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2024 Best CNC Drilling and Milling Machine for Metalworking

Model: EGT-1313MD

Category: CNC Drill Machine

Working Envelope: 1450x1450mm

Applications: Drilling, Boring, Reaming, Tapping, Milling, Facing, Slotting, Chamfering

N.W.: 8.5 Tons

Brand: EagleTec CNC 2024 Best CNC Drilling and Milling Machine for Metalworking

Condition: Brand New

Reference Price: USD44898 / SET

Price Range: USD40000 to USD50000 / SET by Different Configuration

Supply Ability: 120 Sets Monthly

Availability: PreOrder - Put into production on receipt of down payment

Payment Method: T/T, Trade Assurance

1 Year Limited Warranty for the Whole Machine Set

Recommendation: 2024 Best CNC Drilling and Milling Machine for Metalworking 4.9/5 based on 7 reviews 



With a super robust Z-axis construction design, the CNC drilling and milling machine EGT-1313MD is a machine tool ideal for efficient drilling and milling on metal workpieces like large flat plates, wind power flanges, discs, and rings. For drilling applications, it can create both through holes and blind holes in single-component parts or composite materials. Features of high speed, precision, and rigidity, makes it prior to similar products in the market. The computer numerical control mode (CNC) offers us automated machining, high-precision, multi-variety, and large-scale production. EagleTec CNC has lots of standardized models to meet the production requirements of different users. In addition, we can also customize machines for you according to your specific needs. 2024 Best CNC drilling and milling machine for metalworking for sale at a reasonable cost now.

If the working size is not adequate for your production requirements, please check our CNC Gantry Mill EGT-4013MD; If only drilling process is required (no milling), please refer to EagleTec CNC Drilling Machine for Metal EGT-1616D, or CNC drilling and tapping machine EGT-2010D

 cnc mill drill machine for sale

Best CNC Mill Drill Machine in Action

The demo here includes the following three chapters:

0:00 Video Tile

0:15 High speed drilling in action with U drill center water outlet

1:38 Face milling in action

Features of China CNC Drilling And Milling Machine

• The Z-axis structure is the point of this CNC mill drill machine. Unlike some similar equipment with two linear rails on their Z axes, the spindle box utilizes an embracing design and it’s Z-axis is equipped with four 45mm roller linear guideways. This design brings the machine some improvements and several benefits, such as heavy-duty load capacity, high motion rigidity, excellent positioning accuracy, and great machining stability.

embracing spindle box with roller linear guideways mechanism for best cnc mill drill

• The milling spindle is driven by a transmission mechanism consisting AC servo motors and ball screws. Furthermore, it has functions of automatic tool loosening, pneumatic and hydraulic compound loosening, and disc spring tensioning.

• The mechanical spindle is directly connected to the servo motor by a timing belt, allowing the spindle to tackle orientation and rigid tapping functions. The mechanism of a dedicated AC servo motor driving the spindle rotation via a belt is very helpful for increasing its torque.

• A Japanese six-row bearing is placed inside the spindle; however, there are four in the front and two at the back. This angular contact bearing set ensures that spindle speed changes uniformly and steadily. Alongside the BT50 tool taper, it also features an Italian rotary joint— allowing the machine to attain center water discharge. The enigmatic U-drill high-speed drilling would not be possible without these components.

cnc milling head with rotary joint and facing cutters

•The CNC drilling milling machine operation is made faster and easier with the spindle tool changer and the rotating tool magazine.

carousel tool changer mechanism for cnc drilling and milling machine

•The double nitrogen balance cylinder motion is operated by a separate air pressure system. A more special design than ordinary cylinders, this type of cylinder can assist us in balancing out any unbalanced force that occurs during machine operation. It aids in reducing wear as well as no-load torque; this contributes to assuring the precision and stability of ball screw since it eliminates any effect coming from other external factors, other than what is needed for the intended operation.

double nitrogen balance cylinder on the top of China CNC drilling and milling machine

• Through the spiral chip grooves on both sides of the bed, coolant flows into the chain plate elevator at the rear of the CNC drill mill.

spiral chip removing device on right side of the working bed

• The Coolant is filtered and separated, then transported to the cooling nozzle on the spindle via an electric pump after flowing into the coolant tank on the elevator.

chain plate chip removing machine sit on rear of the cnc drilling milling machine

• Using CNC technology, a handheld unit with a USB interface and LCD display is combined with a centralized control box. Programming, storage, display, and communication are all made easier with the operation interface's functions such as dialogs between humans and computers, error compensation, and automatic alarms.

cnc drill mill control panel

• Breakpoint memory function. If a sudden power outage or other reason stops the operation, the operator can quickly and easily locate the position of the last hole drilled before the power outage, and proceed to the next operation without delay.

• The system lets the operator control both the chip breaking time and cycle, therefore enabling different purposes for chip breaking.

• The operator just has to indicate the interval of time separating two oiling runs. The oiler will start running on its own once the predetermined time has passed. An automatic oiler lubricates every transmission component automatically, therefore lowering friction resistance and extending the service life of the drill mill CNC machine.

automatic oiler on the drill mill cnc machine

• Both internal and external cooling systems are included into this machine. While light milling processes require exterior cooling, high-speed drilling calls for internal cooling.

• Simple operation of the fixture consists simply a pressure plate, a push rod, a pull rod, and a pad securing the workpiece.

HT250 working bed with T-slots fixtures

Application of CNC Drill Mill

Applicable Field

The machine is ideal for drilling holes and milling operations into metal elements such as flat plates, wind power flanges, discs, and rings.

Applicable Materials

Any kind of metal.

Design Features of The Mechanical Part

cnc mill drill machine in EagleTec plant

• HT250 cast iron makes up every casting component and element in this machine.

