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CNC Drilling Machine for Metal Flange Tube Sheet and Slewing Ring Products

Model: EGT-1616D

Category: CNC Drilling Machines

Working Envelope: 1600x1600mm

Applications: Drilling, Face Milling, Threading

N.W.: 8 Tons

Brand: EagleTec CNC CNC Drilling Machine for Metal Flange Tube Sheet and Slewing Ring Products

Condition: Brand New

Reference Price: USD42000 / SET

Price Range: USD38000 to USD45000 / SET by Different Configuration

Supply Ability: 120 Sets Monthly

Availability: PreOrder - Put into production on receipt of down payment

Payment Method: T/T, Trade Assurance

1 Year Limited Warranty for the Whole Machine Set

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EGT-1616D is a standard and hot-selling model among the EagleTec CNC drilling machine product lines. This metalworking machine tool is engineered to process drilling, face milling, and threading operations of circular or ring products like flanges, heat exchanger tube sheets, slewing rings, valves, and more. The 1616 in the model number refers to its working envelope of 1600x1600mm. Equipped with a robust cast iron structure (self-weight up to 8 tons), mechanical spindle, KND absolute value servo motion system, and CNC control system, CNC drilling machine for metal flange tube sheet and slewing ring is for sale now with reasonable cost and best after-sales support!

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cnc high speed flange drilling machine for sale

CNC Drilling Machine for Metal in Action

The demo here includes the following five chapters:

0:00 Video Title

0:17 In Action: Drilling

1:25 Tool Changing

2:22 In Action: Face Milling

5:16 View the Finished Surface

Machining Parameters for Drilling

• Materials: 45# Steel

• Hole Depth: 60mm

• Hole Diameter: 22.5mm

• Spindle: 2200RPM

• Feed Rates: 180mm/min

Machining Parameters for Face Milling

• Materials: 45# Steel

• Spindle: 800RPM

• Feed Rates: 300mm/min

Motion Methods Introduction

The motion mode of this CNC machine drill is as follows: its working table is not movable, the gantry column and crossbeam move front and rear on the base (Y-axis), the sliding saddle and the main spindle box move left and right on the crossbeam (X-axis), and the main spindle box moves up and down on the sliding saddle (Z-axis).

cnc tube sheet drilling machine sitting in the workshop

Features of CNC High Speed Flange Drilling Machine

• To guarantee strong machining capabilities, the drilling head is composed of a mechanical spindle, a 15Kw AC servo motor, and a spindle box. The spindle box is cast from HT250 gray cast iron and has undergone secondary aging and annealing treatment.

cnc machine drill head

• The beam, columns, base, and worktable are all robust, fully cast structures.

robust HT250 cast iron cnc drill machine base

• The drilling spindle uses a high precision mechanical spindle from Taiwan with internal cooling. It is equipped with BT50 tool tapers that can be fitted with carbide internal cooling cnc drill bits and high-speed steel twist drill bits. This spindle is designed for low speed, high torque operations, so it can handle heavy cutting loads as well as rigid tapping. It's also suitable for high speed machining of carbide tools.

mechanical spindle of drilling cnc machine

• The X/Y/Z axes adopt a dust-proof design to prolong the lifespan of the transmission components as much as possible.

dust proof design for y axis

• To protect the personal safety of machine operators, safety doors are installed around the workbench.

front safety door of the cnc hole drilling machine

• The XYZ axes adopt linear roller guides, and the servo motor is directly connected to the high-precision balls screw through an elastic coupling. This system is characterized by high rigidity, low noise, low friction, flexible feeding, accurate positioning, and high transmission precision.

ball screw and roller linear guides on x axis of cnc drilling machines

• All linear guide rails are equipped with pressure blocks to ensure smooth movement and high accuracy. The pressure block not only compresses and fixes the guide rail, but more importantly, it ensures the even distribution of force on the rails, thereby preventing it from being deflected, deformed, or damaged during movement.

• The vertical ram is a cast structure, and its Z-axis motion is guided by two linear roller guide pairs. The drive uses a servo motor to drive the synchronous belt (i=2) and a precision ball screw pair for transmission.

vertical ram of cnc flange drilling machines

• The cnc tubesheet drilling machine is equipped with a carousel tool magazine that can get 16 tools accommodated.

carousel tool magazine on the back of the work bed of cnc drill machine

• The machine is equipped system is a branded product from KND. It has an all-English keyboard, supports multiple languages, and has a very friendly operation interface for overseas users.

