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Best Fiber Laser Engraver For Metal With Rotary Attachment

Model: ET-F50R

Category: Laser Marking Machine

Brand Name: EagleTec CNC Best Fiber Laser Engraver For Metal With Rotary Attachment

Condition: Brand New

Reference Price: USD 4195/ SET

Price Range: USD 3170 to USD 5780 / SET by Different Configuration

Supply Ability: 200 Sets Monthly

Availability: PreOrder - Put into production on receipt of down payment

Payment Method: T/T, Western Union, Money Gram, Trade Assurance

Recommendation: Best Fiber Laser Engraver For Metal With Rotary Attachment 4.9/5 based on 18 reviews 



The machine here is a fiber laser engraver with a D80 rotary attachment; D80 refers to the rotary chuck, which can hold a cylindrical object with an 80mm diameter at most. Coming with a 50-watt laser source and 200x200 engraving area, it is a perfect fit for the metal parts marking process. According to the production needs, its engraving size can also be upgraded up to 300x300mm. We make the best laser engraver for metal at a fair and competitive price.

metal laser marking machine with D80 rotary on its table

Function Demo of Fiber Laser Marker Machine: Fiber Laser Marks Letters on Aluminum Flat Surface and Circular Surface

Features of Best Fiber Laser Engraver for Metal

• The laser source is the primary component of the machine; EagleTec CNC uses the best brand in China - Raycus. Multiple power options are available from 20W to 100W.

raycus laser source in the control box of the fiber laser marker machine

• It is equipped with a D80 rotary attachment for cylindrical parts engraving.

D80 rotary attachment on the fiber laser engraving machine

• The engraving head height is adjustable for marking parts or objects of different heights.

complete assembled fiber laser engraving head

• By shaking this hand wheel, the operator can move the marking head up or down.

hand wheel on fiber laser engraving machine for metal

• High-speed galvanometers are an essential component of optical systems. EagleTec CNC uses SINO GALVO, a leading domestic brand.

best laser engraver for metal with high-speed sino-galvo galvanometers

• The scanning field mirror is another vital component of the optical system; EagleTec CNC only uses the best brand - Wavelength OE to manufacture our high quality laser engravers.

lazer engraver for metal with Wavelength OE field mirror

• In the standard configuration, the machine's focus mode is manual focus; this is the indicator for laser focus adjustment.

manual focus indicator for the fiber laser marking machine

• The design is ideally suited for the monitor, host, keyboard, and mouse and is aesthetically pleasing.

monitor fixed on the laser engraver for wood and metal

keyboard in the drawer of the laser marker chassis

• The host is placed inside the chassis; open the door, and we can see it.

laser engravers chassis with the door closed

host placed in the chassis of the fiber laser marker

• All the buttons or switches on the machine are labeled in English.

button switches on the machine with English labels

• The wheels at the bottom of the machine provide convenience for moving the machine; when the machine is in a suitable position, we can adjust the machine's feet to raise the wheels away from the floor to keep the machine in place.

fiber laser marker with wheels and feet on the bottom

• The machine has a pedal switch to allow the operator to perform repetitive operations efficiently.

fiber laser’s pedal switch

Benefits of Fiber Laser Engraving

You can expect the following benefits from fiber laser engraving:

• It creates high contrast and permanent marks.

• Unlike mechanical engraving, the laser beam replaces the router bit as the tool; it’s a non-contact process; therefore, laser engraving doesn’t destroy the material structure or affect its integrity.

• Wide range of applications: it engraves both meal and non-metal materials.

• High speed: fiber laser can mark at a rate of up to 7,000mm/sec.

• The equipment is maintenance-free, the laser has a long life, and the machine usage cost is extremely low.

• Broad compatibility: the machine can run on almost any computer based on the Windows system.

• Novices/newbies can easily operate the laser machine through simple self-study.

fiber laser etching machine in EagleTec CNC workshop

Application of Fiber Laser Engravers

Applicable Field

It is a perfect fit for engraving text, numbers, letters, QR codes, Bar codes, and images on metal materials. (If you are looking for a machine for batch qr code marking, please check our qr code laser engraver)

Applicable Materials

It is suitable for metal materials like stainless steel, gold silver, coated metals (anodized aluminum), and non-metals, including wood, plastic, paper, and more.

