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Heavy-Duty 5 Axis CNC Router Machine for Foundry Pattern and Mold Production

Model: Model. EA-FW3565-5S PRO

Category: 5 Axis CNC Routers

Brand Name: EagleTec CNCHeavy-Duty 5 Axis CNC Router Machine for Foundry Pattern and Mold Production

Condition: New Condition

Reference Price: USD275000 / SET

Price Range: USD270000 to USD400000 / SET by Different Configuration

Supply Ability: 50 Sets Monthly

Availability: PreOrder - Put into production on receipt of down payment

Payment Method: Bank Transfer (T/T), Trade Assurance

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Brief Description­­

EA-FW3565-5S PRO is a 5-axis power tool with RTCP for the heavy industry engineered to fabricate foundry patterns, molds, prototyping with materials as wood, plastic, aluminum, and polystyrene. The self-weight of 45 tons is a demonstration of its machining capacity and performance. Also, it comes with industry-leading manufacturing technics and first-class cnc router machine configurations; All of these together create its great quality. Heavy-Duty 5 Axis CNC Router Machine for sale at a reasonable price and best after-sales support now! Let's learn more.

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heavy-load 5 axis cnc router machine for sale


Ues of EagleTec Heavy-Duty CNC Router 5 Axis

Applicable Field

Typical applications include foundry pattern and mold production, automotive prototyping, aviation (composite structural parts and assemblies for the aerospace), ship & yacht & boat moulds building, architectural millwork, valve & pump making, wind power system fabrication, mining machinery molds, and more.

5 Axis CNC Machining Project Sample

5 axis cnc router machining project sample

Applicable Materials

Perfect for wood, aluminum, Polystyrene, Epoxy Tooling Board, plastic, Composite materials (Carbon, Kevlar, Glass, Nomex, Al Core, Rohacell, etc.), and more.

5 axis cnc router machine with RTCP ready for delivery in plant

What Is The Main Benefit Of A 5 Axis CNC Router Machine with RTCP?

• More axes mean more capacities. 5 Axis allows cutting on any of the five sides of an object based on one setup.

• RTCP is also known as the rotation tool center point; It is a unique option coming with a 5-axis CNC system. However, this does not mean that all 5-axis systems have this function. It is what you must know before buy 5 axis cnc router since it is vital to your productivity.


• With RTCP, the system controls the tool center point instead of the tool rest. So, all commands are based on the coordinates of the tool center point. We only need to use CAM software to calculate the coordinates of the workpiece contour. The controller will automatically take the tool length and wear value into account; So no matter how the tool length changes, the sure thing is that the tooltip will always be on the workpiece's contour. In conclusion, the same program is okay for machining with different tool lengths.

• Without RTCP, the machining program should be output based on the actual tool length. Therefore, a program can only work with one tool length. If the tool length changes or the tool wears, we need to make compensation for it in the CAM software and then output a new program. We will undoubtedly spend much time on program work, and the result is very low productivity.


The conclusion is that a 5-axis router with RTCP is much more efficient than without this option.FYI, EA-FW3565-5S PRO comes with RTCP. For more details about RTCP, please read here.

heavy duty 5 axis cnc router machine rear side

Specification Details of Heavy-load 5 Axis CNC Router Machine

• The 5 axis cnc router head is made of high-strength cast steel. It also comes with an imported high-torque, high-precision harmonic reducer, and an Italian OMLAT 15kw automatic tool change water-cooled spindle.

Italy 5 axis cnc router head with the OMLAT 15kw spindle motor on the router

• Linear tool changing system enables to replace tools without stopping the machine. Twelve pieces of installed tools are sufficient for the continuous treatment of a sample part.

linear tool changing system on 5 axis router

• The stress-relief process dramatically improves the stiffness of the mechanical parts. The base and frame have undergone aging treatment to eliminate internal stress and ensure that it is not prone to stress deformation during future use. These are the essential processes that make the machine have excellent performance.

