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Discover the Benefits of Utilizing a Pipe Laser Cutter Machine

Publish Date: May. 06, 2023 Author: Jackie Publisher: EagleTec CNC Modify Date: May. 06, 2023

Fiber laser cutting machine is one of the primary cnc machine for metal tube fabrication in recent year. Its main structural component is a laser generator, which can precisely cut and process different materials according to different wavelength of light. The laser cutting machine will not be subject to electromagnetic interference, nor will there be leakage of limited numbers. So, it is widely applied in various industries. This article will mainly introduce the advantages and working scope of the tube laser cutting machine in detail.

A fiber laser tube cutting machine offers excellent precision, creating smooth and clean cuts without burrs. It can achieve precise cutting for small tube cutting without damaging the raw materials.


Laser cutting offers several advantages, including minimal thermal influence,  almost no thermal deformation during cutting, and no oxidation on the cross-section. This makes it suitable for batch-processing workpieces with similar specifications, facilitating next automatic laser welding processes.

Moreover, the machine can work continuously for a long time, with high production efficiency, suitable for processing pipes in large quantities, and can effectively reduce labor cost input.


Automatic loading and unloading system can be equipped with laser tube cutting machines, which can greatly reduce manual handling and cut production cost. The standard pipe length is typically 6 meters, and traditional manufacturing methods require heavy clamping. However, laser cutting processing allows for precisely positioning several meters of pipe, making clamping much easier.

The tube laser cutting machine has an extensive working range. With the development of automatic pipe laser cutter machines, opening holes on pipes is no longer a function of punching machines. By fiber laser pipe cutting machine, we can cut various shapes of holes more easily and no need to change molds. The accuracy of the hole size is greatly improved and the pipe will not be deformed by heat during holes drilling.

Metal tubes can be cut precisely using fiber laser cutting machines that perform both bevel and arc cutting. Unlike traditional saw blade machines that are limited to bevels between 45 to 90 degrees and often struggle to maintain accuracy, fiber laser cutting machines can cut bevels and arcs at any angle. Fiber laser cutting machine combined the two machines together and can-do bevels and arc cutting at any angel.  Moreover, fiber laser tube cutting machines’ cutting accuracy, cutting effect and cutting efficiency are much higher than traditional cutting machines.

By utilizing a single tube laser cutter machine, metal fabricators can achieve exceptional quality and high-speed laser cutting of round, square, rectangular, and even special-shaped pipes. This powerful machine streamlines the pipe processing process, making it easier and more efficient.

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