KND numerical control system for cnc tubesheet drilling machine

• Also, it comes with a manual pulse generator. This provides convenience for the operation of the machining origin setup.

manual pulse unit hang on the side of the controller

• An automatic oil pump lubricates each transmission component; the operator only needs to set the lubrication time, and when the time is coming, the lubricator automatically starts oiling.

automatic oil pump mounted on one side of the machine base

Application of CNC Drill Machines

Applicable Field

EagleTec drilling CNC machines are suitable for drilling, face milling, countersinking, and threading operations on ring items or products like flanges, tube sheets, slewing bearings, turntable bearings, valves, and more. Besides these, it is also widely applied in explosion-proof electrical industry, wind power industry, CNC machining industry, automovie industry, heat exchanger production etc.

cnc drilled projects

Applicable Materials

Metals include steel, iron, aluminum, and copper. 

Optional Configurations Available for EagleTec CNC Flange Drilling Machines

Please choose configurations or options according to actual production needs:

Angle Head

This option enables the machine to do side drillings. 

Counter-Balance Cylinder

Chip Removal Machine

chip removal machine for cnc slewing ring drilling machine

• On the back of the drill cnc machine, there is a chip discharge port on each side. The chips are sent to the chain plate outside the machine through the spiral mechanism on both sides of the worktable.

spiral mechanism of chip removal machine

chain plate of chip removal machine

• When the waste chips reach the chain plate, they will be transferred to the collection truck by the chip conveyor.

chip conveyor

• At the same time, the filtered water tank works together with the chip removal machine to recover the discharged coolant, filter it, and then recycle it. The tank is equipped with multiple filters to ensure that the recovered coolant does not cause damage to related components.

filter unit of the recycle water tank

Quick Details of the Drilling CNC Machine for Slewing Ring Bearing

• Work Envelope: 1600 x 1600mm

• Z Stroke: 400mm

• Gantry Height: 400mm

• Gantry Width: 1900mm

• Fully cast iron construction

• Gantry-moving & fixed table

• Spindle: BT50-150 mechanical spindle with 15Kw servo motor (3000RPM)

• Range of Drilled Holes: φ1-φ60

• Range of Threading: M3-M30

• KND absolute value servo motion system & numerical control system

• XYZ Transmission: ball screw

• XYZ Linear Guides: roller linear guides – size 45mm

Operation Program for CNC Tube Sheet Drilling Machine

The KND CNC system comes with a built-in operating program. It has file management and program editing functions, which can quickly preview files, verify tracks, and improve operating efficiency. The software also has a built-in graphics library. For some common processing shapes, we can directly call the files in the graphics library and simply set the machining parameters before starting processing. There is no need to do modeling and generate NC code yourself. Of course, if you want to work a workpieces that are not in the graphics library, you still need to model and generate G code yourself.

After-Sale Support Provided Along with The EagleTec CNC Hole Drilling Machine

• EagleTec CNC has an expert engineering team that provides you with remote assistance or online training.

• Along with the machine shipment, the full set of tutorials or guide manuals are shipped together; that includes video guide with step-by-step instructions and manual in text.

• Also, as an option, we can send engineer for onsite training if you would like to bear the relevant cost.

Packing List

• CNC drilling machine x1

• USB drive with complete manuals inside x1

• Toolbox x1

• EagleTec CNC product catalog x1

• Height adjustable machine feet set x1

• Standard accessories set x1

Technical Parameters of China CNC Drilling Machine for Ring or Circular Metal Items

Model No.EGT-1616D 
TypeDrilling Machine CNC
Base Cast Iron HT250
Beam/ColumnCast Iron HT250
Machine HeadCast Iron HT250
WorktableCast Iron HT250, with T20 t-slots
Working Envelope1600x1600mm
Drilling Capacity1~60mm (Diameter)
Threading CapacityM3-M30
SpindleMechanical BT50-150 (From Taiwan)
Spindle MotorAbsolute value AC Servo 15Kw, 3000RPM (KND)
Gantry Height600mm
Gantry Width1900mm
Distance between the spindle and the worktable200~600mm
Z Stroke400mm 
XYZ Linear GuidesRoller linear guides - 45mm 
XYZ TransmissionBall screw
XYZ MotionAbsolute value AC Servo (KND)
Numerical ControllerKND (in English)
High Pressure Pump2.3Mpa
Knife Cylinder6T
Driver KND
Center OutletYes
Tool MagazineCarousel type with 16 tools 
Height Adjustable FeetIncluded
Communication CommandG code 
Compatible Programming SoftwareMasterCAM, PowerMILL, UG
Lubrication SystemAutomatic type
Chip Removal Machine Optional 
Net Weight 8,000KGS
Package WaySKD on Pallet (Semi Knocked-down) 
PackagePlywood Case with robust pallet for long term sea shipping
ApplicationsDrilling, Face Milling, Countersinking, Threading

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