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Diego from Ecuador – Double Head CNC Router Reviews

Last Purchase Date: Jan. 28, 2019 Last Purchase Item: Double Head CNC Router From: Ecuador

"We are already close to finishing the purchase of the machine, thank you so much my dear friend Jackie Xu, you are an excellent person and an excellent seller. For your important advice trust and I decided in your company. And I hope to do more business with you.

I am very happy the machine is working well, for my work it’s very good" 

Screenshots of Customer Reviews

eagletec double head cnc router reviews screenshots

Story Between Us 

Mr. Diego is from Ecuador, he owns a company that makes Slatwall panels. Earlier, he bought a wood cnc machine from the local market. Because one machine could not meet their production requirements, he contacted us to look for a new Slatwall router machine. After a pleasant communication, we understood his specific requirements clearly. Through our calculations, we found that a double-head cnc router machine is the best choice for him. So, we suggested that to him and sent a detailed configuration proposal meanwhile. He is very satisfied with the proposal. The following picture is our chat on WhatsApp before the deal, please take a look.

two head cnc router review screenshots

Soon, we concluded the deal. ( If you are interested in learning more about this machine, please check out here: dual head cnc router ) Next, we went into production in our plant. After the machine ready, we proceeded with the shipment.

double head cnc router is being loaded in the container

47 days later, the customer received the machine. They told us this good news at once and shared a lot of unloading photos with us.

double head cnc router unloading at customer plant

After the machine was unloaded, the customer's team stood in front of it and took a photo.

customer's team stood in front of the double head cnc router

They unpacked the machine and connected the accessories to the machine; got it ready to work.

double head cnc router ready to work

2 days later, Mr. Diego put his new machine into production and shared the working video with us.

Today, the double head cnc machine has been in use for a year and everything goes well!


Thank you, see you next time. 


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