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New CNC Wood Lathe Machine for USA Built by EagleTec CNC

Publish Date: Jun. 19, 2021 Author: Cherry Publisher: EagleTec CNC Modify Date: Jun. 19, 2021

In May of 2021, we built this cnc wood lathe machine for a customer in the USA. It features a small footprint and computer numerical control, which has been favored by users or hobbyists who are making artworks, stair posts, and furniture legs.


Let's take a look at the details of this lathe.

How does the cnc wood lathe work?

Please have a look at the work demonstration below.

Process of build

mini cnc wood lathe in the process of build

The lathe machine is complete

small cnc wood lathe ready in our plant

A 2.2kw 3-phase asynchronous motor serves as the spindle motor of the mini cnc wood lathe. But the machine runs off AC220 volts single phase. Guess why? Because we use a VFD converter to drive the motor. It can serve as a phase converter also.

2.2kw 3-phase asynchronous motor on the mini cnc wood lathe machine

The lathe adopts rolling ballscrew transmission. In order to make the wood turning cnc machine more durable, we use coupling as the connection between the stepper motor and the lead screw.

ballscrew connected to stepper through a coupler

X, Y, and Z axes are driven by NEMA34 stepping motors.

NEMA 34 stepping motor on the Y axis of wood turning cnc machine

The equipped numerical controller is model A132 from RichAuto. It's a dedicated cnc system for wood turning, which runs both DXF and G-code files. It is simple to operate and easy to learn. Therefore, it is very friendly to beginners.

richauto a 132 controller for cnc wood turning machine

There are two pieces of wood lathe carbide tools. One for roughing, the other for finishing. This construction increases productivity effectively.

New CNC Wood Lathe Machine for USA Built by EagleTec CNC

Standard accessories coming with the cnc wood turning machine

Complete set accessories include two sets of carbide wood turning tools, spanners, USB drive with user tutorials, on/off button, emergency switch, and limit sensor.

two pieces of carbide wood turning tools on the cnc wood lathe

The process of packing

We get the cnc wood turning lathe clean first. 

clean cnc wood turning lathe

Load it on the pallet.

New CNC Wood Lathe Machine for USA Built by EagleTec CNC

Get the crate packed.

mini cnc wood turning lathe in the crate

Machine Delivery

The woodworking cnc lathe is sent out by a truck. It will first be shipped to the port of departure. Then after we complete the export customs clearance procedures, it will be shipped to the United States by sea from there.

cnc wood turner on the truck

Okay, guys, today's sharing is over. See you next time.


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