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See A New Shipment of EagleTec Baseball Bat CNC Lathe

Publish Date: Apr. 28, 2023 Author: Esther Publisher: EagleTec CNC Modify Date: Apr. 28, 2023

This small cnc wood lathe for baseball bats making is ordered by one America client. He found EagleTec-CNC by a Google search and was impressed with our excellent CNC wood lathe products. In his inquiry, we noticed that he is in search of a machine that is compact, easy to operate, and capable of cutting 34” long high-quality wooden bats. He emphasized that he doesn't want something too large since his shop has some space constraints.


We had many rounds of discussions with our technicians on how to meet the specific requirements of him. Finally, our team perfectly built the wood lathe by combining our specialized EA-TL1530 PRO baseball bat lathe with the robust second-generation mini lathe EA-TL1020ST to meet the requirements of the customer.

mini cnc baseball bat lathe for sale

This lathe machine is engineered to turn baseball bats, using a machine base of the second-generation mini cnc wood lathe and a saw blade in place of carbide cutters. It can handle the billets that ranges from 20mm to 200mm in diameter and 100mm to 940mm in length. This makes it a perfect fit for crafting baseball bats. Additionally, its small footprint of 2520x1250x1045mm makes it a good choice for small carpentry workshops, such as those found in a garage.

mini cnc wood turning machine to make baseball bat

The order process was going this way. Once we receive the machine deposit on Feb. 17, our purchasing department works to get the necessary parts. Once the necessary parts are ready, our production team gets to assembling the wood lathe, which typically takes about 10 days. Our technical experts then conduct several tests to ensure smooth operation and precise turning. Once all of these procedures are completed, our sales team takes working videos for clients to review. After the customer see that their CNC wood lathe is working properly and ready for delivery, they will pay the balance and we will arrange for packing and shipping by sea.


Here's how the machine will be delivered to you:

During packing process, we put a spare box with a USB flash in the crate. The USB contains detailed operation manuals about the machine. These manuals include step-by-step instructions in manner of words, pictures, and video demos to help you quickly familiarize yourself with using it.

spare tool box for EagleTec mini cnc bat lathe

The EagleTec CNC baseball bat lathe has finally arrived at the port of Los Angeles after 20 days of sea shipping. With the assistance of our reliable local freight forwarder, our client received the machine smoothly. Meanwhile, sales team kept good communication with the clients throughout the process of transportation and import clearance, providing timely updates and required information.

The overseas CNC wood lathe order has been fully processed. However, our services just starts. EagleTec CNC is committed to providing lifetime after-sale service and technical support.


I hope all woodworkers are able to find the most suitable CNC wood-turning machine for their products. If you require a high-quality CNC wood lathe with reliable technical support and effective after-sale service, please feel free to contact EagleTec CNC.

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