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ISO30 CNC ATC Spindle Motor GDZ143x133-9L 9KW 12HP

Model: GDZ143x133-9L

Category: CNC Parts

Condition: New Condition

Reference Price: USD 1758.00 / SET


Supply Ability: 300 Sets Monthly

Availability: In Stock

Delivery Time: in 24 hours on receipt of payment

Net Weight: 27KG

Gross Weight: 35KG

Package Dimension: 640x240x280mm

Payment Method: Wire Transfer, Western Union (Western Digital), Money Gram.

Recommendation: ISO30 CNC ATC Spindle Motor GDZ143x133-9L 9KW 12HP4.9 based on 5.0


Brief Description

GDZ143x133-9L is a typical spindle motor for ATC CNC routers. Equipped with a cooling fan and self-lubricating bearings, it is a maintenance-free automatic tool changer cnc spindle. There are two available power options for you: 220V and 380V. There are also two options for the speed: 18000 and 24000 RPM. CNC ATC Spindle Motor for sale at a reasonable price now.

cnc atc spindle motor GDZ143x133-9L for sale

Automatic Tool Change Spindle Features

It adopts a long nose design.

long nose automatic tool change spindle GDZ143x133-9L for sale

The ATC router spindle works with ISO30 tool tapers and ER32 collets.

iso30 tool changing spindle GDZ143x133-9L for sale

It is the motor rotor fine-grinding inner taper hole. The ISO30 tool holder is clamped or released by this hole to act on quick tool changes.

motor rotor fine-grinding inner taper hole for atc cnc spindle

This button is used to release or clamp the tools manually.

iso30 spindle button for tool taper release and clamp

The CNC router ATC spindle has two push-in connectors for compressed air.

atc spindle motor push-in connectors for compressed air

The cooling fan is in black housing on top of the ISO30 ATC spindle.

automatic tool changer spindle cooling fan

This is the port used to connect the air seal.

auto tool change spindle air seal port

The cnc router tool changer spindle has good dustproof and waterproof performance.

Nameplate of the Automatic Tool Changer Spindle

auto tool changer cnc spindle GDZ143x133-9L nameplate

Package of ATC CNC Spindle for Sale

To ensure the safety of the spindle during transportation, it has two layers of packaging. The inner packaging is a foam case mainly used for cushioning and shock absorption protection. The outer packaging is a plywood box, which can protect against impact.

atc router spindle GDZ143x133-9L package

ISO30 Spindle Technical Parameters

Product No.GDZ143x133-9L
Motor Power9.0KW
Cooling ModeBy air
RPM18,000 or 24,000
Acceptable Tool TaperISO30
Collet SizeER32
Suitable Tool Diameter3.175mm to 16mm 
Net Weight7.7
Package Dimension410x190x180mm 
ApplicationAutomatic tool changer CNC Router
Package Dimension640x240x280mm

cnc router atc spindle GDZ143x133-9L for sale

FAQs about Auto Tool Change Spindle

Q: How To Ship the Chinese ATC Spindle?

A: The CNC ATC spindle for sale will be sent to your door by Express/Courier. It typically takes 5 to 8 days for you to get it.

Q: How To Pay and Buy It?

A: The preferred payment methods are T/T (Bank Transfer), Western Union and Money Gram. The spindle parcel will be shipped out within 48 hours from the receipt of the payment.


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