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What Laser Cutting Machine Should I Use for Gold Silver Jewelry Making?

Publish Date: Mar. 31, 2023 Author: Esther Publisher: EagleTec CNC Modify Date: Mar. 31, 2023

As we all know, in the metal cutting industry, fiber laser cutting machines are applied to more and more metal manufacturing enterprises to achieve better cutting speed and effect. However, for precious metals such as 9K-24K gold, pure gold, pure silver, and 925 silver, ordinary laser cutting machines cannot meet their production needs. Fiber laser cutting machines for precious metals come into being.

This machine adopts a customized laser and cutting head according to the characteristics and requirements of the jewelry industry to achieve a unique optical design and excellent laser beam quality; the anti-high reflection laser isolator is added so that this laser cutting machine can easily cut high-reflection materials such as pure gold and silver, and will not easily damage the laser.

fiber laser cutter for gold silver jewelry for sale

Since gold and silver are precious materials, we have designed a professional smoke and dust recovery device to recycle material. The whole machine adopts a unique, fully sealed design to prevent the loss of gold powder, thus minimizing the loss.


A rotating addon is available if you need to cut bracelets or rings.


We will explain this machine in detail from two aspects of the recycling system and material cutting fixture.

Recycling System

•  The dust cover is made of a whole piece of sheet metal and forms a closed cutting area with the machine table. The precious metal powder generated during the cutting process falls into the cutting room, making recycling easy. 

•  The inside of the collection funnel is filled with water. This water recovery treatment mainly recovers the powder dropped during cutting.  

•  A dust extraction device is on the closed sheet metal coupled with an outside blower. This can purify the cabinet's air and recover the precious metal powder more effectively. 

•  The x-axis adopts a fully enclosed module to reduce the loss of precious metal powder.

Material Cutting Fixture

The cutting fixture mainly comprises a cylinder support plate and pneumatic pressure plate, cylinder, guide column, straight shaft, and other bearings. The institution is compact, and the overall appearance makes collecting the precious metal powder easier.


•  Cylinder support plate: used to fix the cylinder and work simultaneously with the pressure plate.

•  Pneumatic pressure plate: connecting with the cylinder through the expansion of the cylinder to achieve the effect of the pressure plate.

•  Guide Post: there is a hole to install the linear bearing on the cylinder fixed block and a guide post on the pressure plate. The relative movement between the guide post and the bearing can guide the plates unclamp and clamp.

Precious metal laser cutting machine has the following significant advantage during the cutting metal sheets process:

•  The very narrow cutting seam is generally controlled within the 0.10-0.20mm range.

•  Smooth cutting surface: The laser cutting machine can cut plates of various thicknesses, and the cutting surface is burr-free and very smooth, eliminating the need for secondary processing.

•  The fast cutting speed improves production effectively.

•  Wider adaptability. Traditional stamping will cause some waste of resources, and the molds for large products have high manufacturing costs. Laser cutting can be processed regardless of the plate size under the premise that the work surface allows it, without any restrictions. There is no need for mold manufacturing. It can avoid the sag formed when the material is punched and sheared, so the production cost is significantly reduced, and the product grade is improved.

•  Very suitable for new product development: Laser processing can be carried out immediately once the product drawing is formed. The new product's physical object could be obtained quickly, effectively shortening the replacement time. This is a point that is particularly valued by the jewelry manufacturing industry.

•  Material saving: Laser processing adopts computer programming, which can cut products of different shapes into materials, maximize the utilization rate of materials, and reduce the production cost of sheet metal cutting.

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