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New CNC Plasma Cutting Machine Built for Client in USA

Publish Date: Jun. 22, 2021 Author: Jackie Publisher: EagleTec CNC Modify Date: Jun. 22, 2021

This dual-purpose cnc plasma cutting machine is built by EalgeTec CNC for a client in the United States. Coming with a pipe cutting attachment, it is capable of cutting metal plates and pipes. Because of this, it has been favored by most of our customers.

dual purpose cnc plasma cutting machine for pipe and plate

Let's take a look at its working demo.

The machine is mainly composed of 4 parts: plasma cutting cnc table, plasma source/generator, rotary pipe cutting attachment, and control cabinet.

complete cnc plasma cutting machine with pipe cutting attachment

Machine Rear View

cnc plasma cutting machine rear view

In order to ensure excellent transmission performance, we abandoned the ordinary belt-driven gearbox but used a planetary reducer. It is a fully enclosed transmission mechanism with stable performance, precise transmission, and a low failure rate.

planetary gear case for the cnc plasma cutting machine

The cnc plasma cutting system is Starfire controller for plate and tube cut. The system comes with a built-in graphics library. For the shapes of common parts, we can find them all here. Of course, it also accepts nesting files through a USB drive. The operation is simple, and it is easy for beginners to learn.

starfirt plasma cutting system for plate and tube cut

Pipe cutting attachment. The size for this one is 200mm in diameter. More other options are available on the cutting diameter: 300mm, 400mm, and 500mm.

rotary pipe cutting attachment on the side of cnc plasma cutting table

160A Plasma source/generator – Huayuan brand. It is cooled by a chiller.

160A plasma cutter/generator for cnc plasma table

A transformer is involved for getting the plasma cutter/source worked with AC220V electricity. As we know, the power in the U.S. is 220 volts. Therefore, to make the plasma cutter work, the transformer is an essential auxiliary device.

transformer for making plasma source work at 220 volts

EagleTec CNC is committed to building excellent plasma cnc machines and providing best after-sales support to our users. If you are looking for a new machine, please contact us now.

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