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Top 7 Applications for CNC Oscillating Knife Machine

Publish Date: Sep. 29, 2022 Author: Cherry Publisher: EagleTec CNC Modify Date: Sep. 29, 2022

As a new type of flexible material cutting equipment, the vibrating knife is widely used in automotive interiors, advertising, clothing, home furnishing, composite materials, and other fields. Let EagleTec CNC explains in detail the top 7 applications for cnc oscillating knife machine.

What is an oscillating knife?

A cnc oscillating knife is a kind of cnc cutting equipment widely used in the flexible material cutting process. Its working principle is to cut the material by the blade through high-frequency vibrations up and down. This machine has high precision and fast cutting speed and is not limited by cutting patterns; it can cut any shape. Moreover, it also has the characteristics of automatic loading and unloading, intelligent typesetting, smooth incision, and low processing cost. It will gradually replace the traditional flexible cutting process equipment.

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Home Textiles

The vibrating knife provides customized integrated cutting solutions for the home textile industry. It can not only improve the utilization rate and processing efficiency of fabrics in the cutting process but also effectively improve product quality and achieve comprehensive optimization of high efficiency, low consumables, and high quality.

Automotive Interior

The vibrating knife cutting machine proposes a full-coverage cutting integrated solution for different cutting requirements and materials in the automotive interior industry. The cutting products include:

• Fully enclosed foot pads.

• Large surround foot pads.

• Wire loop foot pads.

• Car seat covers.

Sealing Material

In the sealing industry, the machine is mainly for cutting gaskets made of non-metallic materials, such as hydraulic seal, flange seal, rubber, plastic, ceramic, graphite, rubber-asbestos board, aerogel felt-polyurethane, and other materials. Prior to this, the sealing products used the method of molding and the special seals needed to make the mold separately. Because of its high cost, long working cycle, and low accuracy, the traditional molding method is gradually replaced by a vibrating knife. The vibrating blade can complete the cutting of high-quality sealing products of any cross-section and size, and the end user can pick up the goods at any time, saving lots of time and the cost of processing. Finished sealing products are widely used in hydraulic and pneumatic equipment with strict requirements on sealing effects, such as automobiles, mining brackets, and construction machinery. High-quality products bring you high profit.

Branded Clothing

Provide a total solution for the cutting of haute couture clothing

Advertising or Packaging Industry

PP paper, KT board, Chevron board, self-adhesive, corrugated paper, honeycomb paper, and acrylic board are used in advertising. A tangential knife cnc router combo is the ideal machine to meet the demands of soft material and acrylic cutting.

Composite Materials Cutting

The vibrating knife cutting machine replaces traditional crafts such as manual drawing and manual cutting in the production process of composite products, especially for cutting complex samples such as special-shaped and irregular patterns, significantly improving production efficiency and cutting accuracy.

Other Industries:

CNC knife cutter machine is also widely used in non-metallic industries, such as footwear, luggage, inflatables, sporting goods, toys, wind power, medical supplies, etc. It provides professional and reliable cutting solutions for users in the global non-metal industry.

I believe you have a basic understanding of the vibrating knife through the above description. If you have an interest in this machine or want to know more details about it, welcome to contact EagleTec CNC.

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