Quick Details of the Fiber Laser Engraver Machine

• Marking area: 300 x 300mm (11.8” x 11.8”)

• Laser source: Raycus 50W (best in China)

• High-speed galvanometer: SINO GALVO (best in China)

• Scanning Mirro: Wavelength OE (best in China)

• Control system for laser engraving: BJJCZ (original)

• Control software: EzCad

• Focus way: manual focus

• Focal length: 460mm

Optional Configurations You Can Take with The Lazer Engraver for Metal

Users can take the following options as per their needs.

• More laser power options available: 20 watts, 30 watts, and 100 watts – high power

• Auto-focus option

• Smoke purifier

• Computer Set

• X/Y/Z precision adjust table

X/Y/Z precision adjust table for the laser markers

Free Accessories Shipping Along with The Best Laser Engraver for Metal

The standard free accessories that comes with the laser markers would include the following items:

• Toolbox

• USB drive with a complete set of operation manuals and video tutorials inside

• Goggles, particularly for 1064nm wavelength laser

• Power cord

• Pedal switch

• Spanner kit

• Keys and bolts

free accessories coming with the fiber laser engravers

Original EZCad Program Coming with the Fiber Laser Marking Machine for Metal

Here is a screenshot of the said program for you to get a better understanding.

ezcad laser engraving program screenshot

How the Metal Laser Marking Machine Is Packed Before Delivery

Step 1. Wrap all accessories and parts with PVC stretch film.

Step 2. Place the machine on the pallet.

Step 3. Adjust the height of the feet to raise the machine to ensure that the machine in the package will not move by itself.

Step 4. Place all accessories and parts on the machine.

Step 5. Wrap the entire machine with stretch film. Then wrap the outside with foam film, and finally, wrap the machine tightly with PVC stretch film.

Step 6. Nail the crate. The packaging is complete.

Customer Service Provided for the Best Metal Laser Engraver

As a user of EagleTec CNC, you don’t need to worry about customer service or after-sales support. For many years, we have been committed to providing not only high quality metal engraving machines but also the best customer service, always on time. Our team will create detailed text instructions and video tutorials for every machine we build, ensuring that our operating manual is the most comprehensive and user-friendly in the industry. Except for this, they are available here to guide you through the issue anytime you need.

Technical Parameter of Fiber Laser Etching Machine

Item No.ET-F50R
Machine TypeFiber laser marking machine
VoltsAC220V/Single Phase, 50/60Hz (or AC110V/60Hz, Single Ph)
Engraving Area(11.8"x11.8")300x300mm 
Repeated Accuracy0.05mm
Laser Power50W  (20W/30W as options)
Laser Source BrandRaycus - Best fiber laser in China
Cooling ModeActive air 
Laser LifespanOver 100,000 hours, maintenance-free, covering 24-month warranty
Laser Wave Length1064nm
Focus ModeManual focus
Galvo ScannerSINO GALVO - Best in China
Engraving Speed RangeAdjustable 0-7,000mm/sec
Laser ControllerGenuine BJJCZ control card with USB port
Engraving SoftwareGenuine EzCad from BJJCZ, in English
Programmable Image FormatSupport plt, bmp, dxf, jpg, tif, ai
Computer System RequirementAll Windows OS
Mini Line Characters0.2mm
Marking Line Size0.01 - 0.1mm (width)
Marking Depth0.01 - 5mm (depending on materials)
Packing Size990x770x1800mm (1.372CBM) 
Gross Weight160KGS
Optional Accessory 1.Computer set with Windows 7/10 system in English
Optional Accessory 2.Smoke purify system 
Optional Accessory 3.X/Y/Z precision adjustable table 
Optional Accessory 4.3-Jaw Chuck style rotary attachment (3.14" D)
Optional Accessory 5.Dedicated marking turntable for pen
Optional Accessory 6.X/Y adjustable table

How to Use the Laser Engravers for Metal

To give the users a better understanding of how to use it, we summarize the main operating steps of the machine into the following points.

