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China CNC Gantry Milling Machine for Beam and Structural Steel

Model: EGT-4013MD

Category: Gantry Mill

Working Envelope: 4000x1300mm

Applications: Milling, Slotting, Chamfer, Drilling, Boring, Face Milling, Threading

N.W.: 20 Tons

Brand: EagleTec CNC China CNC Gantry Milling Machine for Beam and Structural Steel

Condition: Brand New

Reference Price: USD71985 / SET

Price Range: USD70000 to USD95000 / SET by Different Configuration

Supply Ability: 120 Sets Monthly

Availability: PreOrder - Put into production on receipt of down payment

Payment Method: T/T, Trade Assurance

1 Year Limited Warranty for the Whole Machine Set

Recommendation: China CNC Gantry Milling Machine for Beam and Structural Steel 4.9/5 based on 11 reviews



The CNC gantry milling machine EGT-4013MD adopts a fixed gantry and moving table construction. Compared with moving gantry and fixed table, this structure's advantage is that the machine tool can meet the mechanical rigidity required for a heavy cutting process. With a working envelope of 4000mm x 1300mm and robust construction of up to 20 Tons, the gantry mill is a good fit to process drilling, heavy-duty milling, grooving, chamfering, face milling, and tapping on long workpieces such as beams, structural steel, profiles, etc. China CNC gantry milling machine for sale at a reasonable price and unmatched support now!

china cnc gantry milling machine for sale

CNC Gantry Mill in Action

The demo here includes the following seven chapters:

0:00 Video Tile

0:22 Facing Demo

1:23 CNC Control System Show

1:41 Facing Demo

2:39 Chip Removing Demo

2:56 Facing Demo

4:23 Drilling Demo

Introduction to Axis Motion and Definition

This gantry cnc machine uses a fixed gantry and moving table motion to better meet the requirements of heavy milling on the machine's rigidity. Specifically, the worktable moves forward and backward on the base (this axis is defined as the X-axis); the saddle and the spindle box move left and right on the beam (this axis is defined as the Y-axis), and the spindle box moves up and down on the saddle (Z-axis).

high rigidity gantry type machining center

Features of China CNC Gantry Milling Machine for Sale

• The mechanical structure, including the base, table, column, beam, and spindle box, is all made of HT250 cast iron, which provides the machine with super-high mechanical rigidity to handle heavy-load milling tasks.

base of gantry cnc milling machine in the workshop

• On the basis of high rigidity, the motion of the fixed gantry & moving table further optimizes the machine's performance and ability to handle heavy milling processes.

• The work table is designed to be dustproof and is equipped with a spiral chip removal device on each side. 

spiral chip removal units on both sides of the table

• The two spiral chip removal units are each powered by a 3-phase asynchronous motor.

two pieces of 3-phase asynchronous motors connected to the spiral chip removal devices

• The spiral's action transports the chips to the collection device at the rear of the gantry cnc milling machine.

chip removal machine on the rear of the milling table

• To ensure working accuracy, the machine should be securely fixed to the plant's foundation. This will effectively eliminate vibration and resonance during processing, hence, improving the machining accuracy.

gantry cnc mill securely fixed to the plant's foundation

• Y and Z are designed to be dust-proof. Safety doors are installed around the machining area to protect operators.

y and z axes with dust-proof covers

• The milling head comprises three parts: a mechanical spindle, a spindle servo motor, and a spindle box. The spindle is a long-nose mechanical spindle, and the tool taper is BT50. It is powered by a 22KW KND AC servo motor.

milling head for gantry type cnc milling machine

• The machine spindle is equipped with several sprayers. Coolant is sprayed out from them during machining.

gantry cnc machine spindle with sprayers around it

• The electrical cabinet is sitting on one side of the gantry and is equipped with a door-opening power-off switch.

electric cabinet of cnc gantry mill

• The primary electronic components are housed inside this well-sealed electrical cabinet.

electronic components inside the electronic cabinet

• In order to protect the inverter and achieve quick stopping, braking resistors are installed in the cabinet.

braking resistors in the cabinet

• The automatic lubricator is installed outside of the cabinet. You simply need to preset the time, and it will automatically perform the oil-filling action when the time comes.

automatic lubricator on the cnc bridge mill

• All linear guide rails come with pressure blocks to ensure smooth motion and high accuracy.

HIWIN linear guide rail on the gantry type milling machine

• XYZ is all driven by TBI ball screws.

• Cast iron work table with T-slots. The workpieces are clamped down to the bed. 

gantry mill for sale with cast iron table

• There is a step ladder located at the rear of the gantry to facilitate maintenance and inspection by operators.

gantry milling and boring machine china

• The cnc gantry drilling machine is equipped with a nitrogen counterbalance cylinder, and the gas cylinder providing the gas source is placed on the platform behind the gantry.

cnc gantry machining center with nitrogen counterbalance cylinder

• The CNC system used is KND K2000, a system specially designed for drilling and milling machines. The operating interface is in English, and it also supports several other language options.

cnc system knd k2000 for cnc beam drilling machine

• The system comes with a manual pulse generator to facilitate the workpiece origin setup operation.

manual pulse generator sticked on the china gantry type machining center

Application of Gantry CNC Machine

Applicable Field

The gantry mill for sale here is a good fit for performing the process of drilling, milling, facing, chamfering, slotting, tapping, threading, and spotting on long workpieces such as beams, structural steels, profiles, and other complex parts, etc. 

drilled and milled beam project by cnc gantry milling machine

Applicable Materials

Any kind of metal. 

