials to wrap the machine thoroughly.

the cnc plasma rotary tube cutter is wrapped with waterproof films

• External packaging: nail the wooden box and reinforce it with sealing tapes.

cnc square tube cutting machine is packed in a crate

Loading Process

Two sides of the package were lifted by a forklift and a crane to a slightly higher position than the container's ground and stopped there. Next, we reversed the truck so that one side of the package could enter the container. Then we drove the forklift to the other end of the box and pushed the cnc plasma tubing cutter into the container.

cnc plasma tubing cutter loading process

Features of Machine

• The front chuck is pneumatic; the rear chuck is manual. Each chuck is driven by a Yaskawa 850W servo motor.

front and rear chuck of the cnc plasma tube cutter machine

• The cutting size of the machine is 230mm x 6000mm.

• Hybrid servo motors drive the movement axes of X, Y, and rear chuck.

hybrid servo drivers and other electronics in the electric cabinet

• The plasma cutting CNC system is Shanghai Fangling 4-axis system model FX430A, which is a particular control system for pipe cutting plasma machines.

Fangling 4-axis system model FX430A for tube plasma cutting

• Correspondingly, the software equipped with the machine is a special nesting software for pipe cutting.

tubemaster 4 axis nesting coming with cnc tube plasma cutting machine

• The transmission components adopt high-precision racks and linear guides. To ensure that dust does not fall on them, we have designed a dust-proof device for the machine.

EagleTec CNC is committed to building cnc plasma cutting machines of great quality and providing our users with the best support.

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