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Router CNC 2030 ATC Machine for Woodworking

Model: EA-2030CAT

Category: ATC CNC Router

Brand: EagleTec CNC Router CNC 2030 ATC Machine for Woodworking

Condition: New Condition

Reference Price: U.S.$21,000 / SET

Price Range: USD19000 to USD24000 / SET as per the different configuration

Supply Ability: 200 Sets Monthly

Availability: Production after order (PreOrder)

Lead Time: 18 to 20 days 

Warranty: 12 months 

Payment Method: T/T, Western Union, Money Gram, PayPal

H.S. Code: 84659900.00

Recommendation: Router CNC 2030 ATC Machine for Woodworking4.6 /5 based on 25 reviews



The machine here is Router CNC 2030 ATC; the Working size is 2000x3000mm, with a disc-type automatic tool changer. With ATC, users of any level can quickly and easily run multiple routing processes in a single job. So our 2030 ATC Router CNC is perfect for furniture sheets machinings like kitchen or bedroom cabinets, sign-making, plastic fabrication, and more.

If working size 2000x3000mm is okay for you, let's move on. If you looking for a smaller one, please check out the 1325 ATC cnc router.

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EagleTec router cnc 2030 atc - photo

Advantage of EagleTec ATC CNC 2030 Router

Base built this way, heavy-duty design, welded with thick steel tube, via VSR treatment to get the stress released, and then milled on a 5 axis CNC machining center to guarantee the high precision of fundamental plane of linear guides and rack mounting. We are always committed to high-quality manufacturing rather than rough production for seeking low-cost. 

• The Z-axis has a dual pneumatic counter-balance cylinder to allow very fast and accurate Z-axis positioning. 

• Genuine Italy ATC spindle, brand HSD, 9.0KW, 24000RPM, ISO tool holders with ER32 collet. One of the most reliable spindle motors on the earth.  

• Circle tool storage mounted at one end of the beam. Another option is a linear tool magazine, if you have interest, please check on cnc router with linear atc.

• Japan brand YASKAWA AC servo driving system plus SHIMPO planetary reducer offers the woodworking ATC machine very fast feeding speed. Planetary reducers are much more reliable than ordinary belt drives.   

• SYNTEC industrial numerical control system plus Yaskawa servo driving system consists of a real close loop system for the 2030 ATC cnc router. With position feedback, the machine gets better position accuracy than open-loop control. 

• PVC based vac-sorb table with aluminum t-slot embedded. The workpiece can be clamped by vacuum as well as the clamp. 

router cnc 2030 atc - photo

Quick Details of Router CNC 2030 ATC Machine

• Working area 2000x3000x300mm

• Genuine Italy HSD ATC spindle, 9.0KW, 24,000RPM

• Circle tool storage with 12 positions

• Japan Yaskawa AC servo driving plus SHIMPO planetary gear

• SYNTEC numerical control system

• Vacuum table with aluminum t-slot embedded

Application of Router CNC 2030 ATC

Applicable Industry

This router machine is perfect for furniture sheets routing (kitchen & bedroom cabinets), sign-making, plastic fabrication, and more.

Applicable Materials

MDF, Plywood, PVC, Acrylic, Foam, aluminum, and many more! 

Technical Parameter of Woodworking ATC CNC Router for Kitchen Cabinets 

Model NumberEA-2030CAT
TypeATC Router
Axis Quantity Three Axes
Tool StorageCarousel style with 12 tools at beam end (16 and 20 as options also)
Mechanical ConstructionSeamless welding with steel, VSR technics, cnc milled by machining center
Counter Balance CylinderDual on Z-axis 
Machine TablePVC vacuum table with T-slot aluminum embedded
X-Axis Stroke 2,000mm (6.5 feet, or 78 inches)
Y-Axis Stroke3,000mm (10 feet, or 120 inches)
Z-Axis Stroke300mm (11.8")
Max. Feeding Height300mm (11.8")
Max. Fly Speed70,000mm/min 
Max. Machining Speed40,000mm/min 
Reposition Accuracy0.10mm/300mm
Position Accuracy0.10mm/300mm
X Motion DriveYASKAWA AC servo 1,300w 
Y Motion DriveDual drive, YASKAWA AC servo 1,300w
Z Motion DriveYASKAWA AC servo 1,300w, with band brake 
X-Axis Transfer MotionDiagonal rack and pinion, plus SHIMPO planetary reducer 
Y-Axis Transfer MotionDiagonal rack and pinion, plus SHIMPO planetary reducer
Z-Axis Transfer MotionRolling ballscrew - 32mm, plus coupler 
X GuidewayOrigin HIWIN, 30mm square type (or same quality other brands)  
Y GuidewayOrigin HIWIN, 30mm square type (or same quality other brands)
Z GuidewayOrigin HIWIN, 30mm square type (or same quality other brands)
Electronic Spindle Italy HSD ATC 9.0kw (12HP) | air cooling | 24,000RPM | ISO30 holder | 15.7A
Collet ModelER32
Tool Size Range Diameter 3.175mm to 20mm 
Converter Genuine Fuling11kw
Tool Length Sensor Equipped
CNC Control System SYNTEC from Taiwan (in English)
Communication CommandInternational standard G code 
Applicable Programming SoftwareAspire, Type 3, ArtCAM, UcanCAM, JD Paint, UG, MasterCAM
Other Electronics Famous brand Schneider, Omron, CHNT
CablesHigh flexibility shielding cables for whole ATC router machine
Workpiece HoldingBy vacuum or clamps 
Suction Pump Dry-type Air ring 5.5kw | 230m³/h
Oiling Central lubrication mode, manual lubricant pump
Circuit Protection PE, Thermal relay, Fuse, Earth leakage breaker
Working VoltageAC380V/50Hz, 3Ph (or made-to-order)
Max. Power Consumption25KW (suction-pump included)
Net Weight 1,900KGS
Gross Weight2,000KGS
Packing MannerThe complete machine in plywood case 
Packing Measurement3800x2260x2400mm (21CBM approximately)
Dust CleanerOptional ( 3.0Kw | 53m³/min | ≤70dB )
Workpiece PositioningPneumatic Material Alignment Pop-ups
Auto Push DeviceWith 

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