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The First Thing You Need to Know Before Buying a Fiber Laser Engraver

Publish Date: Apr. 20, 2022 Author: Jackie Publisher: EagleTec CNC Modify Date: Apr. 20, 2022

Do you know what components the fiber laser marking machine is made of? As a novice, when we plan to buy a fiber laser engraver, this is the first thing we'll need to figure out. Experienced manufacturer EagleTec CNC is here to explain to you one by one.

benchtop fiber laser engraver with protection enclosure ready in eagletec cnc workshop

Fiber Laser Generator

The lifespan of the fiber laser engraver is upon the life of the laser source to a big extent. The fiber generator is a laser with rare doped earth as the gain medium. It is the source of the laser. It is also the most important and most expensive component for a fiber laser marking/engraving machine. Therefore, please first check the laser brand and specifications when purchasing a fiber laser marking machine. As we all know, in this regard, Raycus is the best brand in China.

Raycus fiber laser source in the electric house of a fiber laser marking/engraving machine

Galvo Scanner

It is the element that determines the laser engraving/marking speed, also known as the name of the current meter. That's because it's designed exactly the way an ammeter is intended, just by replacing the indicator with a lens. It is commonly used in laser marking/engraving equipment. The galvanometer applied to the fiber laser marking machine is a digital type, and the light spot is generally 10mm. We suggest using a high-quality brand – wavelength.

galvo scanner assembly on the fiber laser marking machine

F-theta Filed Lens 

This is the part that determines the working area of the metal laser engraving machine. It has other names like flat field focus lens, scanning lens, or F- lens; its purpose is for gathering the lights from a galvo scanner on a flat surface. Common size options are 110x110mm, 200x200mm, and 300x300mm. Please go with the option that conforms to your needs. Please do not ask for a big size because it is not the bigger, the better. The only right size is the best solution for you.

The First Thing You Need to Know Before Buying a Fiber Laser Engraver

Control Card (Controller)

Its role is to convert the vectors, graphics, or letters we designed in the software into analog or digital signals, which are then sent to the galvo scanner to engrave/mark. For your information, the most commonly used control card brand is BJJCZ; its corresponding control program is EZCAD.

BJJCZ fiber laser marking machine control card in the electronic cabinet

Red Point Indicator 

There is another name for the red pen; its function is to indicate the optical path of 1064nm. This is because the 1064nm laser is invisible, while the 650nm red light indicator is visible. The principle is to overlap the 650nm light and the 1064nm light through the beam combiner; then, the position or area indicated by the red light represents the position of the 1064nm laser. 

Beam Combiner 

It is the hardware device mentioned above that overlaps the 650nm red light with the 1064nm laser. 

Electronic Cabinet 

It's a house that gets all the electronic components accommodated. 


Since the communication port is USB for the marking machine, we can use both the desktop and laptop computers to control the machine. This offers users more flexibility. Generally, benchtop marking machines are usually equipped with desktop computers; portable fiber laser marking machines come with laptops.


The above are all the brief parts of a fiber laser marking machine. You are suggested to check them one by one. 

EagleTec CNC provides a full range of laser marking machines, including fiber laser marking machines, UV laser engravers, CO2 laser marking machines, QR code laser engravers, and RF tube laser engraving machines. If you are looking for machines of great quality, please feel free to contact us!

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