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Mini Fiber Laser Marking Machine with Enclosure

Model: ET-FL20EM

Category: Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Laser Type: Raycus 20w Fiber Laser

Brand Name: EagleTec CNC Mini Fiber Laser Marking Machine with Enclosure

Condition: New Condition

Reference Price: U.S.$3,100 / SET

Price Range: USD2800 to USD5500 / SET with Different Configuration Level

HS Code: 8456110090

Package & Weight: 510x960x1020mm (0.5CBM) | 90KGS

Availability: In stock

Lead Time: 3 to 5 days

Payment Method: T/T (Telegraphic Transfer), Western Union, Money Gram

Recommendation: Mini Fiber Laser Marking Machine with Enclosure4.8 /5 based on 41 reviews 



ET-FL20EM is the new generation Mini laser marking machine from EagleTec CNC. Although it has a similar volume to portable fiber laser marking machine, the difference is that it also has a fully enclosed protection casing. This model is the best option for users who are trying to look for a fully enclosed machine but with a small foot-print. Mini fiber laser marking machine with enclosure for sale at an affordable price now! 

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mini type fiber laser marking machine with door open

Video Demo: Marking Text on Silver Bracelet with EagleTec Mini Fiber Laser Engraver

What Benefits Can This Mini Type Fiber Laser Marking Machine Give to You?

• It is safe for people. When the machine is working, we can close the safe-guard door to completely separate the operator from the fiber laser working area; this greatly reduces the possibility of accidental injury.

• It is eco-friendly. Another benefit is that the smoke generated by the engraving process is also effectively isolated within the protective door; if combined with the use of a smoke purifier, there isn't air pollution at all; additionally, it well protects the machine operators from the harming of smoke.

• It saves space resources for you. The small laser marking machine will just take a very small footprint. So, you can place it anywhere you want.

One Important Point Need Your Attention about the Small Fiber Laser Engraver

Since the machine is a fully enclosed type, this design does limit the material size. When you are considering buying it, please be sure that you can get your material accommodated in the enclosed area.

Is the Performance of Mini Laser Marking Machine the Same as The Desktop Style One?

You might have kind of confusion in your mind, that is, does the small fiber laser marking machine here has the same high-level performance as the desktop fiber laser engraver?


Viewing from the volume, the mini one is much smaller than the desktop. But the mini model is optimized from the space structure only. When we coming to the point of all components are using, both models using the same ones. Raycus fiber laser source, BJJCZ laser marking system, SINO-GALVO, for example. In turn, the mini fiber laser engraver here performs the same as the desktop one. You can rest assured of this. 

full enclosed mini portable fiber laser marking machine

Focus Mode of Fully Enclosed Type Mini Fiber Laser Marking Machine

To this point, the machine can be built in two ways:

• Self-focusing

• Make focus with up and down buttons. The below picture is referring to this mode, you can see the up and down button there. 

operation panel of mini fiber laser marking machine

There is no difference in function and performance between the two methods. So kindly choose the appropriate focus method according to your own preferences. And give confirmation to us before production starts.

High Performance of The EagleTec Mini Laser Engraving Machine for Metal

EagleTec mini type enclosed fiber laser marking machine with door closed

• Safety and Eco-Friendly: the laser marking area is separated from the outside with the door closed; this gives two benefits: the smoke will not come out; there is no accidental harm to operators.

• Excellent Durability: by utilizing the Raycus fiber laser source – The Best here, the lifespan is 100,000 hours; supposing your make the machine works 24 hours every day, it can still work for 11.5 years. This is amazing, right? Additionally, the laser beam is really of great quality. Fast and permanent mark.

• Most Productivity: by adopting the SINO-GALVO scan head for the machine, the engraving feed rate can reach 7,000/second; Yes, per second, not minute.

• Superior User Experience: the best fiber laser marking control system with software is adopted for our machines, it is easy to learn and runs with reliability.

Quick Details of Closed Mini Laser Marking Machine with Fiber Laser Generator

• Full enclosed and Mini style 

• 4.33”x4.33” (110x110mm) engraving size, Wavelength brand scan field lens

• 20 Watt Raycus fiber laser, The best in China

• Self-focusing

• Original BJJCZ control hardware with EzCad fiber laser marking software

• High-speed SINO-GALVO scan head

• Foot Pedal 

• Nonadjustable marking table

• Plug and Play

Standard Accessory of Small Laser Marking Machine with Fiber Laser Source

There is one tool-box coming along with your laser machine, and it contains the following parts inside: 

• Dedicated goggles for laser wavelength 1064nm

• Power supply cable

• Foot pedal

• Spanner Set

• USB flash with a PDF manual and video tutorials (in English)

Optional Accessory of Mini Laser Marking Machine for Metal

• Smoke purification system 

• HP laptop with Windows OS in English

• X/Y or X/Y/Z adjustable marking table 

XY adjustable fiber laser marking table

The Optional Configuration That Can Be Made to Order

• Working voltage: default one is AC220V/50Hz, single-phase; it can be built in AC110V/60Hz, Single phase as well.

