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How to Choose Router Bits?

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Router bits can be called as cutting tools also. In this post, we are going to look at two questions. First one is how to choose router bits from material grade; second is how many grades are there totally. Let’s start with the second question.

top bearing router bits with 3A grade - photo

How Many Grades Does Router Bit Have?

As we know, most router bits are made of carbide (tungsten). Seeing from the carbide grades, there are four quality grades totally: N, A, AA, and 3A. Same way, there are four grades for router bits: N, A, AA, and 3A.

Please understand this way. N grade Router bit is made of carbide with grade - N; while A grade bit is made of tungsten with grade - A. The same to AA and 3A.

What is the difference between N, A, AA and 3A?

The difference between them is the different hardness. The specific description is as follows.

• Grade N router bits is made of tungsten steel from China Mainland, and the hardness is 88- 89HRA.

(HRA here refers to hardness Rockwell A scale)

• Grade A router cutter is made of Taiwan’s CHUNBAO tungsten steel, and hardness is at 90-91 HRA.

• Grade AA and 3A cutting tools are made of Germany’s ultrafine particles tungsten steel material; AA hardness is 93-94HRA, and 3A hardness is around 96HRA. (For your information, the hardness of the hardest material diamond in nature is 100HRC)

How to Choose Router Bits Grade?

We can see that from the above, the higher the grade, the higher the hardness. Router bits lifespan depends on its hardness. Therefore, under the same conditions, the higher the grade, the longer the lifespan.

In addition, the degree of finish is also largely determined by the hardness of the router bits. Because the smaller the particles of tungsten steel, the sharper the blade.

The final conclusion is that the higher the router bits grade, the longer the lifespan, the better the degree of finish.

And we have a small tip for you, when consider purchasing the router bits; please clarify the grade you want. If no specific requirement on it, default is grade N.

Do you know how to choose router bits now?


Hope you enjoy the course here.

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