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EagleTec 2nd Generation Mini CNC Woodturning Lathe Shipping to the UK

Publish Date: Dec. 09, 2021 Author: Esther Publisher: EagleTec CNCModify Date: Dec. 09, 2021

Since EagleTec-CNC released the new model in July 2021, the 2nd generation cnc mini wood lathe has been favored by a large number of users; Therefore, we have successfully received many orders for this model. What we are about to share today is the delivery process of one of the orders. The order is placed by a British customer. We got the production done for the customer at the end of October and dispatch the wood lathe to the loading port-Qingdao in early November.

mini cnc wood turning lathe packing and delivery

Packing and delivery process

• Place the small cnc wood lathe on the pallet and use several wooden stakes to keep it in place.

• Brush the ball-screw rods with anti-rust oil, and then wrap the machine completely with plastic wrap and waterproof materials. This is a measure of protection against water and corrosion.

eagletec-cnc workers wrapping the mini wood lathe with waterproof films

• Assemble the packing crate, fix it with packing tapes, and the packing is completed.

• It is trucked to loading port – Qingdao.

How did the second generation of products come about?

second generation cnc mini wood lathe

As a professional wood lathe manufacturer, we have been committed to building better equipment for users. We are always having our eyes on the feedback that users send to us after using the product. It is what exactly motivates us to move forward better. After we summarized and analyzed the feedback data from a large number of users, we found that the first-generation models still have a lot of room for improvement in the following aspects.

• There is some vibration in parts as it gets towards the final passes when turning a long and thin piece.

• The live center thimble on the tailstock does seem to wiggle a fair amount. Is there an upgrade to this part that would be sturdier? 

• There is a set screw to keep the thimble from spinning within the tailstock. However, during cutting this set screw appears to unscrew itself and no longer prevents the live center thimble from spinning within the tailstock. This causes the pressure from the tailstock to fail, and thus causes more vibrations and a failure in the cut. 

Compared with the first-generation model, what are its improvements?

first generation mini wood lathe

new generation small cnc wood lathe with good improvements

In response to the above points, we have made the following improvements accordingly.

• The lathe base is upgraded to a cast-iron construction from a welded structure, which greatly increases the weight of the wood turning lathe, thereby enhancing the rigidity and stability of the machine.

• The manual tailstock is improved to an air-actuated one, which can ensure that the workpiece does not loosen or move during the entire working process.

new cnc mini wood lathe with pneumatic tailstock

• In order to effectively reduce the vibration of the parts, a center sheath is added to the woodturning machine. The steady rest is in contact with the part to ensure that it does not wobble.

novel mini cnc wood lathe with center sheath

If you are looking for a wood lathe of great quality, please contact us freely.


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