• The base, worktable, column, beam, ram and other pieces make up the machine mostly. And they are all constructed using resin sand molding and high-strength cast iron. This promise the machine has good shock absorption, thermal stability, and great general structural strength and rigidity.

• The three axes—X, Y, and Z—use a ball screw plus a servo motor for transmission;

• The base and beam are directed by linear guides; and the spindle is powered by four linear guides, thereby forming an encompassing structure.

cnc milling drilling machine nearly completed

Operating Environment for CNC Drilling Milling Machine

• Precision machining depends on a steady ambient temperature being maintained, the machine's appropriate operating temperature range is -10℃~35℃.

• Equipped with a voltage stabilizer to guarantee steady voltage in the machine working region.

• The mill drill CNC should feature a safe grounding; The grounding wire need to be copper wire with a resistance of at least 4 ohms and a diameter more than 10mm².

• To avoid machine tools failure or loss of precision, kindly keep the equipment away from direct sunlight, vibration sources, heat sources, high-frequency generators and electric welders. 

Quality Inspection of China Best CNC Milling Drilling Tapping Machine Center

• Every EagleTec CNC milling drilling machine is precisely tested and compensated for pitch error, backlash, positioning accuracy, and repetition positioning accuracy by means of the British RENISHAW laser interferometer. This mechanism guarantees both machine processing accuracy and dynamic and stationary stability.

• All our cnc milling machine has to be ballbar tested. This test will evaluate the three-dimensional machining accuracy and roundness of the machine by calibrating its geometry and roundness using a ballbar from the UK business RENISHAW and doing arc cutting tests.

Quick Details of EagleTec CNC Milling Drilling Machine EGT-1313MD

• XYZ Stroke: 1450mm x 1450mm x 600mm

• Gantry Width: 1500mm

• Gantry Height: 800mm

• Bed Size: 1300mm x 1300mm

• Max. Load Capacity of Bed: 2500kg/m2

• Spindle: BT50-150, Long nose

• Spindle Power: 15Kw

• Variable Spindle Rotation Speed

• Carousel Tool Magazine: 16 tools

• The bed is an integrated casting construction with good structural integrity; the X-axis adopts two 45 heavy-duty, roller-linear guide systems.

•Three 45-degree(roller) linear guide structures for Y axis

• The Z-axis uses four 45-degree, roller-style embracing linear guides.

• High-precision preloaded ball screws for three axis transmission.

• Direct connectivity between the X and Y axes to high-power AC servo motors to guarantees flawless transmission.

• Using a gapless transmission, the Z axis is directly coupled by an AC servo with a holding brake.

Required Preparation Work Before Receiving the Drill Mill CNC Machines

Foundation Preparation:

• Please engage a professional design institution to modify the foundation construction plans depending on the actual soil conditions based on the foundation drawings given by the machine manufacturer before starting the manufacturing of the plant.

• Please ensure that the foundation is built according to the professional foundation construction drawings. The foundation should be made of solid, rigid and smooth concrete that meets all the requirements specified in the manufacturer's foundation drawings. After the foundation is laid and the concrete is completely solidified, the CNC mill drill machines can be installed.

Power Cord and Ground Wire Preparation:

Before formally installing the equipment, please prepare the power cord from the main power supply of the factory to the machine cabinet and the ground wire from the electrical cabinet to a separate grounding point. The ground wire part requires separate grounding.

electronic cabinets of best cnc milling drilling tapping machine center

Tool Hoist Preparation:

Opening tools, lifting equipment, and lifting ropes

Packing List of Mill Drill CNC

• CNC Machine x1

• Control Cabinet x1

• Chip Removal Machine x1

• Standard Accessories

• USB drive with a complete set of user manuals and instructions x1 

Technical Parameters of China CNC Milling Drilling Tapping Machine Center

Model No.EGT-1313MD 
TypeCNC Drill Mill
Working Envelope1450x1450mm
Working Bed Size1300x1300mm
MAX Load Capacity for Bed2500kg/m2
Gantry Height800mm
Gantry Width1500mm
Distance between the spindle and the worktable200~800mm
Z Stroke600mm
Rapid Travel Rate12,000mm/min
Machining Rate1,000mm/min ~ 5,000mm/min
Base Cast Iron HT250
Beam/ColumnCast Iron HT250
Machine HeadCast Iron HT250
WorktableCast Iron HT250, with T20 t-slots
Drilling Capacity3~80mm (Diameter)
Tapping CapacityM3-M30
SpindleMechanical BT50-150 (Long nose)
Spindle MotorAbsolute value AC Servo 15Kw, 20~6000RPM (KND)
XYZ Linear GuidesRoller linear guides - 45mm 
XYZ TransmissionBall screw Dia 50mm Pitch 10mm 
XYZ MotionAbsolute value AC Servo (KND)
Numerical ControllerKND (in English)
High Pressure Pump2.3Mpa
Driver KND
Center outletYes
Tool MagazineCarousel type with 16 tools
Communication CommandG code 
Compatible Programming SoftwareMasterCAM, PowerMILL, UG
Lubrication SystemAutomatic type
Chip Removal Machine Included, spiral type
Net Weight 8,500KGS
Package WaySKD on Pallet (Semi Knocked-down) 
PackagePlywood Case with robust pallet for long term sea shipping
ApplicationsDrilling, Milling Facing, Countersinking, Threading, Slotting, Chamfering

Q & A

Q: Does the machine have the function of automatically focusing the center?

A: When processing a circular flange workpiece, it can be placed at any position on the workbench. The edge finder installed in the spindle taper hole measures any three points on the workpiece (inner diameter or outer diameter) and then aligns it. The center position is automatically calculated by the CNC program, which is accurate and fast.


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