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Carbide Cutters for Woodturning Reviews

Last Purchase Date: Mar. 21, 2019 Last Purchase Item: carbide cutters for woodturning From: Romania

"We received the knives, looks very good. We will try Monday on the machine. " - first review after got the goods

"Now we tried already, very very good!!" - second review after tried the goods

"The knives are very good, nice clean cut! " - third review after using our cutters for 3 days 

This friend is from SC V***OR COM SRL (Romania), he buys 8 sets best carbide cutters for woodturning along with 12 pieces of carbide woodturning inserts from EagleTec. Below are the photos of his order.

Best carbide woodturning tools he bought from us. 

carbide cutters for woodturning ready for package - photo

Carbide tips for wood lathe tools he bought. 

carbide tips for wood lathe tools ready for package - photo

All cutters with tips are in carton and almost finish package. 

carbide cutters for wood turning are in carton - photo

They are shipped by DHL Express. After receiving the parcel, he sent his first review to us by WeChat.  

EagleTec carbide cutters for woodturning reviews first screen shot

After they tried the knives with their cnc wood lathe machine, he sent us the second review as follows. Along with the review, a video clip also sent to share with us how perfectly the cutters work. This video is also post here for your reference.

EagleTec carbide cutters for woodturning reviews second screen shot

Video sent from this customer, it shows how perfectly EagleTec carbide cutters do wood turning jobs. We are told by him, the material is beechwood in the video.

Three days later, this friend sent us his third reviews on our carbide cutters for woodturning, he is very satisfied with them. 

EagleTec carbide cutters for woodturning reviews third screen shot


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