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What Is the Best Machine Tool for HVAC Ductwork Cutting?

Publish Date: Jul. 08, 2022 Author: Esther Publisher: EagleTec CNC Modify Date: Jul. 08, 2022

EagleTec fiber laser cutting machine for HVAC ductworks is mainly designed for users engaged in the ventilation pipe manufacturing industry. Their main products are:


• Spiral air ducts.

• Ventilation ducts.

• Kitchen smoke exhaust.

• Stainless steel hoods.

• Fan installation.

• Square (common plate flange) air ducts.

finished ductwork projects in the workshop

They may also provide ventilation system installation services for enterprises, institutions, restaurants, and large factories for ventilation and cooling, industrial dust removal and fume extraction, and oil injection purification.


Before EagleTec fiber laser cutter machine FL1540DW was designed, this industry mainly adopted the traditional blade cutting mode. However, due to the bad thermal conductivity of stainless steel, when cutting with conventional blades, the high temperature is often focused in the narrow area near the blade, thus accelerating the tool's wear. In addition, stainless steel ducts are prone to work hardening when cut. And its hardening degree is several times higher than ordinary carbon steel, which also leads to a shortened service life of the tool when cutting these hardened areas. When the tough chips flow through the tool face, sticking phenomena such as bonding and fusion welding will affect the machined parts' surface roughness.

To solve the above difficulties in the processing, EagleTec designed a special fiber laser cutting machine-EA1540DW model. 

EagleTec fiber laser cutter EA-1540DW for Coil Metal Cutting for sale

This laser cutting machine uses a 1500W fiber laser as a light source to cut stainless steel air ducts. The high-power laser beam has fast speed, low consumables, smooth incisions, and no burrs. Therefore, it gradually replaces the traditional tool processing and cutting method.

This fiber laser machine for ductwork cutting is also equipped with the functions of fully automatic coil feeding, leveling, rib pressing, cutting, and receiving in one step. It saves the separate shearing process and manual feeding process. It automatically feeds the material according to the length required by the layout drawing to achieve the effect of saving labor and material. This integrated continuous feeding processing and cutting production line avoids the long time and insecurity caused by manual feeding.


In addition, the coil laser cutting machine adopts the design of a professional multi-axis rotating disc cutting table, which is suitable for automatic feeding, reduces the friction between the sheet and the cutting table during the feeding process and cutting, and minimizes the scratch of the sheet.


Working with EagleTec fiber laser welding machine is the new trend in the ductwork-making industry.

If you have interests in our fiber laser cutting machine, do not hesitate to contact us. EagleTec CNC keeps our faith in providing high-quality laser cutting machines with the best technical support.

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