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2024 Best Hand Held Laser Marker 20W/30W for Sale

Model: ET-FL20H

Category: Fiber Laser Engraving Machines

Laser Type: Fiber Laser (Famous brand -- Raycus)

Brand Name: EagleTec CNC Best Affordable Hand Held Laser Marker 20W / 30W

Condition: New Condition

Reference Price: U.S.$3,050 / SET

Price Range: USD2750 to USD5000 / SET with Different Configuration Level

HS Code: 8456110090

Package & Weight: 900x360x780mm (0.25CBM) | 65KGS

Availability: in stock 

Lead Time: 3 to 5 days

Payment Method: T/T (Telegraphic Transfer), Western Union, Money Gram

Recommendation: Best Affordable Hand Held Laser Marker 20W / 30W4.6 /5 based on 58 reviews 



The handheld laser marker opens a lot of possibilities for workpieces that need to be engraved, especially good for large, immobile, and heavy items. With this design, it is possible to mark on a big object which can't be placed on the marking table. In addition to this, it can work as a portable fiber laser marking machine for regular workpieces that can be placed on the engraving platform. From the usage point of view, it is an ideal laser marking solution for both regular pieces and big-size objects. EagleTec hand-held laser marking machine for sale with expert support now! If portability is important to you, you'll be happy to see this system here. 

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Hand Held Fiber Laser Marking Machine Video  

The Advantage Of Hand-Held Laser Marking Machine with 20w/30w Fiber Laser Source

Needless to say, the handheld design is the whole point of this fiber laser marking machine. The strong point of this design is that it eliminates the limitations of conventional upright column design on the height of the marked object, and in turn, opens a lot of possibilities for the marked workpiece. It is better to see a handheld vs. upright column with an example.

What kind of job is suitable for this hand held laser marker?

The standard upright column of a fiber laser marking machine is 500mm high with an actual stroke of 400mm; Then subtracting the focal length by about 200mm, there is only 200mm left. That is to say, the maximum height of the engraved piece should be no more than 200mm. It brings up a question, is there a way to mark/engrave on an object higher than this? Well, the hand held laser marker is an excellent solution for this. We can take the marking head by hand and put it on the surface of the object.

EagleTec handheld fiber laser marking machine on the floor

Key Points of EagleTec Best Handheld Laser Marker

• Guaranteed to give you years of trouble-free operation.

• Quick, accurate, permanent marking.

• Ideal for large, heavy, and immobile workpieces that needs etching with a permanent mark.

• Average lifespan exceeds 100,000 hours.

• Maintenance free.

Handheld Laser Marking Machine Uses


Etching logo, barcode, text, font, graphic, number, ID on parts or components that are large, immobile, or heavy.  


This handheld laser marking machine with fiber laser source is good for Metal (such as SS, brass, copper, aluminum), Coated Metal, Epoxy Resin, Electroplating materials, Rubber, Ceramic (sanitary ware), Plastic, and more.

handheld fiber laser marker ready to use on floor

How Can We Perform Focus for This Handheld Laser Etching Machine Since It Doesn't Have A Column?

The machine works in two ways, and accordingly, there are two ways to perform focus.

When the object is placed on the table for marking, we can adjust the marking table's height to get the proper focal length.

When we take the head to the object for marking, simply put the head on there and let the metal ring bracket get the focal length for us. Please see the following picture; there is a ring under the marking head; it is the exact thing for focal distance measuring.

handheld fiber laser marker with metal ring mounted under the head

Quick Details of The Hand Held Metal Engraving Machine 20w/30w

• Handheld marking head

• Marking area 4.33" x 4.33" (110x110mm)

• Metal ring bracket included (for focusing in handheld mode)

• X/Y/Z adjustable marking platform

• Fiber laser source 20W – Raycus brand (30W as an option)

• Control card with USB port – Genuine BJJCZ  

• EzCad marking software (advanced and intuitive)


• Field lens – Wave Length

• Interlocked safety switches

• Emergency stop

• Foot pedal

• Volts AC220V or AC110V, Single Ph

Marking Software of EagleTec Fiber Laser Engraver with Handheld Head

All of our laser markers come with advanced yet intuitive software – EzCad (Genuine English Version). You can edit and program any fonts, text, graphics, or numbers easily. It works with various graphics such as plt, BMP, Dxf, jpg, tif, ai.

