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Mr.Sayed from UAE – 48 x 96 CNC Router Reviews

Last Purchase Date: Jun. 06, 2020 Last Purchase Item: EagleTec 48 x 96 CNC Wood Router Table W1325VC From: The United Arab Emirates

“Thanks a lot for all.” 

“And I will definitely recommend your company. Thank you again.”

Our Story

Mr. Sayed is from UAE, and he serves a local educational institution. In April of 2020, he found our company's website while searching for cnc router product information online and got in touch with us. We had good email conversations on the detailed configuration of the machine, price, transaction method, etc. About one month later from our initial communication, we reached an agreement. The client sent us his purchase order of 48 x 96 cnc router W1325VC, and we issued a proforma invoice to him. In the following days, the client was working on the process of down payment.

In June, we put his order into production after receiving the deposit. And 14 days later, we got this machine ready for delivery. According to our previous communication, we sent the machine photos and test videos to the customer.

48 x 96 cnc router W1325VC ready in our workshop

The customer sent us delivery instructions soon after viewing the pictures and videos of the machine. After receiving his instructions, we booked the shipping space and trucked the machine to the port of loading - Qingdao within the specified time. Soon, the vessel set off from Qingdao to the United Arab Emirates.

the 48 x 96 cnc router was placed on a truck by a forklift

About 24 days later, he received the wood router machine and shared the following photos on his site with us. Please have a look at them.


This is what it looks like when the customer receives the cnc router and has not unpacked them. 

the 48 x 96 cnc wood router on client site with full crate package

The clients are placing the machine in a specific location.

clients are placing the 48x96 wood router in a specific location

The machine has been well placed.

cnc wood router table in client workshop

The customer is placing auxiliary equipment - a vacuum pump.

customer is setting up the vacuum pump

Adjustable leveling feet were assembled on the machine base.

cnc wood router w1325vc with leveling feet assembled

This is another piece of auxiliary equipment for the machine - an industrial dust cleaner.

dust collector in carton

This is the customer case we have for you today. Thanks for reading.


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