5 axis cnc router machine base and frame ready in plant

• Y-axis adopts movable gantry design. The X/Y/Z guides have reliable protection against the ingress of machining chips and dust on their surface.

5 axis cnc router with movable gantry

• The linear rail adopts a trapezoidal installation method to improve the rigidity of the machine. Aging treatment can prevent the gantry's deformation caused by its weight and welding and significantly improve the whole machine's toughness. The accuracy, reliability, and durability of the router machine are well guaranteed.

linear rails are trapezoidal installed on 5 axis cnc router machine

• SYNTEC (from Taiwan) 5-Axis CNC control system with RTCP (rotation tool center point) capacity. It is possible to operate in manual, automatic, and interactive mode. Control program input and output from the system panel, USB port, and the computer.

SYNTEC 5 axis CNC system panel on the electronic cabinet

• Cabinet of packaged electronic components has reliable protection against the ingress of chip or dust. It also has individual conditioning to provide reliable cooling of electric drive units within the specified temperature range under the machine's three-shift operation.

• The machine is equipped with the guarding of the operating area.

5 axis cnc router machine with the guarding of the operating area

• Cast iron HT3000 working bed with 3-ton capacity. The bed is made of cast iron by resin sand molding and aging treatment. This design is a popular trend for CNC machining centers. It has many advantages: excellent impact resistance and thermal stability, good rigidity, outstanding precision, and heavy-load capacity.

cast iron HT3000 working bed ready for assembly in the workshop

• The unique Y-axis motor volume design can perfectly support the heavy-duty Z-axis. The X/Y/Z axes are powered by the YASKAWA servo system (Japan brand); the Z-axis comes with a holding brake. The gearcase all adopts Taiwan APEX planetary reducer, which can provide the machine with high speed and high precision motion.

Yaskawa servo power system and APEX planetary reducer

• The X, Y, and Z axes adopt high-precision ball screw transmission, which has the characteristics of high precision and long lifespan. In terms of linear rail, they are equipped with the Taiwan HIWIN high-precision linear guide to get the machine's higher accuracy.

rolling ballscrew and HIWIN rails installed on 5 axis cnc router

Brief Configuration of High Precision 5 Axis CNC Router for Sale

• XYZ stroke: 3500x6500x2000mm (3 axis machining)

• XYZAC stroke: 2500x5500x1500mm (5 axis machining)

• H-Style 5-axis motion head with OMLAT auto tool changing spindle motor (15kw, water cooling)

• A axis: ±120° | C axis: ±360°

• Japan YASKAWA Bus-control AC servo motion system

• SYNTEC 5-Axis CNC Controller with RTCP (From Taiwan)

• Movable gantry construction

• Taiwan APEX planetary reducer  

• Linear tool changing system with 12 installed tools

• Taiwan HIWIN square linear guides 35mm size

• Dual counter-balance pneumatic cylinder on Z (Medium: nitrogen)

• Auto lubricating system

Global Support and After-sale Service

•  EagleTec 5 axis cnc router machine comes with the onsite installing and training service. Once the machine arrived, we would send technicians to do onsite installation and training for you. This is also the most straightforward way since they can guide you everything out face to face. Please note, there is no additional charge for the service.


• Besides, whenever you have any questions in the future, we can provide online support at any time.

Package and Shipment for EagleTec 5 Axis Router EA-FW3565-5S PRO

• First, due to the large machine size, it will be shipped in SKD. (Semi Knock Down)

• Second, we use wrapping material to wrap it up as inner packing.

• Third, the equipment would be loaded into three pieces of 40HQ containers for sea shipping.

