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How Many Types of Oscillating Knife Tools Are There?

Publish Date: Oct. 10, 2022 Author: Esther Publisher: EagleTec CNC Modify Date: Oct. 10, 2022

An oscillating knife cnc machine is a kind of cnc cutting machine specially designed for soft material cutting. Specific blades are more durable and perform more efficiently than general-purpose blades. When we want to choose the right tool in the cutting process, the first thing we have to consider is the material that needs to be cut. A particular tool may work with this material but may not always be the best choice for other materials. In fact, for different materials, we need to choose various tools.

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How many types of oscillating knife tools are there? Now let EagleTec give a detailed explanation about different tools that are used on cnc oscillating knife machines.


Electric Oscillating Tool - EOT

This tool is ideal for cutting softer, medium-density materials. Its high-frequency vibration ensures the tool can cut at high speed, increasing production.


Pneumatic Oscillating Tool - POT

A pneumatic vibratory cutter is a compressed air-driven cutter ideal for cutting tight, high-density, and soft, thicker materials.


Power Rotary Tol - PRT

High-performance kinetic rotary cutters are designed to cut challenging fiber materials at an affordable price and reliability. Kinetic rotary cutters are suitable for cutting many tough materials, including fiberglass and aramid fibers.


Creasing Tool Type 1 - CTT1

The creasing tool works perfectly on a single corrugated board. This creasing tool accepts creasing wheels with a diameter of 61mm and a width of 20mm.


V-Cut Tool - VCT

The V-groove cutting tool is the perfect blade for machining foam core or vertical corrugated cardboard and making products with complex structural designs. The knife can cut at 5 different angles. (0°15°22.5°30°45°)


Kiss-Cut Tool - KCT

This knife is used for label cutting, especially for semi-piercing cuts, with perfect precision in cutting depth. The semi-through cutting tool uses variable pressure technology to allow precise cutting of labels without damaging the underlying material.

CNC Router Bits

This means we could add a mill spindle next to our oscillating knife head. So we can cut wood, acrylic, and soft material with one machine. If you are interested in such a vibrating knife ccd cnc router combo, please watch a video of an oscillating knife cutting KT board.

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