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2024 Novel 50W / 30W Tabletop Fiber Optic Laser Engraver Machine with Full Cover

Model: ET-FL20NE

Category: Fiber Laser Engraver

Laser Type: Fiber Laser (Raycus)

Brand Name: EagleTec CNCEncased Fiber Optic Laser Engraver with New Design

Condition: New Condition

Reference Price: U.S.$3,800 / SET

Price Range: USD3600 to USD7200 / SET with Different Configuration Level

HS Code: 8456110090

Package & Weight: 710x960x1020mm (0.7CBM) | 95KGS

Availability: In stock

Lead Time: 3 to 5 days

Payment Method: T/T (Telegraphic Transfer), Western Union, Money Gram

Recommendation: Encased Fiber Optic Laser Engraver with New Design 4.8 /5 based on 33 reviews 



This is our latest tabletop fiber optic laser engraver (also known as fiber laser marker machine). It features a novel design and is smart in volume; equipped with a compartment cover. In addition, another unique design is that it has a blowing nozzle that is used to blow away the laser slag generated by engraving. Thanks to these properties, the ET-FL20NE is perfect for personalizing and customizing gold and silver jewelry. The 2024 novel 50w/30w tabletop engraver for sale at a good price now! 

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newest design fiber laser optic engraver machine

50W Fiber Laser Engraver Video – Function Demonstration

What improvements have been made to the latest novel design? 

Compared with the old model, two improvements are primely made to the fiber optic laser engraver here.

• Apparently, the new look is much better than the old one.

• Another point is that the blowing nozzles have been added to the new model. In turn, the machine has a new function – that it can blow the engraving slags now! This is a detailed improvement, but it can bring great convenience to users. (This option is not included in standard package)

shell-type fiber optic laser engraver with blowing nozzles

Advantage of Tabletop Fiber Laser Engraver Machine with Full Cover

It has advantages like:

• Small foot-print: with the smart design, the table top laser engraver has a minimal footprint. It is easy for you to place it anywhere you want it to be.

Q: What are the overall dimensions of the tabletop engraving machine?

A: It is 430mm x 672mm x 680mm. 

• Safety First: this is a fiber optic laser engraving machine that the operation safety is fully considered. With the door closed, all the laser working is complete in a sealing chamber; it also keeps the operator's hand or other parts of his body away from the laser working area, and in turn, protects the operator's safety.

closed type fiber optic laser engraver machine on the table

How to Choose Between an Encased Fiber Optic Laser Engraver and An Open Table One?

Unlike the open table design, the closed-type fiber laser engraver machine has limited access to the materials' size. You can not get the big materials accommodated in its sealing chamber. It's a crucial point for you to consider before buying a closed shell fiber laser engraving machine. If your workpiece is not so big and can be accommodated, then go with it; otherwise, the best option for you would be an open table fiber laser marking machine.

enclosed type fiber optic laser engraver with door open

How Is the Performance of The Best Fiber Laser Engraver for Metal and Non-metal Materials?

• Permanent marking and engraving: by adopting the best fiber laser source here – brand Raycus, it's safe to say the marking or engraving is permanent.

• Precise: The beam quality from Raycus is 10 times more focused beam diameter compared to CO2. So EagleTec fiber laser engravers are ideal for utilizations that demand extreme precision.

• Durable and Reliable: the Raycus 50W fiber laser generator is very reliable and durable, with a lifespan of 100,000 hours.

• High Productivity: high engraving speed leads to high productivity. With the utilizing of SINO-GALVO scan head (the best galvo brand in China), engraving or marking speed is up to 7,000mm/sec. Yes, every second!

best 50w fiber laser engraver for gold and silver

Which Focus Mode Does This 50W / 30W Fiber Laser Engraver for Sale Have?

You have two options on this: electric up and down, or auto-focus. Autofocus is also known as self-focusing; to input, the material thickness in the fiber laser marking software – EzCad, the machine will focus automatically.

Is this fiber optic laser engraving machine 50w easy to learn for a beginner?

It would not be difficult for you to learn with our full set tutorial in your hand. The user manual from EagleTec is both in PDF and Video, with specific instructions step by step in English. Viewing from the feedback, 99% of users can run the machine themselves after learning with our tutorials. Besides, our technician team is ready to answer any questions from you regarding the machine operation. So, as a beginner, you can rest assured that you will operate your tabletop laser engraver well with our best guide and support.

eagletec mini enclosed fiber optic laser engraver with door closed

Default Accessory of 30W Fiber Laser Engraver for Metal Marking

• Tool Box

• Soft copy of EzCad fiber laser engraving software with all parameter's backup

• Full set guide manual in both PDF and Video, in English

• Foot Pedal for production job runs

• Dedicated goggle for laser wavelength 1064nm

• Spanner set

accompanying accessories for fiber optic laser engraving machine

More Optional Attachment Regarding EagleTec 30 Watt 50 Watt Fiber Laser Engraver for Sale

• HP laptop with Windows system in English to get an All-in-one solution

• 3-jaw chuck rotary adapter with tilt and rim drive feature

fiber laser engraving rotary axis attachment

Q: Can I tilt the rotary axis for inside ring engraving? 

A: Yes, you can tilt the rotary attachment to engrave the inside of a ring. We give you a demonstration here.

• X/Y or X/Y/Z adjustable precision platform

X/Y adjustable precision marking platform

• Smoke purification system – exhaust with dedicated air filter

Other Customized Configuration of EagleTec Fiber Laser Engraver Machine for Jewelry

• The engraving size can be customized to 5.9" x 5.9” (150x150mm).

• The power supply can be customized to AC110V, 60Hz, Single Ph.