Part 01. How to Engrave on Flat Work Surface

Step 1. Please connect the power cord.

Step 2. Switch on the laser engraver machine with the key and on/off button.

Step 3. Open the EzCad program.

Step 4. Create the text to be engraved later.

Step 5. Set the required size for the text.

Step 6. Hatch the text.

Step 7. Set the proper engraving speed and output laser power as per the production needs.

Step 8. Do focus on the laser.

Step 9. Adjust the engraving area on the object.

Step 10. Start the marking.


Part 02. How to Engrave with the Rotary Attachment

Step 1. Focusing the laser with the handwheel.

Step 2. Rotate the text to align with the rotary attachment.

Step 3. Set the cylindrical part diameter.

Step 4. Adjust the marking position on the cylindrical part.

Step 5. Start the engraving.

Here is an operation demonstration with step-by-step instructions for your reference.

FAQs about the Fiber Laser Engraving Machine for Metal

Q: What Materials Can a Fiber Laser Engrave?

A: Fiber laser can engrave almost all metal and non-metal materials, including but not limited to stainless steel, aluminum, platinum, coated metal, tungsten, silver, gold, copper, titanium, carbide, nickel, acrylic, polymer, leather, silicon, stone, rubber, wood, glass, plastic, fiberglass, paper, ceramic, PVC, ABS, PS, PBT, carbon fiber, etc.

Q: Can A Fiber Laser Engrave Glass?

A: Yes, it can engrave glass. However, a UV laser engraver is the best tool for this application. When engraving glass products using a fiber laser, there is a risk of cracks. 

Q: Can A Fiber Laser Engrave Wood?

A: Yes, it can engrave wood.

Q: What Can a Fiber Laser Engrave?

A: It can engrave letters, numbers, text, bar codes, QR codes, graphic patterns, and more.

Q: How Much Does a Fiber Laser Cost?

A: If you are in the market for a fibre laser engraver, the first thing you must figure out is its pricing. There is no doubt that the laser source/generator is the primary factor causing the price difference of this type of equipment. The pricing range could be from USD 2,800 to USD 22,000 in different configurations. Let’s take a few standard models as examples to take a closer look at their price levels. A 20W fiber laser marking machine is typically under 3K; the average pricing for a 50W fiber laser would cost approx. USD 3,600. A high-power laser like 100W probably ranges from USD 19,500 to USD 22,500. Coming to MOPA laser engravers, their price range would be from USD 5,000 to USD 6,600. The cost for a 3D laser engraving system ranges from USD 8,000 to USD 22,000. There are so many that we can’t list them all here. If you are interested in a specific model or configuration, please get in touch with us for a free proposal.

Q: Do You Know How Small Of Letters You Are Able To Engrave With This Laser Machine?

A: The minimum line width that this machine can engrave is 0.01mm; when it comes to letters, it can easily handle tiny letters, such as the ones with heights of 1mm and 0.5mm. Here is a live demo for your review.

Q: Which Is Better CO2 Laser Or Fiber Laser Engraving?

A: Well, it depends. Fiber laser should be the best and perfect tool for engraving on metals, features with high precision, high speed, high contrast, permanent marks, small heat-affected zone, maintenance-free, low operating cost, easy operation, and more. In addition, it can do marking on non-metal materials. However, fiber lasers don't perform as well as CO2 lasers for non-metal marking, not to mention their smaller engraving range, likely 300x300mm at most. The CO2 laser can achieve some larger format engravings. In conclusion, the fiber laser is better suited for marking metallic materials but can also handle small non-metal marking tasks. CO2 lasers are better suited for non-metal marking and cannot mark metals.

Q: How Long Do Fiber Laser Engravers Last?

A: This mainly depends on the heart of the machine - the laser source. EagleTec CNC adopts the best fiber laser in China whose lifespan is more than 100,000 hours.

Q: Can A Fiber Laser Engrave in Color?

A: You can do color engraving with MOPA laser sources.

If you like the fiber laser marker machine here, please feel free to contact us to get a free proposal.


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