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EagleTec Got a 3 Head CNC Router Dispatched on Jan.16 of 2022

Publish Date: Feb. 05, 2022 Author: Esther Publisher: EagleTec CNC Modify Date: Feb. 05, 2022

A regular customer from Ecuador placed an order with us on Nov.24, 2021. The machine he ordered is a three head cnc router. He put his first order to us two years ago, which is a double head cnc router. We completed the order on Jan.06, 2022. After the shipping space was booked, we got it dispatched on Jan.16 of 2022. For your information, the shipping way is LCL shipment by sea.

Three head cnc router is a standard model of multi head routers. A router machine has three independent heads; each head can be moved individually along the X-axis and Z-axis. This construction offers us great flexibility in the operation.

cnc router with three independent heads ea-2030vmh3

How it looks during the assembly

three independent head cnc router under assembly in workshop

The whole production process took 27 business days in total.

What does it look like after completion

completed 3 head cnc router in the workshop

We got the order done on Jan.06. This photo was taken on the same day.

Packing and Delivery Process of the 3 head wood CNC router

The detailed steps are as follows:

• Disassemble the gantry

The machine is oversized, so SKD (semi knock down) packing is required to accommodate it in a container.

• Put on accessories & inner packing

The two prominent roles of internal packaging are:

First, ensure that there is no loss due to collision between each small package

Second, waterproof

• Inner packing for gantry

• Load the gantry

• Put the control cabinet

• Fix the gantry & keep it in place

• Vacuum pump loading

• Fix machine set with piles

• Secure accessories with straps

• Cover with rain cover

• Get the crate package done

The crate package is essential for LCL shipment. It offers perfect protection for the cnc router machine

• Dispatch

For LCL shipment, the machine would be trucked to the loading port first, and then it will be loaded in a container there. 

Brief Specification of the three head CNC wood router

• Original HSD spindle motor 6.0KW – 3SETS

• Fuling VFD 7.5kW – 3SETS

• Heavy-duty machine base (Finished by CNC machining center to minimize cumulative error)

• Bed Size 2000x3000mm (5ft x 10ft) – Actual working size

• Original Taiwan PMI square type linear guides and bearing – size 20mm

• SIZMENS AC contactors

• WEIHONG Lambda 3S controller with MPG

• Step Motors – 8PCS

• YAKO YKA2811MA drivers – 8PCS

• Individual electronics cabinet

• Central lubrication system

If you are looking for a similar cnc router machine, please contact us for a proposal now.

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