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What is the Best Machine for Car Floor Mats Cutting?

Publish Date: Nov. 19, 2022 Author: Esther Publisher: EagleTec CNC Modify Date: Nov. 19, 2022

Over the past few years, with the improvement in living standards, family cars have become more and more popular. For more and more car owners, cars are not just a means of transportation now; they put higher requirements on higher-quality performance and interior environment.


Therefore, as an indispensable part of car interiors, the market for car floor mats has grown exponentially in recent years. More and more car owners have regarded the floor mat as the first thing to buy after they get their car. So, we can see that the car floor mats making industry has a lot of room for development.


In addition to the great market potential, the car floor mat-making industry also has a massive feature: the entry threshold is shallow. You can start a car floor mat factory by preparing raw materials, cutting equipment, and a sewing machine. This industry's technical requirements for cutting and sewing are also straightforward and can be fully mastered in a day or two.


Such a good market prospect has made many investors turn to the mat production industry. They try to find a suitable cutting machine.

Laser cutting machines soon came into being. Its faster cutting speeds and higher precision better meet today's market demands.


However, after several years of observation, laser cutting machine has big problems in soft material cutting.

First, the hyperthermia generated by thermal cutting will get the material burned, cause black edges and burn edges, and affect product quality.

Second, a large amount of smoke and unpleasant odors produced by thermal cutting are not environmentally friendly.


Therefore, the laser machine is ideal for cutting hard materials, such as metal and wood, and is not ideal for cutting flexible car mats.


Given the fatal weak points of the laser cutter machine, a machine more suitable for soft materials cutting has been gradually promoted, that is, CNC oscillating knife cutter.

cnc oscillating knife cutter for car floor mats cutting

The vibrating knife cutter is not only prior to the laser cutting machine in terms of cutting speed and accuracy but also uses the cold cutting means of the blade to cut, which is more environmentally friendly, does not produce odor and smoke, and does not destroy the properties of the material itself.

The vibrating knife cutting equipment can also replace the cutter head and supports different cutters such as round knives, pneumatic knives, vibrating knives, CNC milling knives, brushes, etc., with more comprehensive functions. It can be widely used in cutting car mats, sponge foam, EVA, PVC, carton packaging, multi-layer fabrics, leather, and other materials.


EagleTec cnc oscillating knife cutting machine adopts the blade-type cutting method that eliminates the environmental problems caused by traditional laser cutting. The matching intelligent typesetting system and imported servo motor shorten the cutting time and significantly improve the cutting efficiency. Moreover, the high-frequency vibration cutting method makes the cutting more accurate, and the cutting quality is better, thereby enhancing the overall competitiveness of the product.

A high-quality oscillating knife cutting cnc machine will make you stand out in such a market potential and increasingly fierce competition. Welcome to contact EagleTec CNC to get a suitable machine for your car mats making business.


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