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Carbon Vanes for Vacuum Pumps Becker Dry Type

Model: EK60

Category: CNC Router Parts Replacement

Brand: EagleTec CNC Carbon Vanes for Vacuum Pumps Becker

Condition: New Condition

Reference Price: USD90.00 / SET


Supply Ability: 100 Sets Monthly

Availability: In Stock

Delivery Time: in 24 hours on receipt of payment

Dimension: 240x48x4mm or 240x48x5mm (L x W x H)

Net Weight: 0.4KG

Payment Method: Western Union (Western Digital), Money Gram, or PayPal.

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The replacement carbon vanes here are dedicated to dry-type rotary vane vacuum pumps, including Becker and other brands. It is a vulnerable part of the cnc router vacuum-sorb system; it may wear out after a long period of use, such as 2 or 3 years. When the suction capacity of your vacuum pump drops significantly, kindly check the status of the vanes inside. Carbon vanes for vacuum pumps are On sale now.  

vacuum pump carbon vanes overview

Video Demo of Vacuum Pump Carbon Vanes

Utilization of Replacement Carbon Vanes Here

The replacement vanes here are suitable for all kinds of dry-type rotary vane vacuum pumps such as Becker, Tongyou, and other air ring pumps.

How Can I Get the Proper Replacement Vanes for My Vacuum Pump?

Just simply check out the 4 dimensions of the groove in your vacuum pump as shown in the following diagram. They are H, T, W1, and W2. As long as you provide us with these dimensions, we can match you with the right carbon vanes.

vacuum suction pump groove measurement diagram for carbon vanes

In the first one, is the total length of the vane – is 240.00mm usually.

measure the length of vacuum pump vanes with ruler

Second, the width of the vane – is 48.00mm

measure the vane width with a vernier calipers

Last, is the thickness of the carbon vanes. – 4.00 or 5.00 mm; as the following photo shows, 4 pieces together are 16.00mm thick, so each piece is 4.00mm.

measure vacuum pump vane thickness with Vernier calipers

For your information, the picture below is 5.00mm thick.

5mm thick carbon vanes for vacuum pumps

How to install the Replacement Vanes for the Vacuum Pump?

The following picture demonstrates the correct way that how they should be mounted on vacuum pumps.

carbon vanes well mounted in vacuum pump

Features of EagleTec Vacuum Pump Replacement Vanes

• Our graphic vanes have excellent high-temperature resistance, no need to use oil and water as a medium.

• Carbon blade has a self-lubricating function with low friction, so it has a strong wear resistance performance.

• EagleTec replacement vanes are environmentally friendly and non-polluting.

• Excellent vacuum effect, especially for high-speed rotating vacuum pumps.

How Many Pieces in One Package?

There are four pieces of carbon vanes in one package. For graphite vanes of different sizes, the quantity of vanes included in each set is also different.

four pieces vacuum pump carbon vanes in one package

Useful Tips concerning Carbon Vanes Installation 

• Before installing the vanes replacement, please clean the cavity wall of the vacuum pump and take care that there is no residue.

• Kindly check if the cavity wall is smooth. (FYI, the poor-quality carbon vanes are hard and cause damage to the wall to a certain extent.)

• When installing the vacuum pump vanes, please take care of the chamfering direction. Don't install in the reverse direction, that will break the vanes in a short period. This is very important.

Tips on CNC Router Vacuum Pump Maintenance

• Regularly maintain the vacuum pump bearings and fill them with high-temperature lubricants. If the bearings are damaged, serious consequences will come.

• The air inlet filter (vacuum pump filter) should be in good status and need to be replaced regularly.

carbon vanes replacement ready to ship

FAQ Regarding Becker Pump Carbon Vanes Replacement 

If we are ready to buy them, how to order them?

• Please contact us by any available means on the company site here (Live Chat, Email, Contact Form, WhatsApp, Phone, and more). Advise us of your vanes dimension (H, T, W1, and W2 stated above) as we stated above and your location with postal code as well.

• We will get back to you with the price and shipping cost. If you are okay with our offer, the proforma invoice will be issued to you for payment transfer. Once payment is received, the vanes will be delivered to you by Express (DHL, FedEx, or TNT).

How long can we get the parcel?

It usually takes about 5 to 8 days for you to get it.

If you like the replacement carbon vanes for sale here, please ask for a quote now


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