Additionally, a complete set video tutorial for software will be provided to you along with your hand held fiber laser marking machine.

handheld laser marker with plug and play design ready to start-up

Is the EagleTec Hand Held Laser Engraver for Metal Easy to Start-Up?

There is no on-site setup required for this handheld laser engraver. Once it arrived, simply plug and play. A full set of user manuals for operation and programming will be provided to you with the machine. With it, 98% of the users can start up quickly by self-study. Additionally, we'll be happy to answer any question online concerning the laser.

Standard Accessory of EagleTec Hand Held Laser Marking Machine

• Tool Box

• USB flash with marking software installation package and system parameter backup

• Foot Pedal

• X/Y/Z Adjustable Marking Table

• Laser Safety Goggle

• Spanner Set

• Power Cable

• Metal Ring

Technical Parameters of Handheld Laser Engraver with Fiber Laser Generator

Product ModelEA-FL20H
Machine TypeFiber Laser Marker (Engraver)
Focusing WayManual via Metal Ring or Adjustable Table
Marking / Engraving Size(4.33"x4.33")110x110mm 
Repeated Accuracy0.05mm
Power Output20 Watts - default (30W as an option)
Laser OpticsFiber laser generator, the best one in China - Raycus
Laser Lifespan100,000+ hours, covering a 24-month warranty
Laser Wave Length1064nm
Cooling ModeActive air 
Galvo ScannerSINO-GALVO - The best one in China
Marking RateAdjustable 0-7,000mm/sec
Laser Marking ControllerGenuine BJJCZ control card with USB port
Marking SoftwareGenuine EzCad from BJJCZ, in English - compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10 (both 32 bits and 64 bits)
Marking Line Size0.01 - 0.1mm (width)
Marking Depth0.01 - 5mm (depending on materials)
Mini Line Characters0.2mm
Graphic FormatSupport plt, bmp, dxf, jpg, tif, ai
Computer System RequirementAll Windows OS
VoltsAC Power 220 volts/110 volts, Single phase, 50/60Hz
Packing Size900x360x780mm (0.25CBM) 
Gross Weight65KGS
Optional Accessory 1.Fume Extractor
Optional Accessory 2.Laptop (HP) with the Windows system in English

FAQ with regards to This Handheld Laser Marker

How is the package? Is it strong enough?

The package is strong, anti-crash, and water-proof. Details as below:

• First, it is tightly wrapped with PVC films for waterproof purposes.

• Then, protection foams are placed for anti-collision.

• Last, the handheld laser marker is packed in a strong plywood case that suits to be shipped by both sea and air.

handheld fiber laser marker is packed into plywood case

What warranty is the handheld fiber laser marking machine covered?

All the fiber laser marking machines from us are covered with a 24-month warranty since the vessel departure date. Under warranty, you will enjoy free replacement for any bad parts. For more details, please refer to EagleTec Warranty Clause.

What is the support if the hand held laser engraver has an error?

In case your machine doesn't work properly, keep in mind that please don't try to repair yourself; Please contact us immediately for support. Our team will diagnose the issue and offer a solution to you within 24 hours maximum. For more details, kindly refer to EagleTec Technical Support Terms.

What is the available shipping way for it?

This hand-held laser marking machine is suitable for both sea and air shipping. As usual, we would like to handle the transportation from our factory to your seaport (airport); and you handle the rest part (from the port to your location).

If you like the hand held laser marker 20w/30w for sale here, please contact now for a proposal!


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