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Merry Christmas to Every Distinguished User of EagleTec CNC

Publish Date: Dec. 14, 2021 Author: Esther Publisher: EagleTec CNC Modify Date: Dec. 14, 2021

Before we know it, 2021 is gone. Due to the impact of COVID-19, the overall global economic situation is not good. But over the past year, through the joint efforts of our team (sales, production, R & D, after-sales), and with the support of every distinguished user, EagleTec Machinery awareness has gradually increased overseas, exploiting overseas markets such as Bulgaria, Denmark, Ethiopia, Germany, Latvia, Pakistan, Qatar, The United Kingdom, and so on. Customers have praised good after-sales service and excellent product quality. Reorders from many regular customers in Europe and America help us expand our customer base in America, Canada, and Africa. Here, please allow us to express our heartfelt thanks to them. 

The trust and recognition of our customers have drawn a satisfactory end to our 2021. In the coming year of 2022, EagleTec CNC will continue to bring you great-quality cnc routers, wood lathes, cnc plasma cutting machines, and fiber laser cutting machines and services with the sincerest heart.

merry christmas to every distinguished user of eagletec cnc

We will celebrate Christmas 2021 in a few days, and it is the beginning of the New Year Eve celebration. The jingling of bells and the impeccably adorable decorations at every corner of the city indicates the onset of Christmas Eve. And, Santa Claus, the name that has been given to the harbinger of happiness and joy, adds the unique element of innocence to our life.


On this beautiful winter day, we hope that happy Christmas deer pull the lucky sled and bring it full of auspicious to you; hope the longevity of Santa Claus carries a happy pocket and brings full of health and happiness to you.


EalgeTec CNC, with all the staff, wishes you and your family health, happiness, peace, and prosperity this Christmas and in the coming New Year. Merry Christmas! 


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