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CNC Woodworking Lathe Shipment to The United States

Publish Date: Mar. 23, 2023 Author: Jackie Publisher: EagleTec CNC Modify Date: Mar. 23, 2023

There is no doubt that a CNC wood lathe is a powerful tool for cutting baseball bats. It can cut more precisely and faster than a manual lathe. EagleTec CNC baseball bat lathe has been favored by a large number of American customers in recent years. We got a brand-new lathe shipped out yesterday; its destination is Birmingham, USA. The wood lathe was purchased by a U.S. client who is in the business of baseball bat fabrication.

powerful tool for cutting baseball bats

The model selected by the customer is ET-TL1530 PRO; its working range is relatively large, 300*1500mm.  

The bed, headstock, and tailstock are all made of cast iron. Heavy weight, good stability; high-speed cutting is as stable as Mount Tai.

cnc woodworking lathe with cast iron base tailstock and headstock

A 2.2Kw power saw head serves as the cutting tool; this is the best option for making baseball bats. It can effectively avoid the wobble of the workpiece, cut faster, and handle cut tasks with steeper angles.

cnc woodworking lathe with power saw head for baseball bat fabrication

The wood lathe is equipped with a highly beginner-friendly handheld controller; the system language is English. It is easy to operate, and beginners can learn how to run it by following the provided tutorial for half a day.

cnc bat lathe with handheld control unit

You don't need a computer connected to the lathe. The handheld controller comes with a USB data transmission port; save the baseball bat drawing on a USB drive and then plug it into the USB port; the lathe can then run it.

cnc baseball bat controller with USB port

The free accessories accompanying this cnc woodworking lathe are these:

• An ON/OFF button, emergency stop switch, and proximity switch for future maintenance purposes

• Wrenches for the daily operation of the lathe

• A USB flash drive for transferring drawings

• A complete set of tutorials and manuals for the lathe are also in this U disk.

accompanying accessories for EagleTec CNC baseball bat lathe

When packing, we apply anti-rust oil to the guide rails and racks, then wrap the machine tightly with stretch film.

EagleTec wood lathe on the pallet

Fix the cnc wood turning machine on the pallet with bolts to prevent the machine from colliding with packing boxes or other goods during a long time of sea shipping and causing damage to the machine.


Finally, the wooden box is nailed up and tied with cable ties. At this point, it is ready to be loaded on a truck and delivered to the port of departure.

crate for EagleTec CNC wood lathe

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