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#4 Morse Taper Extension Rotating Center for CNC Wood Lathe

Model: #4 Morse Taper Extension

Category: CNC Woodworking Lathe Parts

Brand: EagleTec CNC EagleTec-Brand-Logo.jpg

Condition: New Condition

Reference Price: USD56.80 / SET


Supply Ability: 500 Sets Monthly

Availability: In Stock

Delivery Time: in 24 hours on receipt of payment

Net Weight: 2.1KGS

Package Dimension: 300x100x100mm

Payment Method: Wire Transfer, Western Union (Western Digital), Money Gram.

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Brief Description

The cnc wood lathe tailstock's thimble is a #4 morse taper 4 3/4” extension with ring cup and point on end. It has built-in NSK high-speed bearings in the ring cup. The rotating nose spike must follow the high-speed rotation when turning at high speed on the lathe. Therefore, the internal bearing quality is crucial. This thimble is suitable for most CNC woodworking lathes made in China.

cnc wood lathe tailstock thimble


CNC Wood Lathe Thimble Specification

#4 morse taper extension with ring cup and point on end for wood turning cnc machine

As shown in the picture above, the left side is the #4 morse taper, the middle is the ring cup, and the right side is the thimble part (extension). The tapered portion needs to be connected to the wood turning cnc machine.

The top of the thimble part is the center, and the top of the taper part is an inner hexagonal mounting hole.

cnc wood lathe spike appearance at both ends

The uppermost diameter of the #4 morse taper is 20mm.

measuring the uppermost diameter of #4 morse taper with vernier calipers

The diameter of the lowest end of the taper is 31mm.

measuring the diameter of the lowest end of the taper with vernier calipers

The overall length of the taper part is 107mm.

measure the overall length of the taper with a vernier calipers

The total length of the extension (nose spike) is 120mm. (4 3/4")

measure the extension’s overall length with a vernier calipers 

Package of #4 Morse Taper Rotating Center for CNC Wood Turning Lathe

It is packed in a carton with sufficient foam protection.

cnc wood lathe nose spike in the carton with foam protection

#4 Morse Taper CNC Wood Lathe Nose Spike Datasheet

ItemRotating Thimble for CNC Wood Lathe
Taper#4 Morse Taper
Taper's Small Diameter20mm 
Taper's Big Diameter31mm 
Taper's Length107mm
Ring Cup Length65mm 
BearingsHigh-speed NSK bearings inside the ring cup
Extension Length120mm (4 3/4")
Extension Small Diameter20mm 
Net Weight2.1KGS
Package Dimension300mm x 100mm x 100mm 
ApplicationServing as the rotating thimble, nose spike, rotation center on the cnc wood lathes 

FAQs about the Rotating Thimble of Wood Turning CNC Machine

Q: What Kind of Shipping Method for This Item? By Airplane Or By Courier?

A: The thimbles would be sent to you by courier. Usually, it takes 5 to 7 days for you to receive the parcel.

Q: How To Pay and Buy It?

• please get in touch with us by any one of our contact details listed on the company site here: “online chat,” “inquire now icon,” Email, WhatsApp, WeChat etc. Kindly tell us the items with the quantity you need and your location with zip code.

• We will quote you all-in costs, including shipping charges.

• If you are ok to proceed. The proforma invoice will be issued to you for payment transfer purposes. And please arrange payment as per the PI.

• We arrange the delivery for your parcel on receipt of your payment. And will provide the tracking number to you. 


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