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Top Rated 5 Axis CNC Gantry Router with High Precision for Sale

Model: EA-FW3065-5S

Category: CNC Router 5 Axis

Brand: EagleTec CNC Top Rated 5 Axis CNC Gantry Router with High Precision for Sale

Condition: New Condition

Reference Price: U.S.$210,000 / SET

Price Range: USD200000 to USD300000 / SET as per the different configuration

Supply Ability: 80 Sets Monthly

Availability: PreOrder – Put into production since order confirmation

Payment Method: T/T, Western Union, Money Gram, PayPal

H.S. Code: 84659900.00

Recommendation: 5 Axis Gantry Router For 3D CNC Modeling Prototype4.9 /5 based on 15 reviews 



EagleTec 5 Axis CNC gantry router EA-FW3065-5S is ideal for 3D CNC Modeling with UREOL, hardwood, MDF, PUR foam, Styrofoam, resin, epoxy tooling board, and more. It is the right solution for rapid prototyping (automotive, moto, yacht, aerospace) and elaborate moldings (like impeller, cavity casting pattern, pump casing, etc.); 5 axis cnc router for sale with the best global supports now.

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5 axis gantry style cnc router machine for sale

Unique Manufacture Advantages of EagleTec 5 Axis Gantry CNC Router

• We utilize CAD and CAM programs to optimize the 5 axis gantry CNC construction. The architecture is adopted box-structure and welded with thick steel tubes. Also, it must undergo several processes to eliminate welding stress. So the construction has excellent rigidity.

5 axis gantry router for UREOL pattern molds making

• Working platform is made of cast iron with high-strength T-slot; permanent-backed resin shell process; via high temperature tempering treatment, has good shock absorption and thermal stability.

5 axis cnc gantry router with steel bed

• Linear rails are compactly mounted with clamping blocks; Four-row linear guides with high load capacity, high speed, high positioning accuracy, and high rigidity. 

linear rails is under mounting with clamping blocks in a compact manner

• To ensure the geometric accuracy and machining precision of the gantry style cnc router, all the precision parts used in the machine must be strictly tested by the three-coordinate detector and the dual-frequency laser interferometer.

Advanced Configuration of High Precision 5 Axis Gantry Router

• A true 5 axis gantry router should have RTCP compensation; each of our 5-axis machines has RTCP. For a detailed explanation of RTCP, please click 5-axis cnc foam router to learn more.

Italy H style 5 axis cnc router head

• Italy HSD 5 Axis CNC head with ES789 electronic spindle, perfect for high-speed machining.

• Linear type tool library with 24 positions, tool change is stable and reliable. 2 Sets of tool magazines are distributed on both sides of the machine tool, one on each side. The tool change system enables to replace tools without stopping the machine. The quantity of installed tools is sufficient for the continuous treatment of a sample part.

linear tool magazine on 5 axis gantry router

• The 5 axis gantry style router is equipped with the guarding of the operating area. There are safety guard doors on both the front and the back of the gantry router, and the two sets of tool magazines are also equipped with safety guard doors.

safety guard doors on 5 axis gantry router

• The Z-axis is equipped with automatic compensation nitrogen double counter-balanced system, which effectively reduces the load on the Z-axis servo motor, thus extending the machine's service life.

 cnc modeling 5 axis gantry CNC router with counter-balanced system

Application of UREOL CNC Modeling 5 Axis CNC Gantry Router

Applicable Industry 

• 3D Rapid CNC modeling & prototype: automotive, moto, yacht, boat, aerospace, and more. 

• Casting moldings: impeller, vane, pump casing, complex cavity, and more.

• Molds fabrication for Sanitary Ware. 

• Statues & Prop: human, animal statues, and other 3-dimension props.

automative and yacht cnc phototyping products made by 5 axis gantry router EagleTec

Applicable Material 

CNC modeling gantry router is perfect for UREOL, wood, MDF, PUR hard foam, Styrofoam, resin, epoxy tooling board, EPS foam, EVA foam, and more.