• The fiber laser power can be customized to 30W or 50W.

raycus 50w fiber laser source inside the fiber laser engraver machine's electric cabinet

Q: Is this tabletop laser engraving machine available at 70W or 100W as well?

A: Options like 70w or 100w are not available for this model. Because the laser source volume exceeds the space of the electric cabinet, we cannot get it accommodated inside the machine. Please refer to the picture above, the 50W fiber laser source has fully filled the space. 

small enclosed fiber laser engraver with full assembly

Are There Any Additional Assembly Works Needed for This Fiber Optic Laser Engraver?

EagleTec's new design encased fiber optic laser engraver machine will be delivered ready to use since all installation, calibration, and function testing have been well completed. Once you received it, simply to connect the laser engraver tabletop with computer and other accessories. 

Fiber Laser Marking Software Details

The accompanying operating/marking software is included at no additional cost. It is EzCad from BJJCZ in English. We can edit text content or program images with it. It supports image formats, including plt, BMP, Dxf, jpg, tif, ai. Detailed tutorials concerning the EzCad programming will be provided together with the fiber optic laser marking machines for metal.

Q: What is the needed connection to the computer? USB, WiFi?

A: It is via USB port.

Full Cover Fiber Optic Laser Engraver Applications


Marking or engraving barcodes, serial numbers, text, patterns or images on hardware tools, bearings, nameplates, goofball, trophy, pens, metal parts, jewelry, electronics, medicine packages, drink packages, and more.

Materials Good for the 50W Fiber Laser for Sale

Ideal for permanently marking or engraving on raw metal (gold silver, stainless steel, aluminum) as well as industrial polymers.

Technical Specification of Tabletop Fiber Laser Engraver 50W

Product ModelEA-FL20NE
Machine TypeFiber Laser Engraver (also known as laser marking machine)
Focusing ModeElectric up & down, or Auto-focus 
Repeated Accuracy0.05mm
Marking / Engraving Area(4.33"x4.33")110x110mm / 5.9"x5.9"(150x150mm) 
Table Dimension420 x 250mm 
Laser OpticsFiber laser, the best one here - Raycus
Laser Lifespan100,000+ hours, covering a 24-month warranty
Laser Power20 Watts - default (high power 30W / 50W as options)
Power Adjustment Scope10%~100%
Power Output Stability<3%
Laser Wave Length1064nm (center); 1085nm (Max.)
Repetition Frequency Range50~100kHz
Pulse Duration130ns 
Max. Monopulse Laser Energy1mJ
Cooling ModeForced air 
Scan HeadSINO-GALVO - The best one in China, high-speed
Marking RateAdjustable 0-7,000mm/sec
Marking SoftwareGenuine EzCad from BJJCZ, in English - compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10 (both 32 bits and 64 bits)
Laser Marking ControllerGenuine BJJCZ control card with USB communication interface
Marking Line Size0.01 - 0.1mm (width)
Marking Depth0.01 - 5mm (depending on materials)
Image FormatSupport plt, BMP, Dxf, jpg, tif,   ai
Working VoltageAC220V/50Hz, Single Phase (or AC110V/60Hz, Single Ph)
Working Temperature0 - 40℃
Packing Size710x960x1020mm (0.7CBM) 
Gross Weight95KGS
Optional Accessory 1.Smoke purify system 
Optional Accessory 2.Laptop (HP) with the Windows system in English
Optional Accessory 3.X/Y or X/Y/Z adjustable table 
Optional Accessory 4.D50 rotary for finger rings engraving
Optional Accessory 5.Chuck style rotary attachment 

FAQ Concerning Best 50W Fiber Laser Engraver Machine

Q: Can you add a sheet cutting device on the 50w fiber laser marking machine for sale?

A: Yes, this option is available. It is a device to secure work to table while engraving/marking. Please refer to the picture below.

sheet cutting device for fiber laser engraver

Q: What is the warranty period for this tabletop laser engraver?

A: All the fiber laser engravers from EagleTec CNC is covered with a 24-month warranty since the shipping date. Under warranty, you will enjoy free replacement for any bad parts. For more details, please refer to our warranty terms.

Q: What is the support if the machine goes wrong?

A: In case your 50w fiber laser engraving machine doesn’t work properly, please contact us for the guideline, and please do not try to fix it yourself. Our team will diagnose the issue and offer a solution to you within 24 hours maximum. For more details, kindly refer to our support terms.

Q: What is the shipping way for it?

A: This smart fiber laser machine can be shipped by sea or by air. As usual, we would like to handle the transportation from our factory to your seaport (airport); and you handle the rest part (from the port to your location).

Q: How is the package for the fiber laser ring engraving machine? Is it strong enough?

A: The package is strong, anti-crash, and water-proof. Details as below:

• First, it is tightly wrapped with PVC films for waterproof purposes.

• Then, protection foams are placed for anti-collision.

• Last, the fiber laser marking machine 50w is packed in a strong plywood case that suits to be shipped by both sea and air.

You can rest assured that the package is strong enough since we have shipped 2000+ machines worldwide in the same way.

fiber laser engraver packing process

Q: Does the plywood package include IPPC?

A: We use the Fumigation-free plywood case, and it is a common practice in our industry to use Fumigation-free Wooden boxes as export packaging. The raw material of the fumigation-free wooden box is composite board or plywood. The board is molded with various wooden residual materials through high temperature and high-pressure disinfection, so no insects and eggs are hidden in it. Therefore, when this type of wooden box is used as a packing box for export, the customs department does not require fumigation. It is not made of natural wood.


If you like the tabletop fiber laser engraver machine for sale here, please launch a free consult now.


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