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NEMA 34 Stepper Motors FL86STH118A-22-LC

Model: FL86STH118A-22-LC / FL86STH118A-22-CLF

Category: CNC Router Accessory

Brand: EagleTec CNC NEMA 34 Stepper Motors FL86STH118A-22-LC

Condition: New Condition

Reference Price: USD90.00 / SET


Supply Ability: 150 Sets Monthly

Availability: In Stock

Delivery Time: in 24 hours on receipt of payment

Dimension: 86x118mm (Diameter x Length)

Net Weight: 4.0KG

Payment Method: Wire Transfer, Western Union (Western Digital), Money Gram.

Recommendation: NEMA 34 Stepper Motors FL86STH118A-22-LC4.9 based on 5.0



The cnc part replacement for sale here is Nema 34 stepper motors. It’s model number is FL86STH118A-22-LC; It is an upgraded product of the old model FL86STH118A-22-CLF. All sizes between the two are the same, so the new model can perfectly replace the old one on your cnc machine. If your old stepper is broken, this is the best replacement for you.

nema 34 stepper motor FL86STH118A-22-LC

Video of Nema 34 Stepper Motor FL86STH118A-22-LC

NEMA 34 Stepper Motors Specs FL86STH118A-22-LC

two pieces of Nema 34 Stepper Motors on the table

• Silicon Steel Rotor: The rotor is made of imported silicon steel material. Compared with other stepper motors, the torque is greater and the output is more stable. 

• Copper Coil: The motor coil is made of pure copper enameled wire and advanced winding technics; The copper wires are evenly arranged, the motor temperature rise is lower, and there will be no problems such as deformation and noise during the long-term run.

• Low Reactance: It adopts imported high-quality motor steel sheets and bearings made by German technics, with low self-inductance and good response.

• Low Noise: The inner rotor surface is coated with imported rotor glue, which can effectively prevent the noise of the motor from increasing.

NEMA 34 Stepper Motors Kit FL86STH118A-22-LC Dimensions

• The shaft size (outer diameter) of the motor is 14mm.

use calipers to measure the outer diameter of the stepper motor’s shaft

• Motor shaft length is 28mm.

use calipers to measure the length of the stepper motor’s shaft

• The total length of the stepper motor FL86STH118A-22-LC is 118mm.

use calipers to measure the overall length of the stepper motor FL86STH118A-22-LC

• NEMA 34 refers to the motor flange dimensions; 34 means 34 inches, converted to metric units, the flange size is 86mm. 

use calipers to measure the flange size of the stepper motor FL86STH118A-22-LC

Package of Nema 34 Open Loop Stepper Motors

It is packed in a carton with sufficient foam protection.

Nema 34 Open Loop Stepper Motors in carton

nameplate of Nema 34 Stepper Motors

NEMA 34 Stepper Motors Datasheet 

Model No.FL86STH118A-22-LC / FL86STH118A-22-CLF 
Control ModeOpen Loop 
Cable Qty8
Step Angle1.8°
Step Angle Precision±5% (full step, zero loads)
Shaft Diameter 14mm 
Shaft Length28mm
Flange Size86mm (NEMA 34)
Motor Length118mm 
Resistance Accuracy ±10%
Inductor Precision±20% (1KHz)
Temperature RiseMax. 80℃ 
Environmental Temperature-20℃ ~ 50℃
Insulation Resistance 100MΩ Min., 500VDC
Electric Strength500VAC / 1000VAC
Radial Clearance0.02 Max. (450g load)
Axial Clearance0.08 Max. (450g load)
Power400 Watts
Net Weight3.9 KGS
Max. Radial Load220N
Max. Axial Load60N

FAQ concerning FL86STH118A-22-LC Stepper Motors

Q: How do I know if this stepper motor fits our digital wood router

A: This is the first point we need to figure out. You can check it like this:

• Model Number. Please check whether your old motor model is the same as ours. If yes, then it matches your machine perfectly. If not, please check the following two points.

• Shaft Size: Please confirm whether your old motor shaft diameter is 14mm.

• Motor Length: Please confirm whether your motor length ranges from 115 to 118mm.

Q: How to pay and buy it? 

• Please contact us by any one of our contact details listed on the company site here: “online chat”, “inquire now icon”, Email, WhatsApp, WeChat, etc. Kindly tell us the items, model number, qty, and your location with zip code.

• We will quote you all-in costs including shipping charges to your door. 

• If you are ok to proceed. The proforma invoice will be issued to you for payment transfer purposes. And please arrange payment as per the PI.

• We arrange the delivery of your parcel on receipt of your payment. And we will provide the tracking number and parcel photos to you.

Q: What is the shipping way for it? How long is the Leadtime? 

A: It is by courier (DHL, FedEx, TNT etc). It usually takes 5 to 7 business days to reach you.


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