• Engraving Size: 7.87”x7.87” (200x200mm) / 11.81”x11.81 (300x300mm)

• Fiber Laser Power: 30W / 50W 

Fiber Laser Marking Software Interpretation

• The software provided for the small laser marker is EzCad from BJJCZ company. It is a dedicated and reliable marking software. Both text and graphics can be programmed with it. It is in English.

• Parameters relevant to laser have been set up well by us; additionally, one soft copy with parameter backup will be provided to you together. So, if your software parameter goes wrong in the future, you can use the backup copy to restore it.

Will the Small Fiber Laser Marking Machine Be Delivered Ready to Use?

Yes, it will. No on-site installation is required. Simply plug the cable, and play.

mini portable fiber laser engraving machine placed on table

Applications of Mini Laser Engraving Machine with Enclosure

Utilization Scope

It is usually used for marking and engraving text or graphics on electronic items (i.e. mobile phone, IC components), hand tools, metal parts, medicine package, crafts, clock, watch, precise instrument, jewelry, and more.

Suitable Materials

Good for almost all materials including both metal and non-metal ones.

Technical Parameter of Miniature Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Machine ModelEA-FL20EP
Machine TypeFiber Laser Marking Machines
Focusing ModeAuto-focus (default)
Marking / Engraving Size(4.33"x4.33")110x110mm / 7.87"x7.87"(200x200mm) / 11.81"x11.81"(300x300mm)
Laser TypeRaycus fiber laser (The best in China)
Laser Lifespan100,000+ hours, covering a 24-month warranty
Laser Power20 Watts (30W / 50W as options)
Laser Wavelength1064nm
Galvo ScannerSINO-GALVO, high speed (The best in China)
Marking RateAdjustable 0-7,000mm/s
Marking SoftwareGenuine EzCad from BJJCZ, in English, compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10 (both 32 bits and 64 bits)
Laser Marking ControllerGenuine BJJCZ control card with USB communication interface
Marking Line Size0.01 - 0.1mm (width)
Marking Depth0.01 - 5mm (depending on materials)
Supported Graphics Formatplt, bmp, dxf, jpg, tif, ai
Working VoltageAC220V/50Hz, Single Phase (or AC110V/60Hz, Single Ph)
Packing Size510x960x1020mm (0.5CBM)
Gross Weight90KGS
Optional Accessory 1.Smoke purify system 
Optional Accessory 2.Laptop
Optional Accessory 3.X/Y or X/Y/Z adjustable table 

FAQs about EagleTec Small Laser Marker with Fiber Laser Source

What is the warranty for this machine?

The mini laser engraving machine for metal is covered with a 24-month warranty since the shipping date. During the warranty, you will enjoy free replacement for any broken parts. (Consumables excluded)

Is there a manual for this mini fiber laser engraver?

User manual in PDF and Video means will be provided to you in English. The tutorials are very specific one with step-by-step instructions for your exact mini fiber laser marking machine. Viewing from our customer's feedback, 99% of them is capable to run the machine after they learned the guide manual. In addition to this, our engineers' team is ready to serve you with any questions concerning the operation.

What to do if the machine has a problem?

In case that the machine got an issue, kindly contact us ASAP, and please do not try to repair it yourself. Our expert team will guide you online directly. They are well experienced; So, they can diagnose the issue quickly and provide you with a practical solution.


Additionally, we would like to say that, all the critical parts using on the EagleTec small laser marking machine are the best ones here; with so many years of improvement, our manufacturing technics are advanced as well. It's safe to say that the performance of our machine will be very reliable and durable.

How to ship the mini laser marking machine with fiber laser generator?

The machine can be shipped to any country or region by sea (or by air); Usually, we will be in charge of the transportation from our factory to the seaport (or airport) that is closest to your location. After the machine reaches your port, you will need to handle the transportation from there to your factory.

Is the package safe for transportation?

The machine package is strong, anti-crash, and water-proof. Details as below:

• First, it is tightly wrapped with PVC films for waterproof purposes.

• Then, protection foams are placed for anti-collision.

• Last, the machine is packed in a strong plywood case that suits to be shipped by both sea and air.

You can rest assured that the package is strong enough since we have shipped 2000+ machines worldwide in the same way.

If you like the mini fiber laser marking machine for sale here, please request a quote now.


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