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What Machines Are Required for Panel Furniture Fabrication?

Publish Date: Feb. 20, 2023 Author: Cherry Publisher: EagleTec CNC Modify Date: Feb. 20, 2023

To start a furniture-making factory, first, we need to get a license, factory building, and panel furniture production line which consists of many different cnc machines. Standard device combinations are:

CNC panel furniture cutting machine.

• Automatic edge banding machine.

• Side-drilling machine.

• Cnc six-sided drill.

These machines can achieve different processing procedures and effects. Let us explain in detail what each machine can do in this article.

CNC Wood Cutting Machine/CNC Router

To make furniture, one must step is cutting wooden plates. Usually, we have two options: one is cnc router, and the other is cnc nesting machine.

If you have a low budget and want to start a small furniture factory, a multiple spindle shift cnc router or ATC cnc router is enough. Take an ATC cnc router as an example; it has a tool magazine that can hold 12 different tools. And during processing, these cutters could be switched freely and used flexibly. The machine table adopts a new type of generous tube bed, which has good stability and durability.

nesting cnc machine for plate-stype furniture for sale

If you want to enlarge your factory-making business, a professional cnc nesting machine is necessary. In terms of cutting accuracy and efficiency, professional cnc nesting machine performs better than cnc routers.


• A cnc nesting machine is equipped with professional nesting software that can provide a perfect design for the furniture we need to make. This software can help us to improve the utilization rate of the board.

• Nesting software also designs rebates and slots to help with assembly. And drill holes for hinges and runners.

• At the same time, an easy loading function can help the factory to save labor and loading time.

• Some cnc nesting cnc machine is equipped with auto label function. No manual marking is required.

Edge Banding Machine

After cutting, the second step for making plate fitment is edge banding. This process plays an essential role in the overall quality of the furniture. A good edge banding effect can improve furniture quality, price, and grade. Usually, this step is done with the help of a fully automatic edge banding machine. This machine has two features:

• Full functioning.

It can do pre-milling, glue welt, trimming, rough manual trimming, manual refinement trimming, track chamfer, manual scraping, and polishing.

• The equipment is stable, reliable, and durable

Drilling Machine

After cutting and edge banding, the next step is drilling side holes. During this step, a side-drilling machine is necessary. It has outstanding drilling precision and speed features—no need to scan. Just load the wood panel and drill. This step is speedy and convenient.


In addition to the above three types of machines, automation equipment commonly used in panel furniture production includes vacuum laminating machines, sanding machines, etc.


Through the above introduction, I hope you have a clear understanding of plate-type furniture line processing. If you need to purchase related machines, you are welcome to contact EagleTec CNC.

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