Optional Configurations Available for EagleTec CNC Bridge Mill

Please select the following configurations or options according to your actual production needs:

Tool Magazine

Users have the option to add tool magazines based on their needs. The unit allows the machine tool to automatically change the tools required for machining without stopping. Compared to manual tool-change operations, it improves production efficiency by saving the cycle times required for tool change.

Spindle with Center Water Outlet Option

With the center water outlet spindle, we can use a U-drill that allows us to do high speed and Violent drilling. Except for this, here are some other benefits you can expect from a U-drill.

• The operating cost is low.

• High speed & efficiency.

• Smooth and clean finish; the hole wall finish reaches 2.8-3.2μm

Angle Head

Without the angle head, the machine can only process one face of the block, that is, the top surface. With it, we can machine up to 5 faces, all except the bottom surface.

cnc gantry drilling machine for sale

Quick Details of the Gantry CNC Mill EGT-4013MD

• Range of Drilled Holes: ø3-ø60

• Range of Threading: M3-M30

• Work Envelope: 4000mm x 1300mm

• Z Stroke: 1000mm

• Gantry Height: 1250mm

• Gantry Width: 1000mm

• Spindle: Long nose, BT50-190 mechanical spindle with 22Kw servo motor (3000RPM)

• Fully cast iron construction

• Fixed Gantry & Table Moving

• KND absolute value servo motion system & numerical control system

• XYZ Transmission: ball screw (Brand: TBI)

• XYZ Linear Guides: roller linear guides – size 45mm (Brand: HIWIN)

• Spiral chip removal machine

• Nitrogen counterbalance cylinders

Operation System and Program for Gantry Milling and Boring Machine China

The gantry type cnc milling machine is equipped with a KND CNC system K2000 model. It features the following:

• The operation program includes a built-in programming wizard, debugging wizard, and other functions to enhance operational efficiency.

• Two-way pitch error compensation, straightness compensation, backlash compensation, and other functions improve CNC machining accuracy.

• Advanced diagnosis, servo online optimization, vibration detection, and other functions are provided to enhance the machining performance of gantry mills machine.

After-Sale Support Provided Along with The EagleTec CNC Gantry Machining Center

• After-sales support can be conducted via live video conference, email, or video. Technical support can be provided at any agreed time.

• Replacement of the parts are easily available. The warranty is 12 months. We provide deliveries for any damaged parts caused by production or quality defects during the guarantee. P.S. After years of experience accumulation, the machines we built with the most reliable components and the most scientific methods have a very low failure rate. 

• Upon receiving the machine, a USB drive will be included containing a comprehensive set of tutorials that comprises written instructions and step-by-step videos. I believe these tutorials are the most comprehensive, definitive, and clear available. They are written in clear and concise English and have been proven to effectively assist most customers in understanding how to operate the machine.

• Users have an option to have our engineer for onsite training if they would like to bear the relevant cost. 

Packing List of CNC Beam Drilling Machine

• CNC gantry milling machine x1

• USB drive with complete tutorials & guide (video and text versions) x1

• Toolbox x1

• EagleTec CNC catalog x1

• Standard accessories set x1

Technical Parameters of China CNC Gantry Type Milling Machine

Model No.EGT-4013MD 
TypeCNC Gantry Mill
Working Envelope4000x1300mm
Gantry Height1250mm
Gantry Width1000mm
Distance between the spindle and the worktable250~1250mm
Z Stroke1000mm
Base Cast Iron HT250
Beam/ColumnCast Iron HT250
Machine HeadCast Iron HT250
WorktableCast Iron HT250, with T20 t-slots
Drilling Capacity3~60mm (Diameter)
Tapping CapacityM3-M30
SpindleMechanical BT50-190 (From Taiwan)
Spindle MotorAbsolute value AC Servo 22Kw, 30~3000RPM (KND)
XYZ Linear GuidesRoller linear guides - 45mm 
XYZ TransmissionBall screw
XYZ MotionAbsolute value AC Servo (KND)
Numerical ControllerKND (in English)
High Pressure Pump2.3Mpa
Driver KND
Center OutletNo
Tool MagazineWithout
Communication CommandG code 
Compatible Programming SoftwareMasterCAM, PowerMILL, UG
Lubrication SystemAutomatic type
Chip Removal Machine Included, spiral type
Net Weight 20,000KGS
Package WaySKD on Pallet (Semi Knocked-down) 
PackagePlywood Case with robust pallet for long term sea shipping
ApplicationsDrilling, Milling Facing, Countersinking, Threading, Slotting, Chamfering

Q & A

Q: What is a Gantry Mill?

A: The CNC gantry mill, also known as a CNC gantry milling machine, is a type of milling machine that features a gantry frame and a long horizontal working table or platform. This machine can use multiple milling cutters to process surfaces simultaneously, resulting in high machining accuracy and production efficiency. It is well-suited for batch and mass production of large workpieces, allowing for the processing of planes, inclined surfaces, spatial curved surfaces, and some complex parts.


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