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Top 3 Kinds of CNC Machines Perfect for Slatwall Making

Publish Date: May. 05, 2022 Author: Jackie Publisher: EagleTec CNC Modify Date: May. 05, 2022

In today's post, EagleTec CNC will talk about the top 3 kinds of CNC wood machines perfect for Slatwall making. We should cover some foundations first before we get into that. That's what Slatwall panels are.


What is Slatwall?

Slatwall is tool panels commonly used in product displays, retail shelving, and garage storage systems. A slatted wall is a retail paneling system in which grooves are cut into the perimeter walls of a retail store from which you can display commodities.

slatwall garage storage system

Slot walls are mostly MDF but can also be plastic or metal. You can see it in every type of retail store imaginable. We can use it for components, siding fixtures, and display panels. Planks are the most common, plank size and slot spacing can be customized, and a variety of finish options are also available. Plastic channels and metal inserts create a timeless classic wall system, the most adaptable and flexible system available anywhere.

The production of slat board is to cut several grooves on the MDF panel with a Slatwall router. The profile of the grooves is consistent with the shape and dimension of the milling cutter. The toolpath is just some straight lines with the desired distance between them.

Is The Programming Easy for Slatwall Cutting?

Pretty easy. In the CAM software, we need to draw some straight lines with the desired length, set the distance between them correctly, and then output the toolpath. Beginners can master programming within an hour. So, no worries. 


As an experienced CNC manufacturer located in China, EagleTec-CNC has provided production solutions for many customers in Slatwall fabrication. Now, let's look at the top 3 kinds of CNC wood cutting machines that are perfect for this job.  

Top 1. Single Head CNC Machine – Entry Level

As the first choice for beginners, its most significant benefit is the simple operation. Beginners can put the machine into production as quickly as possible.

single head cnc wood cutting machine

Top 2. Multi-Head CNC Wood Machine – High Productivity and Flexibility

Multi-head CNC milling machines generally refer to devices with two independent heads and three independent heads. So, for example, 3 head CNC router can cut three grooves in one pass, which dramatically improves the output compared with single-head machines. Meanwhile, it offers more flexibility in the operation. Each head is controlled individually, you can activate only 1 or 2 of them according to actual production needs, and the inactive heads can be parked on one side of the beam.

3 head cnc router with material alignment pop-ups

Top 3. Multi-Spindle CNC Machine 

The equipment applied to Slatwall production mainly includes 4-spindle and 6-spindle machines. Accordingly, they can cut 4 or 6 grooves at a time. Unlike the multi-head machines above, we cannot park one head of the multi-spindle machine to one side and use the rest of the heads. It is productive but is less flexible.

If you are looking for a Slatwall CNC of great quality, please don't hesitate to contact us.


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