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Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machines for Sale at Affordable Prices

Model: ET-FL2010G

Category: Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Brand Name: EagleTec CNC Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machines for Sale at Affordable Prices

Condition: New Condition

Reference Price: USD12980 / SET

Price Range: USD12000 to USD65000 / SET per Different Configuration

Supply Ability: 200 Sets Monthly

Availability: PreOrder - Put into production on receipt of down payment

Payment Method: Bank Transfer, Western Union, Money Gram

Recommendation: Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machines for Sale at Affordable Prices 4.9/5 based on 28 reviews


Brief Description­­

ET-FL2010G features smart design, affordable cost, and essential functions. As a metal laser cutting machine with a cutting size of 2000x1000mm, its target users are those who do not have large-format cutting needs. Another highlight is that it comes with an IPAD-style industrial computer. And the display is a touch screen; you can directly touch and control it or through the mouse and keyboard. Sheet metal laser cutting machines for sale at affordable prices now.

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completed sheet metal laser cutting machine ET-FL2010G

Demonstration Video - Galvanized Sheet Metal Laser Cutting

In the video, you will see that we use laser steel cutting machine ET-FL2010G to cut out the dragon graphics on the galvanized sheet. The auxiliary gas used is compressed air. The demonstration includes 3 chapters:

• Machine appearance display

• Fiber laser cutting process

• Complete project display

Please enjoy it.

Applications of Sheet Metal Laser Cutter Machines

laser cutting machine for metal sheet in workshop

Applicable Field

The laser cutting sheet metal machine is suitable for the following uses: sheet metal fabrication, metal signs, metal laser cut panels, custom cut metalworks, metal laser cut tree wall decor, and more.

Materials Good for CNC Laser Metal Cutting Machines

Perfect for metal sheets like steel, stainless steel, thin metal, brass, aluminum, titanium, galvanized sheets.

Projects Completed by the Laser Sheet Metal Cutter Machine

fiber laser cutting projects

CNC Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machine Specification

• It comes with an au3tech fiber laser cutting head - model A100M, a model dedicated to metal sheet cutting via laser sources no more than 1000W. The head is equipped with a D30 compound lens group to integrate the beam. It has a diversified interface setting so that it can match a variety of fiber laser sources. By optimizing the optical and water cooling design, the laser head can work stably for a long time under high power.

au3tech fiber laser cutter head on the laser cutting sheet metal machine

• The fiber laser source adopts a reliable brand in China: MAX. Power is 1000 watts.

MAX 1000W fiber laser source

• The machine is equipped au3tech fiber laser cutting system. The system integrates functions such as motion control, path planning, graphic design, typesetting, process adjustment, and system component monitoring. It is an ideal control center for sheet metal cutting laser machines.

au3tech fiber lase cutting system with handheld control unit

• We equipped the control system with an advanced industrial computer. The display is a touch screen, which can be touched by the finger or controlled by a mouse and keyboard. The system comes with a handheld pulse generator for facilitating the origin point setup.

• With the warning lamp, even if we are not in front of the cnc laser metal cutting machine, we can also know the machine's running status clearly. If the error occurs during machine operation, the red lamp will be lit with an alarm sound.

The warning light is installed behind the machine beam

• The whole sheet metal laser cutter machine adopts the Japan Yaskawa AC servo drive system. Quiet operation, fast and precise.

the Yaskawa servo packs are installed in the electric control cabinet of the sheet metal laser cutting machine

Quick Details of Sheet Metal Cutting Laser Machine EA-FL2010G

• Au3tech fiber laser cutting head model. A100M

• Max. Cutting size 1000x2000mm

• 1000W fiber laser source – Brand: MAX

• Au3tech fiber laser cutting system

• Steel tubes welded machine base

• Unique beam made of aviation aluminum

• Original HIWIN/PMI linear guide rails

• Original T-Win grinding rack and pinion

• Sawtooth cutting table

sheet metal cutting laser machine ready for shipment

Global Technical Support Details of EagleTec Laser Cutting Sheet Metal Machine

• A complete set of tutorials would be provided along with the machine, which is clear and well written in English.

• We will guide you through everything from the first-time setup until you put your fiber laser sheet metal cutting machine into production.

• Whenever you have questions about the machine, we are happy to answer and guide you online.

grey metal sheet laser cutting machine

Technical Parameters of Laser Steel Cutting Machine

Machine ModelET-FL2010G
Machine TypeSheet metal laser cutter
Cutting Size1000x2000mm 
Laser TypeFiber Laser
Fiber Laser HeadBrand: Au3tech - Model A100M
Control SystemAu3tech fiber laser cutting system
Cutting BedSawtooth
Fiber Laser SourceBrand: MAX, 1000W - more options available
Output Power Range10 ~ 100 (%)
Core Fiber25 um
Laser Beam Quality1.3 (M2)
Laser Wavelength1080nm
Output Power Unstability< 3%
Cutting Frequency50 ~ 50K (Hz)
Cooling ModeWater cooling
Motor & DriverYaskawa AC servo (Dual drive on Y)
Linear GuidewayOriginal HIWIN/PMI linear guides from Taiwan (Lifespan 8 to 10 years)
Cutting Tolerance0.3mm
Lubricating SystemAutomatic central lubrication
TransmissionGrinding rack and pinion (brand T-Win)
Programming SoftwareAu3tech SC2000
Cutting GasCompressed air, oxygen, nitrogen 
Editable Graphics ExtensionAI, BMP, DST, DWG, DXF, DXP, LAS, PLT
Max. Cutting Speed30,000mm/min
Positioning Accuracy0.05mm 
Cutting Thickness0 to 10mm (mild steel)
NA< 0.06
Fume Extractor2.2KW
ConsumablesCutting nozzle
Operation Temperature10 ~ 40 (℃) 
Humidity< 70% 
Storage Temperature-10 ~ 60 (℃)
Working VoltageAC220V/50~60Hz, Single-Phase, or make to order
Package Dimension1 x 20GP
Gross Weight1400KGS

FAQs about the Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machines

Q: How Can You Get this Laser Cutting Machine For Metal Shipped to Us?

A: We can get our metal sheet fiber laser cutting machines shipped all over the world by sea. You just need to tell us your port of entry, and we can quote the ocean freight for you.

Q: What is the Maximum Thickness Will The Laser Metal Sheet Cutting Machine Cut?

A: It is totally upon the power of the fiber laser source equipped with the laser sheet metal cutter. For a 1000W source, here is the guideline for you: it can cut through 10mm carbon steel, 5mm stainless steel, 3mm aluminum, and 3mm copper sheet as maximum.

Q: What Warranty is the Sheet Metal CNC Laser Cutting Machine Covered?

A: The machine is covered with a 3-year (36 months) warranty since departure date except for the fiber laser source. The fiber laser source is coming with a 2-year warranty. During guarantee, you will enjoy free replacement for any broken components, including the fiber laser generator.

If you like the metal sheet laser cutting machine for sale here, please ask for pricing now.


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