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How To Use a New EagleTec CNC Tube Plasma Cutter Step by Step

Publish Date: Nov. 09, 2021 Author: Jackie Publisher: EagleTec CNC Modify Date: Nov. 09, 2021

We are going to talk about a tutorial demo about the EagleTec CNC tube plasma cutter machine. It is the part about machine operation in all tutorials, which shows you how to use a new tube plasma cutting machine step by step. We hope to prove to our potential users that you will get reliable after-sales support if you buy a machine from us. It is an example for your reference; along with the machine, you will get a complete set of tutorials on a USB drive, which is clear and well-written in English. In addition, our team is ready to guide you through the issues whenever you have questions while learning it.

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Let's take a look at this video tutorial below.

The specific steps are as follows

Operation Demo

Step 1. Zero Point Clear

Turn the key and press the ON/OFF button to start the cnc plasma cutting machine.

Press [F8 Back Zero], the machine automatically returns to zero point.

Press [F8 Zero] Move the cursor to the third line [Zero] option, and press [Enter].

The coordinate values of X/Y/Z/C are all zero.

Step 2. Load the File

Press [F2 U Disk], select the file, and press [F8 OK].

At this time, the graphics we are about to cut appear on the monitor of the cnc plasma tubing cutter.

Step 3. Setup before Auto Cut

Press [X], input a proper cut speed, and press [Enter].

Press [Y] to drop the cutting torch to a position very close to the tube.

Move the tube back to align the edge with the torch.

Press [Start], and press [Enter] to start cutting.


Tube Plasma Cutting System Keyboard Introduction

[KX] and [LY] buttons respectively control the manual rise and fall of the cutting torch.  

[ESC] – back to the superior menu.  

[Enter] is the confirmation key.  

[Home] and [End] keys to perform manual rotation of the rotary.  

[↑] and [↓] control the movement of the Y-axis.


Tubing Clamp Demo

Step 1. Rear Side Clamp

Put the pipe into the clamping range of the jaws, and lock the jaws with a wrench like this.

Step 2. Front Side Clamp

OFF button – unlock the front chuck

ON button – lock the front chuck


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