Quick Details of Top-rated 5 Axis CNC Gantry Router

• Gantry style Router, 5 Axis, RTCP compensation

• XYZ Stroke 3000x6500x2000mm

• Italy HSD 5 axis cnc router head with HSD ES789 ATC electronic spindle

• Absolute value AC servo driving system

• SYNTEC bus control CNC controller 

• Cast iron working table

Technical Parameters of 5 Axis Gantry Style Router

Model No.EA-FW3065-5S
TypeGantry Router for Light Material
Axis Quantity Five (X/Y/Z/A/C )
Simultaneous Axis Quantity5 Axes simultaneous
RTCP CompensationWith 
Tool MagazineLinear type with 24 positions, 2 Sets, one set on each side 
Tool Calibration Sensor With 
Machine BaseWelded with steel tube, VSR treatment, milled by CNC machining center, with leveling feet
BeamWelded with steel tube, ribbed inside, thick-walled, machining by CNC center
Working TableCast Iron
Workpiece Clamping WayBy clamps & magnets  
Control Cabinet Independent, overhanging, with individual air conditioning system 
Electronics CabinetIndependent, floor-standing
Safeguard Door Equipped
Counter Balance CylinderDual on Z-axis ( Nitrogen as the medium )
5 Axis HeadOriginal from Italy HSD 
SpindleOriginal HSD ES789 ATC Spindle with HSK tool holders 
X-Axis Fast Travel Speed45,000mm/min 
Y-Axis Fast Travel Speed45,000mm/min 
Z-Axis Fast Travel Speed10,000mm/min
X-Axis Max. Feeding Rate15,000mm/min 
Y-Axis Max. Feeding Rate15,000mm/min 
Z-Axis Max. Feeding Rate10,000mm/min 
X-Axis Stroke 3-Axis Machining: 3,000mm | 5-Axis Milling: 2,000mm
Y-Axis Stroke3-Axis Machining: 6,500mm | 5-Axis Milling: 5,500mm
Z-Axis Stroke3-Axis Machining: 2,000mm | 5-Axis Milling: 1,600mm 
A-Axis Stroke±120°
C-Axis Stroke ±360°
X-Axis Machining Size2,000mm (5-axis machining)
Y-Axis Machining Size5,500mm (5-axis machining)
Z-Axis Machining Size1,600mm (5-axis machining)
Position Accuracy0.10mm/300mm
Reposition Accuracy0.10mm/300mm
Collet SizeER40
Tool Diameter Range 3.175 ~ 26mm 
X Motion DriveYASKAWA AC absolute servo (Japan Brand)
Y Motion DriveYASKAWA AC absolute servo (Japan Brand), dual drive
Z Motion DriveYASKAWA AC absolute servo (Japan Brand), with the holding brake 
X-Axis TransmissionHelical rack & pinion, modulus 3.0
Y-Axis TransmissionHelical rack & pinion, modulus 3.0
Z-Axis TransmissionRolling ballscrew 32mm, pitch 10mm
X Reducing MechanismPlanetary reduction gear ( Brand APEX )
Y Reducing MechanismPlanetary reduction gear ( Brand APEX )
X Linear Guides Square type, 45mm (From Taiwan)  
Y Linear GuidesSquare type, 45mm (From Taiwan)
Z Linear GuidesSquare type, 45mm (From Taiwan)
Inverter Fuling brand 
Numerical System SYNTEC Bus-control CNC machining system (in English)
Communication CommandG code 
Compatible SoftwareArtCAM, Aspire, UcanCAM, Type 3, JD Paint, UG, MasterCAM
Other Electronics Schneider, Omron, CHNT
CablesHigh softness shielding cables for the whole machine
Lubrication SystemCentral lubricating, automatic lubrication system
Electronics Protection EMI filter, Thermal relay, fuses, earth leakage circuit breaker, protection earth, brake resistance 
Working PowerAC380V/50Hz, 3Ph (or made to order)
Max. Power Consumption25KW 
Net Weight 14,500KGS
Gross Weight14,600KGS
Package WaySKD (SemiKnocked Down)
Machine Foot Print8,500x4,900x3,300mm (28'Lx16'Wx11'H)
Shipping Way1 x 40HQ' container 

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