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What Benefits Does a Nesting CNC Router Have in Plate Furniture Production?

Publish Date: Mar. 27, 2023 Author: Esther Publisher: EagleTec CNC Modify Date: Mar. 27, 2023

With the epidemic's end, the global economy begins to recover gradually. The fiery real estate industry has driven the development of the furniture production industry. With the progress of society, the previous uniform style of furniture is no longer popular. Instead, bespoke custom furniture is the new fashion trend in the future. Factories that can provide customized service will get in good development opportunities. At this moment, a cnc cutting machine that integrates design, nesting, and marking has become necessary for furniture manufacturers. 

nesting cnc router machine with auto feeding and labelling

The traditional furniture production method uses a sliding table saw to cut the board. Problems such as chipping and significant precision errors often occur during the operation. Once these problems arise during cutting, the processed boards cannot be assembled into qualified cabinets and wardrobes. Rework problems caused by unqualified closets will lead to lower production efficiency and affect brand reputation.


And due to the limited functions of the sliding table saw and vertical drilling for customized furniture and some special-shaped furniture, this equipment cannot meet the needs. In order to solve these problems and better adapt to the development trend of the furniture industry, more and more furniture manufacturers choose nesting cnc wood routers. This is because the nesting cnc router has irreplaceable advantages in the furniture production process.

• Higher cutting precision

Compared with traditional machines, CNC nesting cnc routers have made great improvements in bed design, machine configuration, control system, etc. The mounting surface of the guide rail is milled flat by a large milling machine, and the holes are drilled by CNC, with high installation accuracy to promise nesting cnc router runs stably and cuts quickly and accurately.


• The utilization rate of the board is improved

Use professional nesting software to realize customized wardrobe cabinets, quick design with intelligent typesetting, and zero errors. And it can be produced according to the existing production task order, and the inventory of raw materials can be warned during the production process to achieve the requirement of zero waste of plates.

• The system has an automatic tool changer

During furniture processing, different router bits are needed. The nesting cnc machine realizes the system's automatic tool change of the system through the switching of the cylinder to meet the needs of different production processes. This saves a lot time consumption on tool changing process.


• Easy customer design

The nesting software can automatically generate tool paths, realize the quick design and dismantling of customized wardrobe cabinets, improve the utilization rate of plates, and cut special-shaped workpieces.


• Save labor costs

After the CNC cutting machine is applied to furniture manufacturing enterprises, the amount of manual work has been greatly reduced. Traditional furniture manufacturing originally required ten or more positions, but now only two or three people are needed to operate it fully. If the machine is equipped with an automatic loading and unloading platform, it can save more labor so that the work of two or three workers can be completed by one person, and the efficiency is greatly improved.


• Safer machine operation

Because the machine can perform intelligent typesetting, automatic material cutting, punching, tool changing, and grooving functions, the operator no need to touch the plate with his hands during the operation process. Due to this, production safety has been significantly improved.

To produce high-quality customized furniture, you need a nesting CNC router of great quality. Feel free to contact EagleTec CNC.


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