Technical Parameters of 5 Axis CNC Router Machine for Foundry Pattern Production

Model No.EA-FW3565-5S PRO
TypeHeavy Duty CNC Router 5 Axis
Axis Quantity Five axes: X/Y/Z/A/C
Simultaneous Axis QuantityFive
3-Axis Machining Area3500x6500x2000mm / Imperial: 11.4' x 21.3' x 6.5'
5-Axis Machining Area2500x5500x1500mm / Imperial: 8' x 18' x 5'
RTCP (rotation tool center point)Yes, coming with
Tool Changing SystemLinear type with a capacity of 12 tools
Tool Calibration Sensor With 
Machine BaseStress-relief & VSR & Aging treatment, fine-milled by CNC machining center, with leveling feet
BeamStress relief & VSR & Aging treatment, fine-milled by CNC machining center
Working BedCast iron HT300 with T slot (3-ton load capacity)
Workpiece Clamping WayBy Clamp
Electronics CabinetIndependent, floor standing, with individual conditioning system
Counter Balance CylinderDual on Z-axis ( Nitrogen as the medium )
5 Axis CNC Router HeadOriginal from Italy HSD; H-style
Spindle MotorItaly OMLAT 15kw auto tool changing - liquid cooling spindle (20HP)
X-Axis Fast Travel Speed45,000mm/min 
Y-Axis Fast Travel Speed45,000mm/min 
Z-Axis Fast Travel Speed10,000mm/min
X-Axis Max. Feeding Rate15,000mm/min 
Y-Axis Max. Feeding Rate15,000mm/min 
Z-Axis Max. Feeding Rate8,000mm/min 
X-Axis Stroke 3,500mm 
Y-Axis Stroke6,500mm 
Z-Axis Stroke2,000mm 
A Axis Stroke±120°
C Axis Stroke ±360°
Position Accuracy0.10mm/300mm
Reposition Accuracy0.05mm/300mm
Tool Diameter Range 3.175 ~ 26mm / Imperial: 1/8" ~ 1" 
X Motion DriveYASKAWA AC bus-control servo (Japan brand)
Y Motion DriveYASKAWA AC bus-control servo (Japan brand), dual drive
Z   Motion DriveYASKAWA AC bus-control servo (Japan brand), with holding-brake 
X-Axis TransmissionPrecise rolling ballscrew - Dia:50mm; Pitch: 50mm
Y-Axis TransmissionPrecise rolling ballscrew - Dia:50mm; Pitch: 50mm
Z-Axis TransmissionPrecise rolling ballscrew - Dia:50mm; Pitch: 20mm
X Reducing MechanismPlanetary reduction gear ( Brand APEX )
Y Reducing MechanismPlanetary reduction gear ( Brand APEX )
X Linear Guides Square type with tapers, 35mm (From Taiwan)  
Y Linear GuidesSquare type with tapers, 35mm (From Taiwan)
Z Linear GuidesSquare type with tapers, 35mm (From Taiwan)
Inverter MICNO
Numerical System SYNTEC 5-Axis CNC system with RTCP (in English)
MPGincluded; enable manual motion for fine adjustment
Communication CommandG code 
Compatible SoftwareArtCAM, Aspire, UcanCAM, Type 3, JD Paint, UG, MasterCAM
Other Electronics Schneider, Omron, CHNT
CablesHigh softness shielding cables for the whole machine (Igus - Germany)
Lubrication SystemCentral lubricating, automatic lubrication system
Electronics Protection Overload protection; Overheat protection; Over-travels protection
Working PowerAC380V/50Hz, 3Ph (or made to order)
Max. Power Consumption35KW 
Package WaySKD (SemiKnocked Down)
Shipping Way3 x 40HQ' container 
Foot Print10,500 x 7950 x 6500mm (L x W x   H) / Imperial: 35' x 26' x 21'
Net Weight45 Tons
Cooling Device Chiller, CW5200

FAQs about the 5 Axis Router Machine EA-FW3565-5S PRO

Q: Does Your 5 Axis CNC Machines Come with the Postprocessor for Program?

A: Yes, it does. We would provide you the postprocessor for UG (Unigraphics NX) software without extra charge.

Q: What Warranty and Support Comes with the 5 Axis Router Here?

A: The machine comes with a 12-month limited warranty since the departure date. We provide the delivery of required spare parts during the whole warranty period.

If you like the 5 axis cnc router machine for sale here, please ask for our help now.


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